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Directory:Toilet-Sink Combo

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Image:Sinkpositive context 350.jpg

Toilet-Sink Combo provides a simple way to optimize water usage without setting up a costly grey water system. A toilet is required to have two inflows from the water supply line: one to refill the tank, and one to refill the bowl. The toilet-sink combos use the bowl-refill inflow to first pass through a sink set above the tank. The drainage from the sink doesn't go into the tank, but bypasses the tank (through the overflow opening) into the bowl to refill the bowl. You can therefore use the water twice by washing your hands in it before it fills the bowl.

This sink is not designed to replace the bathroom sink, but to serve for washing hands after toilet use.

Names : SinkPositive

: briggs toilet



maximize water use - Using the Sinkpositive eliminates the need for additional water use at the bathroom sink, and therefore, reduces the amount of waste water going down the drain.

increase hand washing frequency - The immediate flow and convenient placement of a running faucet encourages all persons to obtain a fresh water hand wash or rinse which has been proven to break the chain of many hand transmitted diseases.

eliminate contact with dirty faucets - The sink automatically runs with the toilet’s fresh water refill cycle after each flush meaning there are no knobs or handles to touch after hand washing reducing hand-transmitted diseases. Also, the elimination of faucet handles gives a welcome relief for persons with arthritis.

add a healthy ambiance to your bathroom


Mac US Trade - Dual Flush Toilets.


Dual System Toilets - The Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush Toilet has a built in sink behind the cistern which is useful for when space is at a premium, although it may take some adjusting to get used to straddling the seat in order to wash your hands. Video (EcoGeek Nov. 23, 2008)

Image:Sinkpositive sink-toilet 150.jpg - This patented multi-purpose accessory sink simply retrofits to your toilet’s existing plumbing in minutes without special tools or a plumber. Starts and stops automatically after each flush.

Installation - very simple

Buy - $99 for standard $119 for deluxe. Use promotional code PES07 to get a $5.00 discount and credit PESWiki with the sale. (Good for a limited time only.)



US Patent 5,522,096: Toilet tank hand wash basin - June 4, 1996 Brown Carlton D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Image:Sinkpositive schematic.gif

Abstract : A finger wash basin that can be attached to an existing toilet without major modifications. The basin consists of a container which is mounted adjacent or on the existing toilet and has a water supply pipe which is connected to the existing water supply pipe for the toilet bowl. The container also has a drain pipe which leads used water back to the toilet bowl. A gasket is attached to the top of the toilet tank and has a top surface which will securely mount the toilet tank lid. The gasket can be provided with openings that will allow the water supply pipe and the drain pipe to pass through the gasket between the top of the toilet tank and the toilet tank lid.

Deluxe model comes with Aerator Tip Spout for smoother more gentle flow.

The apparatus is made of high-grade plastic, which makes shipping inexpensive. It is a one-size-fits-all, adjustable add-on to replace the tank lid.

Because the dirt is minimal for lavatory hand washing, scum marks around the toilet bowl are not an issue.

Sinkpositive sells internationally, but mainly in the U.S., U.K, and Israel.

Regarding Splashing. The aerator tip helps. Also, the flow to the faucet can be turned down via the water valve going to the toilet. This will result in a slower toilet refill.

In the News

Sinkpositive: Save Water, Wash Your Hands - a handy device that cycles clean water through the faucet, for hand-washing and such, and reuses it the next time the toilet gets flushed. (TreeHugger Mar 13, 2007)

Real Goods

Real Goods is a reseller of the Sinkpositive system.


there are around 100 million of these loos in Japan

Simon's Hardware & Bath
Image:Simons toilet-sink 100.gif

Simon's Hardware & Bath - looks like a prison toilet (Apartment Therapy)

In the News

The Toilet/Sink Combo - Looking for ways to optimize water usage without setting up a costly greywater system? (Beyond Brilliance Feb. 25, 2004)


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Cut down on bowl water waste

Carlton Davis Brown of There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] says that the amount of water going to the bowl is usually much more than needed. In the course of a toilet flush, the tank first empties into the bowl to flush away its contents. After the tank empties, the refill water commences both for the tank and for the bowl. The rate of flow into the bowl is as much as seven times what is needed to fill it. The excess drains into the plumbing waste.

Taking this into consideration, it seems to me that one could reduce the waste of water into the bowl by clamping down some on the bowl refill. I'm not sure what the best way would be to do this, but it would seem like a simple adjustable retrofit device would suffice.

-- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan (May 8, 2007)

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