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Directory of technologies and resources pertaining to harvesting energy from the vacuum.

PESWiki Resources

Image:Energy from the vacuum dvd 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Videos >Videos: Energy from the Vacuum series - Parts 1-9, now available, feature Tom Bearden as well as John Bedini, Walter Rosenthal, Deborah Chung, Howard Johnson, Peter Lindemann, Daniel Sheehan, Sparky Sweet, and T Henry Moray. "Even a tiny efficiency of tapping [space energy] could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish." (PESWiki March 15, 2009)

Review:Video:Bearden:Energy from the Vacuum

Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum

Academy:Bearden Energy from the Vacuum

Videos:New "Energy from the Vacuum" Documentary Series DVD release - John Bedini

Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - Energy From The Vacuum - Verification

Research and Development

Image:Moving mirror generates light from vacuum sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Galactic Sea of Energy > Directory:Vacuum > Moving mirrors make light from nothing - A team of physicists based at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden is claiming to have coaxed sparks from the vacuum of empty space. A moving mirror can generate light from a vacuum. If verified, the finding would be one of the most unusual experimental proofs of quantum mechanics in recent years. (Nature June 3, 2011)


Image:Vacuum-cleaner-tornado-vacuum-ariete SDA 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Humor / Directory:Zero Point Energy > Directory:Vortex Technologies / Directory:Anti-Gravity / Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Radiant Energy > Energy from the vacuum (cleaner) - U.S. inventor, Dr. Thie, gets more than he had hoped for when he figures out a way to harness the vortex formed in his vacuum cleaner, combining the principles of quantum physics, Schauberger's vortices, and Tesla's radiant energy. (BeforeItsNews April 1, 2010) (PESN Examiner)
Image:Dust-Devil vacuum sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Vacuum > Directory:Humor > Energy from the Vacuum - Hilarious commercial illustrates the power of energy from the vacuum. (Vimeo June 1, 2011)

In the News

Directory:Electromagnetic > Ken Shoulders on Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs) - Electronics pioneer, Ken Shoulders' new paper “Primordial Substance” refers to EVOs — Exotic Vacuum Objects: yet another name for a new electronic effect that’s also been called Electromagnetic Vortex or Electrum Validum and “charge cluster”. EVOs are considered by the author to be composed of myriad electromagnetic wavelets instead of conventional particles such as electrons. (Congress:Advisor:Jeane Manning March 26, 2011)

Image:Energy-From-the-Vacuum part 20 dvd 95x95.jpg
Directory:Radiant Energy > Videos: Energy from the Vacuum series > The Cejka Files -- DVD number 20 in the - Like PowerPedia:John Bedini, John Cejka had been an electrical prodigy from an early age. He also had an encyclopedic knowledge of the “free energy” scene—not only its history, but also its secret technologies, its inventors and its pioneers. And he had the documentation to support this prodigious knowledge. Documentation that was not available to the general public: and insights that were clearly privileged. (ZP Energy Sept. 5, 2010)
Image:Ieuan Thomas 1968 Designex Inc 95x95.jpg
Directory:Suppression / Directory:Videos > Videos: Energy from the Vacuum series > Cold Heat from Canada (Trailer) - In 1968, Designex Inc. in Toronto, Canada, was powering the refrigerator, lights, radio and other appliances in their offices with a device of their own design that was self powered by cold negative Directory:Radiant Energy. Toronto Hydro, the local power company, sent a crew out, who removed all Toronto Hydro power meters, fuse boxes, and wiring in an attempt to shut the power off, but to no avail. (Energy from the Vacuum Disc. 19 July, 2010)