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Directory:Vaccine Conspiracy

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Directory of information pertaining to the use of vaccines in malevolent ways to control, sterilize, surveil, weaken, and even kill the population.

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Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Vaccine Conspiracy > Free Energy Blog:2015:02:19 - Rob Dew of Infowars gives an excellent, concise overview of the lies from the establishment saying vaccines are safe when they know they are not. (Free Energy Blog February 19, 2015)

Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Vaccine Conspiracy > Free Energy Blog:2014:09:05 - A CDC whistleblower -- Dr. William Thompson, an author on a key article cited as a case for vaccines -- has come forward to say that some key data was knowingly (by all the authors and the CDC) omitted from the paper, which gives the opposite conclusion. Yet the mainstream media are ignoring this bombshell development (also complicit in the coverup, and should be held morally culpable). (Free Energy Blog September 9, 2014)