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Directory: VIBMASSS: Voltage Induction by Balanced Magnetic Attraction of Spontaneous/Stimulated Switching

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

April 3, 2015

Thanks to Anirban Saha for bringing this to our attention.

Quoting from VIBMASSS Portable Device Integration at (not dated).

: Summary:

: Autonomous portable power source.

: Full Description:

: Overview:

: Magnetic permeability of Borosilicate glass doped with different paramagnetic material creates gradient differences and when positioned correctly in an oscillation system creates self-sustaining output voltage.

: Until now electromagnetic EMF sources were not mentioned as a renewable energy sources. Until now electromagnetic apparatuses using relative motion between helical or toroidal solenoids and a permanent ferromagnetic for EMF generation was produced by transduction of external iterative mechanical motion. VIBMASSS (Voltage Induction by Balanced Magnetic Attraction of Spontaneous/Stimulated Switching) iteratively diverts flux fields of direction to create relative motion and uses dual chambers or more paring for EMF output and electromagnet continued operation simultaneously. VIBMASSS principle for continuous autonomous voltage production is that a permanent ferromagnet with static flux loops emanating from its poles produces the inducing perpendicular force need for EMF creation from the interacting closed looped solenoid. Example: If you combine subcomponent ferromagnet’s (smaller dipole magnets) into a single larger toroidal (concentric oval loop) unit, whether electromagnetic or permanent or combination, there will be no external static flux loops emanations, only lines of flux in the inner core. So, by creating a stimulated concentric magnetic flux loop ??= ?Max- ?0 relative to the external solenoid (NA) divided by ?t.

: The permanent ferromagnetic for diagramming reference has vertical orientation along with vertical flux loops emanations. The flux flow oscillations is between the larger unified concentric Electromagnet/Permanent Magnet loop, which is the stimulated, and the individual Permanent Magnet of the EMF Chamber, which is the spontaneous. I will continue the concept of, no external sustained EMF or mechanical motion assistance (NESEMMA) for magnetic flux energy apparatuses, created for this apparatus. The size of the apparatus can be a large industrial unit or nano size unit, with the creation and improvements of rare earth magnets and now Nano Spintronics. VIBMASSS only needs a one-time initial start by applying EMF to only the electromagnets to start the initial stimulated cycle and it will continue with constant EMF output except for component failure (CEOECF).

: EMF=-(NA)??/?t, the iterative flux deviation between the Permanent Ferromagnetic (PM) and solenoid for induced voltage output. The PM has cylindrical body with dual ends conic geometry of the same length and fit within the diameter of the solenoid. A constant ?90? or cos ? 90? between PM and solenoid, constant Area ?r² (A), and number of loops (N). To determine the needed Wb/m ² or Tesla, which is the uniform parameter for all pairings, determine the output EMF or voltage that will be the voltage or EMF for all PM’s and substitute that value into the EMF formula to determine Wb/m ² or Tesla for ?Max. To determine the voltage of the Electromagnets (EM) and the length of separation from the PM’s use F= ?qm1(qm2)/4?r² which determines the minimal attractive force between EM and PM to divert magnetic flux direction from poles to EM’s flux field core once EMF or voltage is applied to the EM which is voltage doubled if needed.

: Problem this idea/invention addresses:

: VIBMASSS solves the need to recharge or replace (non-rechargeable) batteries.

Official Websites (also .info)

Question & Answers with Gregory Spaulding

April 02, 2015 8:51 PM [MDT]


Thank you for your interest.

Because the science is simple but has not been integrated into a system

until now and the materials for the technology have existed since the mid

1960's, I only released 25% of the technology and the other 75% will be

released to the purchaser or licensee of the technology. I will also work

with their team of Magnetics Physicist and Electronics, Mechanical,

Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineers to produce a mock-up device

for their end-user devices with the cheapest manufacturing production cost.

Q. Do you have a prototype that can be tested?

A. One was created but then

destroyed to prevent reverse engineering, if stolen.

Q. What kind of results did you measure?

A. In VIBMASSS technology the only output

that matters is the voltage output from Voltage Inducton Chamber (VIC). One is

enough to create flux fields from the electromagnets for diverting the

permanent magnets and the voltage output from VIC. Two is enough for the

end-user device. And remember, this is not an overunity or amplifier so the

chambers output will be voltage doubled if needed. Like the battery, it

produces a steady output voltage, but unlike the battery, if its internal temp

stays within calculated gradient tolerance it continues to produce voltage


Q. Third party testing?

A. Never, reproducibility is the only measure of mass

manufacturing and thus creating a profit margin.

Q. Are you selling the product?

[Seems to have misunderstood my question to be about future, not present.]

A. Yes, in the billions, because the technology

can be scaled down to milli topological spintronics integration or ramped up

to industrial, very low temp (VLT) plasma power production integration.



Follow-up Questions

No response yet as of April 6, 2015 9:15 am MDT

From: "Sterling Allan"

To: "Gregory Spaulding"

Sent: Friday, April 03, 2015 5:21 PM

Subject: Re: VIBMASSS Portable Device Integration

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your responses.

[...] I have a few follow-up questions for you, if you don't mind. Aaron may

also have some questions for you.

We have a lot of potential license people in our audience. I'd like to give

them more info to go on, so you don't have to respond to each person, giving

them the same info.

So these questions are from that frame of reference.

How long would it take you to prepare a demonstration model for a potential


What would it demonstrate? How much power out? For how long? with how much

power required to run it?

You say this is "not overunity." Are you just being political, because in my

assessment, if you're not overunity they you're not harvesting the wheelwork

of nature, and you have nothing of interest. "Overunity" is synonymous with

harvesting the wheelwork of nature. The "more energy out" is a function of

that connection.

To me, your not having a demonstratable prototype on hand is not good

strategy. You should figure a way to break it apart into 2-3 pieces that

could be stored in 2-3 locations, to bring together when you have qualified

visitors. And you should have more than one demonstrator, so that if one

fails, you have a back-up. You don't want people flying in from overseas

only to have a failed demo due to Murphy's law.

Do you have any photos of the prototype you had assembled at one point?

I'd like to post that. We could blur it, or portions of it, if you don't

know how to do that.



Removed from Indiegogo

VIBMASSS Portable Device Intergration - Goal Amount: $50k (ReportCrowd)

: It creates a new self-sustaining renewable energy. But manufacture with a reasonable cost.

Budget Overview:I petitioned the Government for Inventor research and development funds but because I don't have political connections and influence, I was rejected and denied even consideration for funding because I am insignificant when it comes to the status quo of the Trillion dollar energy industry.

: I tried Inventor assistance commercial companies for Inventor research and development funds but I need to formulate a complete manufacturing process for producing the apparatus with a total aggregate cost per unit that is less than or equal to the most expensive battery charger.

: So, I need crowd-funding from people who want first, a self-sustaining battery charger for present and legacy portable devices and vehicles, within 2 years. Later, within 3.5 years crowd-funding from people who want independent self-sustaining power sources for portable devices and vehicles.

In the News

Magnetic Free Energy Machine For Sale - The first cab of the rank has been around for many years in various forms. This one simply does not work. Full marks for imagination and engineering but at the end of the day this device (Revolution-Green April 2, 2015)

Without Mechanical Movement EMF Output Apparatus (WOMMEOA) New Renewable Energy Technology - (Energy Refined November 10, 2014)


Contact page

Email: []

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