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Trends Impacting the Acceptance of Clean Energy Technology

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Collection of news stories that reflect thematic movement in the world toward acceptance of clean, alternative, and even hitherto marginalized 'free energy' technologies.

Stories in 2004

National Security to Lead Renewable Energy Deployment - Citing national security as a motivation, the American Council On Renewable Energy has called for a shift in U.S. priorities from R&D to major deployment. (Renewable Energy Access Dec. 14, 2004)

Young Voters Declare Dirty Energy Top Election Issue - Thousands Demonstrate their Independence across U.S. and Canada. (Common Dreams Oct. 12, 2004)

The Coming of Deindustrial Society: A Practical Response - Discussing what to do with fossil fuel dwindling. Mentions free energy. (Mathaba.Net, Africa Oct. 11, 2004)

Canada to use PetroCan money for green technology - $1C billion from $2C billion liquefied stake in Petro Canada will go "to help develop new technologies to address environmental challenges" including clean vehicles & energy. (Reuters Sept. 20, 2004)

Why does Wall Street continue to look down on renewable energy? - Over the past two years, the worldwide stock-market value of companies developing renewable energy fell from $13 billion to $10.7 billion, while the value of fossil-fuel companies surged to record highs. (Newsweek Sept. 20, 2004)

DOE and OPIC form partnership to promote renewable energy - Agreement highlights effort to promote investment in cleaner, more efficient energy technologies in emerging markets throughout the world. (USNewswire, Sept. 8, 2004)

Green Power for Republicans - Those providing transportation and accommodations are showcasing green technologies, including GM who has provided a fleet of eight electric-hybrid buses, full-size hybrid pickup trucks and more than 200 cars from the company's vehicle line. (Solar Access Aug. 31, 2004)

Renewable Energy Center in Wyoming, USA - The Center for Sustainable Energy and Education (CSEE) will produce electricity for a hospital and serve as a real life-learning lab for students in the Sustainable Business Program. (Solar Access Aug. 30, 2004)

Green and European - "Europe, with its high fossil fuel costs and generous government subsidies of 'green power,' is the epicenter of renewable energy growth." (MIT Technology Review Sept., 2004)

US Dept. of Energy Gets Budget Boost - DOE is supporting efforts to develop economical fusion power and discover "dark energy" [aka ZPE] -- the possible key to why the universe is expanding. (TechNewsWorld Aug. 22, 2004)

Vegas Returns to Selling Sin - Ominous for Planet Earth - campaigning as "Sodom and Gomorrah without the guilt". Ramifications for Free Energy technology. (Greater Things News Aug. 15, 2004)

Will Coloradans Choose Renewable? - Groundbreaking ballot initiative will be U.S.' first statewide vote on renewable energy and would require the state’s major utility companies to obtain 10% of their energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and hydroelectric power by 2015. (Common Dreams Aug. 11, 2004)

Kerry Offers 10-Year Plan for US Energy Independence - $30 billion proposal would give $10 bil. to automakers to retool for cleaner fuels, $5 bil. tax credits to consumers for buying them, $5 bil for agriculture waste-to-fuel research partnerships $10 bil to make coal plants cleaner. (Reuters Aug. 9, 2004)

Venezuelan Professor Decries U.S. Expendable Energy Imperialism - "There is sufficient energy available, right here on Earth, to distribute 'free energy' to all, even to the ants and rats. That is, the electro-magnetic energy, of 'occult physics,' from the vacuum, discovered by scientists like Tesla, Reich, Titarenko, etc. ...Applying this free energy globally would ... [open] avenues for creativity, creation and emancipation." ('Franz J. T. Lee VHeadline Aug. 8, 2004)

DaimlerChrysler aims for mass-market, hydrogen-fueled cars in 10 years - Since 1994, DaimlerChrysler has invested US$1 billion in the technology. (Environmental News Network July 20, 2004)

