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Directory:Tilley Foundation, Inc.

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Image:Tilley Electric module under hood 300.jpg


The Tilley Foundation claims to have a self-charger technology that could power a car or other energy applications with no need to recharge. Over the past four years, they've allegedly converted four vehicles, a shop, an ATV, and a bike to run on their system. They claim independent testing, including by the government, and post alleged results from some of those tests.

Many people who worked close to that technology swear that it works, but also decry Tilley's lack of ethics in his business practices. 'However, when pressed for details about the rigor and adequacy of the tests run to validate that technology, the answers fall short.'

On July 20, 2007, a former Tilley Foundation shareholder said:

: "I did not determine 'indisputably' the benefit of the Tilley device. This is one of the issues in the Federal Court action [three] stockholders have against him as I understand it. There had been calls for truly independent verification testing but he would only do demonstrations he controlled on his property. Many stockholders wanted more than that. When anyone asked questions and started to push harder for independent tests, he turned on them and did things to discredit that person in the eyes of the other stockholders."

There are a number of reasons to suspect that the Tilley Foundation is a There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] operation, designed to mislead people and separate them from their money, while offering no viable product. Carl Tilley has a documented history of fraud.

Note: The website no longer is "Tilley Foundation". August 21, 2008. If you didn't know it already, this has been identified as a scam operation.


Official Website

Self-Charging Electric Cars - Claims to have achieved an electric car that has no need to plug in and will self charge as one drives the car. "Onboard inverter can allow powering of AC power tools or as a back up generator for items up to 2,000 watts AC."

Electric ATV - Reports 10 alleged tests -- under Tilley supervision.

Electric Bike - "July 4, 2004 sales date" [not materialized]

Small Generator - "Certified test results for the Tilley Generator" [date not listed but general contents are at least two years old]

Total Home Power Unit - "At the request of a United States Government Agency the Tilley self generation home power supply invention was tested back in June 10, 2005." "Testing of the Tilley Shop Device by an outside concern was completed January 24, 2005 at a private location." "Under heavy load the Tilley system consumed 27.9 amps (3,292.2 watts) and produced 38.2 amps (4,507.6 watts). AC voltage stayed at a constant 118.4 AC."

Recent Updates


Home Power

Image:Tilley Home Device cycle 300.gif

According to numerous disenchanged insiders/witnesses, there is a working technology at the core, but Tilley exaggerates the claims far beyond what the true capabilities are.

Latest Development


Jan. 30, 2007

A neighbor of Tilleys in Nebraska where he moved, has been documenting inconsistencies with his story that he has been telling there.

Sept. 26, 2006
Image:Tilley Home Device cycle crop 95x95.gif

Tilley Plans Week-Long Home Power Test for Free-Energy Generator - At least six qualified energy professionals will go to a remotely located modular home and garage that are powered exclusively by the Tilley Home Power system, to test the system for at least seven days, to verify that the fuelless technology works as claimed. (PESN Sept. 30, 2006)

Follow-up: Contrary to what he expressly told me in my interview with him, he was on his last trip in his move from his property when we spoke on the phone. The alleged pending test never took place as he said it would. The double-wide he described was actually his new dwelling in Nebraska, and has not undergone the rigorous testing described. He is working his scam there, according to local sources, including local newspaper coverage that contains numerous mistruths, easily discovered. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan (Jan. 30, 2007)

April 2, 2006
Image:TEV lineup 2006 400w.jpg

Dated March 31, 2006, the Tilley Foundation site announces that in May, 2006 footage will be filmed for a two-hour documentary. Filming is by a company that expects to sell rights for the documentary to a major film company or a network television concern. "It is a grand opportunity for the Tilley Foundation to prove its technology," said Carl Tilley. Tilley stated that many tests have been performed by outside concerns but this would be the first time that the general public could see the results first hand.

The filming agreement allegedly states that "No outside grid utility or gas power supply will be used to charge batteries or run the car. At no time will the cars be out of sight or control of the filming crew or the production manager."

