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Directory:Torsion Field

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Latest: Directory:Torsion Field > Torsion Field and Interstellar Communication - New book by Victor Shkatov (Doctor of Science, Tomsk, Russia) & Vitaliy Zamsha (B.S. in Radio-Electronics, Ukrainian origin, Australia) explores the history, theory, and proposes methods for using the torsion field for interstellar communication. "This is the latest development in torsion field." (PESN October 7, 2015)

Directory:Disturbed Self-Compensating Symmetry

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David Hamel Magnetic Motor - Open sourced technology which uses magnetism, vibration, and 3 body physics to tap into free energy. 3 dimensional physics/motor. Exotic design and unconventional. Please visit Hameltech for technical information, drawings and examples. (PESWiki 2008)

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