Zero Point Energy goes Hollywood! - Stargate Atlantis references ZPE as its energy source. (ZPEnergy July 17, 2004)

Fuel cell plant will employ 100 by 2006 - TI Automotive announced that a new $30 million dollar fuel cell plant would be locating in Georgia. (Franklin County Citizen July 9, 2004)

Fuel cell race gets a charge - Gas companies and oil wholesalers are speeding up development to put fuel cells into practical use. The companies are desperately trying to develop practical forms of the next-generation energy source as the race beyond gas, oil and other energy companies has begun. (Daily Yomiuri, JP July 6, 2004)

Fuel Cells Hit Home (in Japan, at Least) - Fuel cells are poised for their first commercial home installations. By early next year, Tokyo Gas will install the technology outside 50 Japanese homes, with plans to install 900 more units by 2007. (MIT Technology Review July/Aug, 2004)

T.C. A sampling of other home fuel cell power pioneers of note: avistalabs, idatech (PDF), (PDF) article estimates 1900 stationary installs worldwide so far, - map of US installations, (PDF) - list of installations by company

Big money enters global warming battle- Swiss Re, the world's second-largest reinsurance company, recently warned that the costs of natural disasters caused by global warming is threatening humanity with a catastrophe of its own making. (ZPEnergy July 5, 2004)

Newly Elected Canadian Parliament More Friendly to Sustainable Energyalso - several candidates made sustainable energy central planks in their platforms. ( July 1, 2004)

What would be the effect of a cost-competitive fuel-free energy breakthrough?- British Economist, John Kay remarks that there is a big technological breakthrough "every 20 years or so. ...We haven't had a big breakthrough in fuel technologies in a century or more. It's energy's turn." (Forbes June 16, 2004)

BP Releases: Statistical Review of World Energy 2004- This year's report shows that at current rates of production, the world's proved reserves of oil are sufficient to last for 40 years, although nearly 77 percent of those reserves are located in OPEC countries. ( June 16, 2004)

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Open Source for Biotechnology- Paper argues that the 'you share, I share' success of open sourcing in software should be seen as a model to be applied more often in areas such as biotechnology and bioinformatics. Has seen success in human genome project. (The Economist June 10, 2004)

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Charter school students to explore alternative to 'filler up'- as one of their projects, Salt Lake City, Utah classmates will be converting a traditional diesel-powered school bus to one that runs on discarded cooking grease. (SLTrib June 10, 2004)

UK Aims to be a World Leader in Wave and Tidal power- pledges £50 million for wave and tidal power. (Edie Weekly June 8, 2004)

154 Nations Pledge to Increase Renewable Energy Usage alt - At a conference last week in Bonn, Germany, senior officials from 154 nations including the United States signed onto a communiqué committing to a substantial increase "with a sense of urgency" in the percentage of renewable sources in meeting global energy needs. (TerraDaily June 4, 2004)

Energy Gets Jolt of Venture Cash- With gas prices at record highs, venture capitalists who invest in the energy industry believe their prospects are looking up, particularly with investments in startups specializing in areas like conservation technology and alternative energy. (Wired June 1, 2004)

IEEE Magazine Article Entertains Possibility of Unknown Force- While FE claims are a bane of many EE or physicist, an electrostatic design with spheres is catching their attention. (ZPEnergy May 31, 2004)

Soaring Gas Prices Spur Interest in Hybrids(Reuters: May 31, 2004)

High Fuel Costs Put Focus on Renewable Energy(Reuters: May 31, 2004)

Army rolls out prototypes of alternative-energy vehicles- Hybrid tankers that can power an entire airfield. Electric chariots that can zip soldiers to their destinations. Fuel cell-powered all terrain vehicles that can roll along in near silence. (Associated Press May 28, 2004)

Austin Energy to Pay Customers to Generate Their Own Power- City Council approves rebate of $5,000 per kilowatt for solar array installations for their residential and commercial customers. (Pure Energy Systems News exclusive May 27, 2004)

