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A Television and Internet Series - 13 One-hour Episodes

Created by Christopher Toussaint and Matt Baird

Image:Ultimate Energy Showdown full 400.jpg

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

May 9, 2010

Here's a great opportunity to get some Directory:Exotic Free Energy Technologies for TV some deserved coverage among a wider TV audience. And you can help seed this initiative.

Ultimate Energy Showdown will demonstrate and prove or disprove new energy devices that could power our home, automobiles, and the electric grid. It combines the do-it-yourself, practical "does it work?" philosophy of Mythbusters with the scientific integrity and creative imagination of NOVA.

Jeane Manning wrote on her blog:

: "The producer of groundbreaking documentaries such as Free Energy: Race To Zero Point, and Cold Fusion: Fire From Water — Chris Toussaint – is planning a new TV series that challenges the fossil-fuel paradigm. First, however, people have to spread the word that the show needs a $5,000 kick-start of funding and is the place where everyone can join together and make it happen."

I put up the first pledge. I hope you'll chip in your support as well for this very important and timely venture. A bunch of you chipping in just $5.00 could make all the difference, including for morale-boosting.

Co-hosts Matt and Carter will delve into the strange world of eccentric inventors and cutting-edge companies that are taking on the fossil fuel burning system that is powering (and polluting) our lives.

The fundraiser page includes a teaser intro to the series.

This series will introduce brave new innovators who are putting it all on the line to save our planet. In addition, Ultimate Energy Showdown will inspire young people to continue learning and pursue careers in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

: "Imagine a car that runs on nothing but air or water, an electric car that recharges itself while you drive it. That technology is here today. What if your home allowed you to turn on all of your appliances at once and run them indefinitely free of charge? Sound impossible? It’s not."

Ultimate Energy Showdown will attempt to either prove or disprove the most compelling emerging technologies with fair, unbiased, scientifically-based benchmark tests. Every show will feature three or four different technologies with interviews by their inventors and independent technical consultants. They will be put to the test to demonstrate real-world applicability. Viewers will find out if a particular invention is real, or fails the Showdown Challenge.

Yes, there is a There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] hatching in Hawaii, and we should root for them as well.

Ultimate Energy Showdown rests on the cutting edge of what is scientifically imaginable and possible. There are many inventors and companies we will introduce to American audiences.

"Who will be the next Einstein or Tesla? Watch and find out…"

Official Websites – Producer's blog

Sizzle Reels

Image:Chris-Matt TeslaTech2010 95x95.jpg
Directory:Clean Energy Media Producers > Directory:TV:Ultimate Energy Showdown > Ultiimate Energy TV initiative presents new sizzle reel back from TeslaTech Conference (video) - Chris and Matt, who are working on a TV series on free energy, attended the Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference and have produced a brief presentation from that event. They hone in on the Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone in this segment, though they don't rule out the petrol vapors being responsible for the operation, while other liquids stay in the bubbler. (Kickstarter Aug. 10, 2010) [update Aug. 25]

Other Relevant Films by Toussaint

Cold Fusion: Fire From Water (1999)

PES Coverage

Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point (1997)

Image:Free Energy Race to Zero Point Christopher Toussaint 95x95.jpg
Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point - (also online via Google video) - 110-minute broadcast-quality documentary features some of the most promising devices, processes and theories. From Nikola Tesla to new hydrogen energy, plasma discharge to T.Townsend Brown, magnet motors to anti-gravity. (See Want to Know June 30, 2006)

The Second Coming of Science (1996) with Dr. Brian O'Leary

Profile: Chris Toussaint

Quoting from

Image:Chris toussaint headshot small.jpg

Christopher Toussaint is an award-winning documentary film & video maker whose credits include two new-paradigm science documentaries—Cold Fusion: Fire From Water (1999), winner of an Aurora Platinum Best of Show Award, an Axiem Silver Award, Honorable Mention from the Columbus Film Festival and a Telly Award (distributed by Monarch Films/The Video Project/Liberty Entertainment) and Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup (1998) winner of 3 EBE Awards from the International UFO Congress and a Finalist in the Telly Awards (distributed by UFO Video). Currently he is the Director of Transvision and President of Free Spirit Productions in Santa Monica.

From 1992 to 1996 he was the Director of Acquisitions and Sales for Lightworks Audio & Video where he also produced numerous audio and video programs such as the best-selling video, Opening To Angels (1994), honored by the Film Advisory Board, Excellence In Media and the 17th Annual Telly Awards, Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point (1997), a feature documentary awarded a Finalist statuette in the 18th Annual Telly Awards, an Aurora Gold Award and Best Special Interest Documentary from the Profit Producers, The Second Coming of Science (1996) with Dr. Brian O'Leary, and Hidden Memories (1996) with Budd Hopkins.