The documentary coverage is planned to include Tilley facility buildings, "two or three TEV cars, utilization of larger vehicles, automatic transmissions and past legal issues." It will also include "interviews with shareholders, attorneys, state officials, professors, engineers and others."

"Most of the documentary will focus around the TEV cars, its self charging capability and their performance. Included will be long trips, followed by film crews, city driving, high speed driving and top end driving. According to the agreement if there are any breakdowns or problems it will be part of the documentary."

Feedback: Previous Tests Refused

The following comment was posted to a forum by "Nightrider" on Apr 3, 06 - 12:39 PM

: "...Lets see, 5 years ago the film footage shows Tilley stating to his investors that he was entering into an agreement with the U.S. gubmant to develop super secret, super duper, weapons systems and net the co. MILLIONS but failed to produce even a ...! and I haven't heard any investors sreaming yippeeeeeee !!!!!! as they ran to their bank ! ! ! Also the bad guy (Webb) set up a demonstration for Tilley with Lee Iaccocca (Chrysler) via Jim Henry (a true inventor of Primo Products), that tilley flat refused to conduct, citing security concerns ! Huhhh ? Another stockholder set up a test to be conducted by a VANDERBUILT UNIVERSITY callibration EXPERT that is nationally recognized and is still the #1 callibration expert in AMERICA ! tilley REFUSED ! ! ! 4 years ago a major north eastern university offered Tilley the use of their labs and their clout in the academic world, backing and FUNDING and TRUE SCIENTIST to complete the technology asking only to be named AS A HELPER in the completion of the technology, and a small cut of the profits to help fund further projects in the same field for the university ONLY !, Tilley REFUSED ! ! !"

: "Oh and lets not forget the cross country test tilley said would take place even before the failed race track fiasco using the Delorean which was also going to be covered by all the major networks and filmed for documentation purposes! [...]That one never happened either !! Don't believe me ? check the file footage on this site in the archives ,,,It's there!"

March 20, 2006
Image:GMC truck battery bed hj85.jpg

Entire site website updated, after several months (since Nov. 2005) of dormancy.

Updates page claims that in June 10, 2005, at the request of a United States Government Agency, the Tilley self generation home power supply invention was tested to prove that it could produce electrical power without the assistance of any outside supply. The site claims that several qualified outside professionals were on hand to witness the allegedly successful tests, which were videotaped. The Foundation say these cannot be published, because the U.S. govt. cannot endorse any technology, but are being kept in case they should need to be used in court.

The updates page also announced on March 20, 2006 that the Tilley Foundation has converted a GMC Sonoma Truck to run on the Tilley self-charging system, and that the truck runs as good with the electric conversion as it did before the conversion. Photos of the new 1,200 amp power module (box) inside the truck are posted. "Numerous safety features have been added including an automatic electrical disconnect in case of a car impact over 15 MPH."

In the News - coverage

Image:Tilley DeLorean Nashville 2002. 95x95jpg.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buyer Beware > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Tilley Foundation, Inc. > Investors win $26M award against Tilleys - A Nashville jury found Carl Tilley and his wife guilty on several counts and levied both compensatory and punitive damages against them jointly, individually and the two companies. Tilley made a splash in 2002 with the claim he could run a DeLorean he had converted to electric, powered by his device that could keep the car running indefinitely. (PESN Jan. 29, 2010) (Comments)

Tilley skips town, shareholders up in arms - "Tilley Charger" in his circuit is actually nothing but a GM 120-amp alternator. Self-running system alleged to work, but not to the extent claimed. Court order requires Tilley to prove his technology by middle of Nov. or he goes to jail. (PESN Nov. 2, 2006)

Image:Tilley Home Device cycle crop 95x95.gif

Tilley Plans Week-Long Home Power Test for Free-Energy Generator - At least six qualified energy professionals will go to a remotely located modular home and garage that are powered exclusively by the Tilley Home Power system, to test the system for at least seven days, to verify that the fuelless technology works as claimed. (PESN Sept. 30, 2006)