DOE Building R&D Hub for Nanotechnology Collaboration- $76 million project under construction in Albuquerque will allow their high-tech research equipment to be made available to other scientists. (Albuquerque Tribune May 26, 2004)

China's growing pains call for birth of green revolution- Government adopts policy to develop renewable energy sources, slash waste and promote recycling. (Financial Times May 26, 2004)

Refiners Profit as Green Rules Pump Up US Gasoline- Oil companies supplying the sizzling U.S. energy market are reaping windfall returns while drivers foot the bill, and they owe those profits to the new green fuel rules they had originally protested. (Reuters May 25, 2004)

Kerry Calls for End of Dependence on Middle East Oil- "We can live in an America that runs on the cars of the future that we only have to fill up once a month, not every week." (ZPEnergy, May 22, 2004)

U. .S. speeds to energy disaster- reliance on increasingly expensive automobile transportation supported by depleting fuel. (Letters to editor: Detroit Free Press May 18, 2004)

U.S. risks lagging behind in fuel cell race(AP April 13, 2004)

The hydrogen revolution(The Age April 15, 2004)

How to Wean America Off Fossil Fuels in 15 Years- A review of the Arlington Institute Report: 'A Strategy: How To Move America Away from Oil.' "Wild card game changers include everything from over-unity devices to cold fusion to sonoluminescence." (EV World Mar. 20, 2004)

Wind > World wind power to grow, but boom days over- The huge growth in the global wind power market will lose a lot of its pace in the next five years but will still expand at an average of 10.4 percent a year, independent Danish windpower consultancy BTM said in an annual industry survey. (Reuters Mar. 22, 2004)

The Zero Energy House- New goal set forth by U.S. Department of Energy: defines "Zero Energy House" as one that generates as much energy as it consumes. (Herald Tribune Mar. 20, 2004)

Utah Governor Candidate Visits Pure Energy Systems- Gary Herbert hears report of how Utah is teeming with cutting edge energy technology inventors and groups. (PESN Mar. 19, 2004)

Hey, George! The Pentagon's scared, too - top brass sees global warming from willy-nilly fossil fuel burning as a huge threat akin to terrorism. (New York Daily News Mar. 18, 2004)

about Hydrogen- For all the buzz about future highways filled with hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars, the technological—and environmental—high ground will belong to gasoline-electric hybrids for decades to come. (MIT Technology Review Mar. 17, 2004)

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Rising Sun - Gas-electric cars are transforming the auto industry. Toyota's head start has Detroit scrambling to catch up. Double the mileage without sacrificing power or size, and only $1000 more in price. (MIT Technology Review Mar. 17, 2004)

UK Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat alt - Downing Street tried to muzzle the Government's top scientific adviser after he warned that global warming was a more serious threat than international terrorism. (Independent, UK Mar. 8, 2004)

More lenders offering mortgages designed for energy-efficient homes - incentives being offered for homes using efficient appliances. (Knight-Ridder Mar. 1, 2004)

GM to make more cars that run mostly on ethanol

More Alternative Fuel Vehicles Seen in US in 2004 - The number of vehicles in the United States that run on alternative fuels is expected to increase 7.3 percent this year from 2003, the government said last week. (Reuters March 1, 2004)

Savannah, Georgia, Wants to Become Alt Energy Hub - Recent $600k grant from Feds helps launch private-govt-univ. joint venture. Mentions tidal energy, photovoltaics, fuel cell but will they touch the more controversial and fruitful free energy technologies? ( Feb. 18, 2004)

Stories in 2003

GM Pitches Hydrogen Cars in Oil -Thirsty China (Reuters, Nov. 20, 2003)

San Francisco Sea Level Rises 8 Inches in 100 Years - Sea-level measurements collected at Fort Point in San Francisco since before 1900 form the longest continuous sea-level record for any site on the west coast of North America.