He also has edited numerous documentary specials and TV programs & promos including, Raw For Life, The Science of Miracles with Gregg Braden, Experiencing The Soul, Sweat Equity and Emmy award winner Robert F. Kennedy Medical Center: 75 Years of Service.

He is past Executive Director of The Producers Consortium where he produced the short, Columbus Go Home, about the protest of indigenous peoples over the selection of Christopher Columbus’ descendent as Grand Marshal of the Rose Bowl Parade, and the documentary feature, Future Options, focusing on alternatives for creating a more environmentally-sustainable society. He also organized and hosted “Getting At The Heart of Truth”, a monthly speaker series held at the Electronic Cafe in Santa Monica featuring independent producers of alternative, socially-conscious films.

Other programs he has produced and/or directed include Investing Your Conscience series for KWHY-TV, the Business Channel Star Flight, New Age music video & a Silver Award winner at the Houston International Film Festival and Rodeo Clown, documentary short & Finalist in the National Student Film Festival.

Toussaint graduated from the University of Maryland and started as a 16mm film editor for American National Enterprises and Alan Landsburg Productions. He has since served as cameraman, editor, writer, production assistant, researcher and/or director on numerous commercials and long-form programs in television, theatrical features, educational films and home video including The New Candid Camera, Disney Channel’s American Teacher Awards, The Earth Day Special for ABC, Girlfriends with Vanessa Williams and In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy.

Profile: Free Spirit Productions

"Free Spirit Productions Invites You to Explore Alternative Media for a New Millennium...

"Creative digital video and film documentaries for Cultural Creatives...

Media that dares.. Media that holds itself accountable... Media that empowers the viewer... Media that challenges our accepted cultural and scientific beliefs... Media that is not beholden to the priorities of the entrenched corporate, militaristic and materialistic status quo...In short, a media of Love.

In the News

Image:Ultimate Energy Showdown 95x95.jpg
Directory:Clean Energy Media Producers > Directory:Exotic Free Energy Technologies for TV > Directory:TV:Ultimate Energy Showdown > Success for FE TV Kickstarter drive - The Ultimate Energy Showdown filmmakers have achieved their $5000 fundraising goal on Summer Solstace thanks especially to Whole Systems Foundation and New Energy Movement. Now they can begin to pitch their television series that demonstrates and proves or disproves new energy devices. (Changing Power June 19, 2010)
Image:Ultimate Energy Showdown 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies / Directory:Clean Energy Media Producers > Directory:Exotic Free Energy Technologies for TV > Directory:TV:Ultimate Energy Showdown - Chris Toussaint is planning a new TV series that challenges the fossil-fuel paradigm. First, however, people have to spread the word that the show needs a $5,000 kick-start of funding and is the place where everyone can join together and make it happen. (PESWiki May 9, 2010) (Comment)

Free Energy documentary producer pitches TV series - Chris Toussaint is planning a new TV series that challenges the fossil-fuel paradigm. First, however, people have to spread the word that the show needs a $5,000 kick-start of funding and is the place where everyone can join together and make it happen. (Changing Power May 7, 2010)

Image:Blacklight CNN tv SDA 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Clean Energy Media Producers / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies / Congress:Top 100:Complete List > Directory:Exotic Free Energy Technologies for TV - A short list of some of the best breakthrough clean energy technologies that merit coverage for a TV type of audience compiled in response to several related requests. Will any of these emerge this year? Which will arrive in the market next year? How might they transform society? (PESWiki Apr. 23, 2010)


Free Energy: The Race To Zero Point was lifechanging

On May 11, 2010, New Energy Congress member and President of the New Energy Movement, Congress:Member:Joel Garbon wrote:

Christopher's widely-acclaimed 1997 video "Free Energy: The Race To Zero Point" was my first introduction to the wondrous possibilities of breakthrough energy technologies and launched me on my own path to help usher in a New Energy Era on our planet so in need of it. It also directly or indirectly facilitated a cascade of wonderful and life-changing friendships that I prize. In gratitude, and in resonance with his vision, I wholeheartedly support Christopher in this next project.

I ask that you spread the word widely among your networks to help rally suport for this timely and important creation. Let's make this happen!


Christopher Toussaint

Free Spirit Productions

Malibu, CA

Email: []