Image:Tilley Sonoma 95x95.jpg

Electric Truck Unveiled at Classic Cars - Carl Tilley is scheduled to demonstrate his electric vehicles at the Cruisin' National Car Show June 9-11. Claims to have made a 640-mile trip. (Lebanon Democrat May 13, 2006)

The Spring-Summer 2006 issue of Electrifying Times (p. 22) has an article by Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan reviewing the claims and history of fraud of Carl Tilley and the Tilley Foundation.

GM Says They've Not Heard of Tilley - Carl Tilley shows the Pontiac Bonneville on his site and calls it a "Tilley Electric Vehicle" saying it will go for sale this year. General Motors says they have never heard of Tilley. (PESN Sept. 16, 2005)

Tilley Claims Endlessly-Charged All-Electric Vehicle to be Ready for Sale in 2005 - Carl Tilley announces a concept car with all the bells and whistles of speed and luxury, combined with ultra efficiency. Or is this yet another stage of an ongoing fraud stemming back decades? (PESN Sept. 14, 2005)

Tilley Foundation Raided May 29, 2003 - Carried out by Tennessee Division of Commerce and Insurance together with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. (Greater Things News Service, May 30, 2003)

Tilley Controversy Aired on Channel 4 WSMV Nashville Feb. 20, 21 Mar. 4 - Two-part series addressing the free energy car claims and controversy in Tennessee as well as scam he ran in Wyoming before coming to Tennessee. (GreaterThings News Service, Feb. 11, 2003)

Fraud Documentation

Despite Carl Tilley's threats of lawsuits or worse for those who might blow the whistle, the following documentation exists regarding his history -- past and recent -- of fraudulent activities.

Prior to Tennessee

Wyoming Sentence for Tilley's Fraud by Check - July 2, 1996. Three counts of 'fraud by check' pleading: 'no contest' sentence: jail for (1) three consecutive 6-months, (2) 18 months unsupervised probation upon fulfillment of terms specified . . . fled state, to Tennessee

WY Bench Warrant for Tilley's Arrest - Nov. 7, 1997 Criminal No: CR-9605-0005. Tilley was ordered to appear Nov. 4, 1997, 'whereabouts unknown.'

Additional Criminal History - White male, 5'7", 130-145 lbs., Brown, Blue, med. skin.

'83: warrant felony theft, Bushnell SD Florida '

'83: flight-escape felony theft, Sumpter Co SD, Florida

'83: larceny, Mesa Co SD, Colorado

'77: unlawful issuance of blank check Bellingham SD Washington.

(1 of 2 locator services) Tilley's Former Addresses Documented - 15 different addresses in 7 states: TN, NV, WY, ID, CO, FL, NC.Document includes Carl's Social Security Number [which has a 666 in it (for what it's worth)]

(2 of 2 locator services) Tilley's Former Addresses Documented - 16 different addresses in 7 states: TN, NV, WY, ID, CO, FL, NC.

More documentation exists, but hasn't yet been posted.


Tilley Investors Taken for A Ride - Tilley tells shareholders that GE offered to buy the technology "site unseen" for 2 billion dollars. (Feb. 1, 2003)

Anatomy of a Con -- Video documentation - Tilley in action. Footage from Dec. 2001, Jan. 2002, and first stockholder's meeting May 4, 2002 - more

Related Technologies

Image:Hydraulic truck 95x95.jpg

Directory:TN Hydraulic Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Generator - A trio of inventors from Tennessee have design a hydraulic, battery, electromagnetic system than they say can fuellessly run a home or a vehicle, or other devices. Several working prototypes have been built. Presently awaiting "pending" patent status, they are ready to build a business to bring this technology to market. (PESWiki July, 2007)

See also - Independent coverage, followed by documentation of fraud.


Electric Vehicles - index at

- Directory







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