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Directory:Tangarie Alternative Power

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Tangarie Alternative Power presents the GALE™, Green Alternative Lasting Energy line of vertical axis wind turbines. The GALE wind turbine has specific design considerations that make it a versatile product and environmentally friendly.

The GALE line of vertical axis wind turbines produces up to 50% more electricity on an annual basis, generates electricity in winds as low as 4 mph (1.5 m/s) and continues to generate power in wind speeds up to 130 mph (60m/s). It withstands extreme weather such as frost, ice, sand, humidity and is low-noise.


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=== Company: Tangarie Alternative Power, LLC=== (TAP systems improve power quality and reliability. They configure energy storage options from emergency power for critical loads to grid independent power. Many have asked us where the name Tangarie (Tan gâr ee) comes from. Tangarie is their family name and their company was founded in tribute to Private First Class Joseph Tangarie, their brother, who was killed in the TET Offensive during the Viet Nam war, and by extension to all of our servicemen and women who risk their lives to protect our country everyday.

They specialize in Wind, Solar, Cooling Heat and Power (CHP), HVAC, Lighting, Building Control Systems.




Tangarie Alternative Power LLC

Phone: 886-994-6500

Fax: 908-369-0361


Debe Besold


Tangarie Alternative Power LLC

P.O. Box 697

Flagtown, NJ 08821

Tel: 866-994-6500

Fax: 908-369-0361

E-Mail: []

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