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Directory:Underwater Electric Kite Corporation

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Underwater Electric Kite (UEK)

Image:EUK 10-foot twin turbines 95x95.jpg

Low impact hydrokinetic turbines harness tide and river flow, without harming aquatic life, requiring no dam or impoundment. Commercial energy generation cost estimated to eventually meet present conventional energy costs.


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Image:EUK turbines install 500.jpg

UEK Twin Turbines prepared for demonstration

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The turbines are located beneath the water's surface.

No dam or impoundment is needed, therefore there is no major civil work to change the landscape, disturb the local ecology or uproot communities.

There are no toxic by-products produced in the generation of electric power.

Small marine life forms pass unharmed through the slow turning runners.

Large marine creatures are diverted by the screens.

The UEK System does not allow silt to accumulate on the river bed or ocean floor.

As long as the rivers flow and the tides rise and fall, the UEK System can produce base electric power.


From: Philippe Vauthier

To: Sterling D. Allan

April 25, 2006

Subject: your questions

Responding on your questions in the order written in your e-mail:

1. kW/h [editor note: this is kWh, not kW/h] Cost between $0.0180 and $0.0280 (estimate of cost is base cost without O&M. It's very difficult to evaluate the cost when the initial set up is quite expensive. In a park of 3 MgW or more we aim for a per kilowatt cost of $1100 to $1800, depending on location, nearness to grid, labor costs for maintenance, etc. It would be presumptuous to claim cheaper than grid cost without a long term series of units in place.)

2. We made our first sale in June 2005, (100kW capacity installed for an Hospital) The project will be on line this year contingent to environmental report.

3. No prototypes installed permanently yet.

4. [Q. How many hours of production do you have under your belt?] Production of equipments, single, twin units from 3ft diam. to 22 ft diam. 21 year, production of electric power, 864 hours.

5. Licensing is possible with the right conditions to qualified applicants.

Thank you for your interest in cool, clean and renewable energy.

Ph. Vauthier for UEK Corporation.

ATEC Power Inc. Announces Intention to Develop Fundy Tidal Power

Received by email from D. Vauthier, UEK, on Apr. 25, 2006.


21 March, 2006

Windsor, Nova Scotia

Trevor Hughes, President and CFO of ATEC Power Inc., announced today in Windsor that his firm intends to commence pre-commercial testing of the industry leading hydrokinetic tidal turbines designed by UEK Corporation in the Bay of Fundy. The company has reached agreement with UEK Corporation for the exclusive right to build and use these underwater turbines in Atlantic Canada. Bay of Fundy tidal energy holds the promise of stabilizing long term electrical rates for Nova Scotians.

The UEK technology was designed and patented by a Canadian inventor, Philippe Vauthier. It has been developed by an Annapolis, Maryland based company, UEK Corporation Limited of which Mr. Vauthier is President. Industry comparison studies conducted by ATEC Power indicate that UEK twin turbine systems are ''the most flexible, environmentally friendly and efficient (57% water to wire) presently available.'

In May of 2005 ATEC Power management initiated preliminary discussions with several Departments of the Nova Scotia Government to acquire licences for generation sites. The company intends to conduct site mapping and evaluation studies in the spring and summer of 2006, as soon as the Nova Scotia Government issues the necessary site licences. The first unit is scheduled to start sea trials in 2007.

Preliminary tidal current studies conducted by ATEC Power indicate that the most favourable site for tidal power generation is Minas Passage, between Cape Split and Cape Blomidon. 'The potential for this site using the UEK technology is in excess of 10,000 megawatts.' This is more electrical energy than is presently generated from all sources in the Maritime Provinces. Other potential generation sites along the Bay of Fundy coastline of Nova Scotia will also be examined.

Previous engineering studies of a barrage tidal generation development, in the upper Bay of Fundy, by the Nova Scotia Tidal Power Corporation in the mid 1980’s indicated a potential of about 7,000 megawatts. However, environmental and financial concerns regarding that proposal caused the project to be abandoned.

ATEC Power has identified sufficient private sector financing to conduct the necessary feasibility studies and pre-commercialization pilot plant generation trials.

ATEC Power is a private firm based in Windsor, Nova Scotia. It was established in 2005 to facilitate the development of tidal power in Atlantic Canada. The company intends to develop strategic partnerships with Maritime firms to provide technical, engineering, construction and servicing for tidal energy farms which will produce, environmentally friendly, renewable energy at a stable cost, unaffected by rising oil prices.

ATEC Power will provide additional information upon the issuance of the site licences and subsequent discussions with all levels of Government. Meetings are planned to describe the potential benefits and opportunities available to local communities. Technical information is available from the UEK Corporation web site (

In the News

Image:EUK 10-foot twin turbines 95x95.jpg

Bay of Fundy to get 3 test turbines - The government of Nova Scotia, Canada, picked three candidates to test their tidal power generators in the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. It would be North America's first tidal power test site and it could be up and running as early as next year with turbines from Directory:Underwater Electric Kite Corporation, OpenHydro and Clean Current. ( Jan. 9, 2008)

Criteria Rating

On April 25, 2006, D. Vauthier of UEK provided the following self-evaluation of UEK technology according to the Congress:Technology Criteria established by the New Energy Congress.

I. Renewable.............................. 10

II. Environmental Impact............. 9

III. Cost (cents / kw-h)................. 5

IV. Credibility of Evidence............... 8

V. Stability / Reliability................... 6

VI. Implementation...................... 8

VII. Safety/Danger to Persons........ 9

VIII. Politics of science .................. 10

IX. Open-Source conducive.......... 3

X. Stage of Device Development..... 5

To the best of my knowledge, these are the ratings for our technology.

Although the environmental impact is neglible, there will be some, but

the turbine will not 'churn' the fish as some believe. Diving sea

birds, as well as larger fish and mammals, will be deflected by a screen.


UEK Corporation

PO Box 3124

Annapolis, MD 21403



email: []


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