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The Swell Fuel "Lever Operated Pivoting Float" electricity generating buoys can be purchased for small scale testing purposes. Their wave energy converters are available in 1000 watt and 5000 watt sizes.

The ocean energy converter can be used to generate electricity that is sent to shore via marine grade electrical cable or used to supply power to marine industrial electrical equipment.


Official Website

Patent Status

Videos and Projects


Image:FreeEnergyNowRadioIcon95x95 byKevn.gif

Stream | Download (13 Mb mp3) - On July 13, 2009, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 1-hour live interview with Chris Olsen as part of the Free Energy Now radio show. They discussed Swell Fuel's design to inexpensively harness wave power.


Sept. 7, 2009

Chris Olson writes:

Sterling, the Swell Fuel device is still working and send power to shore after 60 days at sea. It has survived a week of severe storms and is still in good working condition. We have seven devices that are about to be shipped to the Marshal Islands. We are getting swamped with emails from the south Pacific. Thank you for the interview, it has made for a great way to tell my story on my web site.

Some real important wave energy people in the UK have applauded me for surviving longer than most developers and sending power to shore which many wave energy companies have never done. Swell Fuel is emerging as a real contender.

How it Works

Image:SwellFuel how rendering 300.jpg


Ocean Wave Energy Technology Saltire Prize Challenge


Ocean Energy Converter making electricity and sending it to a battery bank on shore. (YouTube August 18, 2009)

Independent Testing

Note: The Swell Fuel "Lever Operated Pivoting Float" electricity generating buoy is not [yet?] a Coast Guard approved device and is not intended for use on commercial waterways.


Lever Operated Pivoting Float(LOPF) Patent Protected Jan.12 2007 - Patent Status


Company: Swell Fuel

Swell Fuel is an ocean energy company based in Houston, Texas. They invent, produce and manufacture small-scale ocean energy converters for research and testing purposes.

Inventor: Christopher Olsen


In the News

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Latest: Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:Wave buoys > Directory:Swell Fuel > Swell Fuel selling wave-harnessing test units (Interview) - The 1 kW and 5 kW lever-articulating buoy system is being made available for testing, while providing the testers with power generation capability. (PESN July 17, 2009) (Comment at

DARPA Joins Blue Energy and World Energy in Race to Harness Ocean Power - On the other side of the coin are companies like Swell Fuel, which makes small units that can be linked in a network to scale up. In the case of Swell Fuel, ... (CleanTechnica ?Jul 4, 2009?)

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