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Directory: Vision VTOL Quadcopter by The Waters Trust

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by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

January 21, 2016

A few months back, we reported on Directory:Michael (Mike) Waters design for a super-efficient Directory:Waters Effect Turbine that blows away other designs by 20x. It's basically a squirrel cage arrangement 90-degrees perpendicular to the incoming air, diverting all the incoming air to the perimeter where the torque is.

Another thing he designed --ten years ago -- is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) design. It’s brilliant. Imagine what you can do with a remote control quadcopter, now scale it up for human passengers.

: The simplicity of electric quadcopters is that there is no need for control surfaces, wings, fuel systems or other limitations of conventional aircraft. The electronic controls, software and sensors are the same for a drone, single seat or flying home and already fully developed. This enables a huge advantage over current aviation in safety, cost, reliability and scalability.

You would basically enter a destination, and the craft would fly you there, using GPS navigation, along with avoidance algorithms to not run into other craft.

His fuselage is off-the-shelf, the controls are off-the-shelf technology, the motors are off-the-shelf and now that energy storage has reached a certain milestone, he has what he needs to put all these things together.

When I was in Philadelphia a few months ago, I went to his house, and he showed me a There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] of his quadcopter design, and he demonstrated a remote control mock-up he had built. Recently, with some other developments being announced in this sector, Mike released his information as well, posting an artist’s rendition of his craft on Facebook.

Image:12417584 10153402656505847 8081582537848815212 n.jpg

The breakthrough he’s been waiting for is in energy storage. On the Energy Storage page of his site, he says:

: There are a number or high density energy storage technologies now either entering the market or close to doing so. Compared to Lithium Polymer, current power density potential is between 2 and 100 times higher. Power density equates to range. Double the power density for the same weight and you double the range. 5X is enough for a practical electric VTOL.

: Our primary option is a proprietary technology with a power density of over 50X greater than Lithium Polymer. We should be able to demonstrate this technology by the beginning of 2017 within a similar time frame for the Vision VTOL. This is not the only choice but it provides the highest and safest performance increase in the time frame we are committed to.

Mike has built a number of different types of aircraft and also flown over 200 different aircraft including general aviation, experimental, low wing, high wing, midwing, bushplanes, seaplanes, hang gliders, ultralights, paragliders, microlights, biplanes, aerobatic, taildraggers, trikes, twins, autogyros, helicopters. He has been a competition sailplane pilot for over 12 years. He has also designed and built radio controlled (RC) aircraft and rotorcraft for 40 years developed aircraft in flight simulators for over 10 years produced and sold competition RC sailplanes that won national competitions built wind tunnels for several universities and more.

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Energy Storage

The Waters Trust


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Mike Waters Vision VTOL Quadcopter toy and video


(YouTube / PESNetwork September 10, 2015 )

Vision VTOL Quadcopter


(YouTube October 6, 2015)

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Phone: +1 574 849 6236


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