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Directory:Using HHO to Create Substitutes for Natural Gas and Propane

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

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October 4, 2014

I received the following statement from Directory:Peter Crunk via Skype:

: Late last night September 30, 2014 I got the EP-500 HHO Gas machine Reprogram for the 220 volts three phase to run at my friend Mike's machine shop . This machine will be used on a daily and weekly basis performing work and demonstrations to the public interested in this technology for many different uses.

: After reviewing and testing mixed fuel that was run through it we believe we can run traditional hot water heaters, boiler systems, cooking stoves, blast furnaces, Plasma cutters, anything that deals with a fire flame etc. For us to add this mixed fuel would be little or no changes to the actual burner head assembly.

: The machine was running with HHO Gas and Coleman camping fuel was the combination fuel. The Coleman camping fuel was not running in the electrolyte it was running in a separate Specially designed and Patented delivery Vapor Chamber creating the mixed fuel delivery. Video is being processed and will be uploaded to YouTube shortly and will be added to Facebook also.

: [Here is the video...] HHO Gas Technology LLC: EP-500 Industrial HHO Gas Machine 59 Liters Per Minute Machine Set Up And Torch Demonstration 9-30-2014.


(YouTube October 1, 2014)

: [in the following video...] Hot Water Burner System Demonstrations 10-1-2014 The torch and tip that was used in this demonstration was Called a Rosebud that takes lots of gas used in heating large areas to perform Brazing or Soldering.Heater.


(YouTube October 1, 2014)

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Latest: Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems / Directory:Natural Gas > Directory:Peter Crunk > Directory:Using HHO to Create Substitutes for Natural Gas and Propane - Peter Crunk, who is not afraid to tinker with all kinds of combinations of fuels with his HHO experimentation, had a eureka recently. Bubbling HHO through Coleman white gas, he found he was able to produce a flame that is compatible with natural gas orifices and doesn't backflash when turned down. (PESWiki October 4, 2014)