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1 kW, Modular Fuel Cell

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: "Technology Management, Inc. (TMI), located in Cleveland, Ohio, has been developing modular, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems since 1990. We have successfully demonstrated complete kilowatt class systems that generate cleaner electricity from ordinary fuels and are compact enough to be shipped overnight by common carrier. We are now engineering systems for field testing in configurations that use multiple 1kW system modules.

: "TMI is dedicated to product development and commercialization of affordable SOFC systems that can be operated and maintained by “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.” Our current goal is to demonstrate in the field the systems performance we have shown in our laboratory. We also intend to show end users in our target markets how our systems’ multi-fuel capability and ease of maintenance by a local workforce without specialized tools, equipment, or training, provide an extremely high value proposition.

: "We believe the combination of our product, team, and business model may be unique in the industry. Our product is focused on delivering high value to the end user. Our team is committed to simplicity of design, efficient operation and low maintenance. Our business model has been used successfully by TMI management to commercialize similar disruptive technologies.

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"We are actively seeking strategic corporate partners and investors interested in working with us to further our technology and business development efforts. If you would like to learn more about how Technology Management, Inc. and your organization might be able to work together, please contact us today."

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Latest: Directory:Fuel Cells > Directory:Technology Management, Inc. > TMI's 1 kW fuel cell module for 3rd world deployment runs on wide range of fuels - A modular fuel cell technology can convert just about any fuel into clean electricity using a chemical process. Technology Management, Inc., of Cleveland, plans to market this distributed energy solution within the developing world where they don't have power, enabling them to grow their own. (PESN Feb. 5, 2010) (Comments)


Technology Management, Inc.

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