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Directory:Vlad Zenin's Multifunction Gravity Motor

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by User:VladZenin

Image:Multifunctional gravity motor.jpg

This picture is an assembly drawing of a prototype. You can see I used thin bronze squire tubes as slides. It was my gross mistake. These tubes bend under load and stop sliding. Oiling of these telescopic slides does not improve this situation. I have no a work shop and necessary instruments and tools. I can’t build another prototype. That is why I decided to share my idea with PESWiki and look for enthusiastic partners. On my picture is written “Telescopic ball slides?. I’ve understood this necessity just after unsuccessful experiments. I have been searching for something suitable. I think carriage ball slides and aluminum linear ball guides are appropriate things for a new prototype.

Multifunction Gravity Motor idea is a result of my investigations and improvements of the Andy Gravity Motor. My first modification of this motor uses additional wheels runing on the guiding ring’s outside

In my second modification the guiding track is not a circle. It is egg-shaped. In Andy motor a number of loads going up and down are different. You can see the number of loads with long levers is always less than the number of loads with short levers, As a result the Andy motor does not work. With the egg-shaped guiding track the number of loads going up and down is equal but their levers are different

In my final engineering solution demonstrated on the picture above the guiding ring transformed into a semi-ring and Gravity Motor provided with adjusting device for changing the axis of revolution position. This addition allows establishing three modes:

• right handed rotation

• silent mode

• left-handed rotation.

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