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Directory:Suppression:Skeptical:Eric Kreig

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Many Claiming to be

Many people on the "Directory:Suppression" list are just crooks like Directory:Dennis Lee, Directory:Stanley Meyer and Newman. Others I have dialoged with on the list, like Marinov and DePalma, were obvious whack jobs. I think most of these people had no more than Tilley or Perendev and just hid behind the "powerful forces are stopping me" excuse.

I've heard at least 100 stories of "quirky inventor comes up with FE (free energy) or 100 mpg carburetor, but gets suppressed, and the secret somehow gets lost". Some of these stories date from 100's of years ago and come from all over the world.

So many entitities to benefit from alleged FE

My big question is "how could a planet-saving technology worth trillions invented by dozens of people from all over the world be kept from humanity for more than a century?". Why would thousands of people and all world powers go along with it for generations?, and the press be silent? with no defectors?

Because I'm a leading internet skeptic of FE who debunks free energy con men like Dennis Lee, Tilley, and Newman, etc - I'm just accused of being part of a big conspiracy. But why would I, a backpacking, tree hugging, environmentalist boy scout leader want to keep us choking on planet killing carbon poisons which we pay trillions for from countries that absolutely hate us?

The vast majority of the economic empires in the world are energy consumers, not producers so they should be able to fund a counter conspiracy to get free energy so they can instantly be in the black. All the companies producing energy sucking raw materials or needing to heat buildings or power airplanes could be instantly very profitable if they didn't have to hemorrhage huge funds for energy. Why would Japan and Germany who fought wars to keep their energy supply open want to continue to pay huge sums for poison? Why would Israel agree to cover up secrets that could strangle the money supply to countries that want them wiped off the map? For that matter, most all the powerful countries also including China, England, France, Australia, India, all of Europe, pay way more money than they make for dirty energy from belligerent countries. Why would they want to keep doing that?

An offer of publicity

But lets just assume that there is a conspiracy to stop free energy, and the many inventors are scared they will be killed for letting it out. Actually it would only make sense to wipe out someone BEFORE they could let it out, and conversely they would only be safe IF someone would mass publish a design.

So here is my offer to help save the lives of those who have a real free energy device and care about saving the planet. Just scan the design of a proven working device and send it through an anonymous email address from a library computer to me at - I will post it onto an email list that goes worldwide to over 1000 people - then over night, it would be too hard for the FE MIB's to put the cat back in the bag, and it would no longer make any sense to kill anyone to stop to free energy.

The FE MIB's could just be reassigned to cover up UFO's. Then the inventors live, the environment is saved, humanity enters a new golden clean age. And if I'd get killed for releasing it - no biggie, I'm a big skeptic of free energy anyhow and have already lived a good enough life, and I'll eventually die anyhow.

I'm a victim of suppression from FE entities

Actually the strange irony of my skepticism of an FE information conspiracy is my being victimized by the real thing. I have been long threatened and now sued multiple times because of my information on the web concerning free energy. Ex convict Dennis Lee (who has been promising FE "in a few month" for over 20 years) has launched multiple SLAPP lawsuits against me in order to try to shut down my pages about his criminal history at

It is only my sincere belief in a fundamental human right of free expression that has kept me fighting rather than folding. As sincere honest seekers of free energy have told me, "Eric your exposing the crooks and lunatics can only clear the way for anyone with the real thing"

Kreig info

Congress:Member:Eric Krieg - NEC profile page - his website


NEC Comments

Historical Precedent for Suppression of the New Thing

On Aug. 30, 2007, NEC member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

While indeed there is such a syndrome as an inventor or group reverting to claims of suppression in order to make excuses for why their technology is not making it to the marketplace, that alone does not mean that all claims to suppression are bogus. History, ancient and modern, gives us plenty of examples of the "powers that be" balking at the new thing that threatens their status quo with something better. Indeed, it might even be argued that such a response is naturally embedded in human nature, as part of the ego. "New wine cannot be put into old bottles," is how it is described in one ancient text of wide respect.

Suppression Cases - Reply from MAJ (Sel) Todd Hathaway

Regarding suppression, it's a first-rate slap in the face to folks like Ken Rasmussen and MANY others in the NEC to suggest that such

incidents are really just poor management or bad luck. MIB incidents such as Ken's were actually recorded - documentation IS on record with the FBI. Some of the suppression incidents out there to reference are B.S. of course, but there are also legitimate suppression incidents. Most incidents are relatively mundane like open ridicule by the scientific or skeptic community in order to perpetuate people's reputations and/or pocketbooks, or incidents where governments and/or private industry willfully choose not to fund R&D projects that would literally save our civilization, and others are out there that result in forced suppression, murder, buyouts to place the techs on the shelf, USPTO gag orders, etc. Sometimes these projects are funded, so it's impossible to group the entire topic into a pool of suppression or lack thereof, and just call it a day. Suppression does happen and continues to happen on a regular basis, period. Ask Dr. Tom Valone if you think the USPTO hasn't suppressed energy techs. Oh that's right, since he can't open the vault of suppressed patents and show you in person, so they don't exist...umm, OK. I know several inventors/researchers who have no reason to lie about suppression, and actually are doing themselves a disservice by mentioning the incident(s), something they understand does not help their research, if in fact they're interested in pursuing the R&D after such incidents, which in many cases they are not. Just contact the researchers/inventors listed in Gary Vespermann's report - ALL OF THEM, not just a few you know already believe to be bogus in order to write off the entire report. That's a classic case of head-in-butt disease to pull that stunt, where you take a few examples and write everything off. Poo-pooing the topic of suppression is like saying there are no legitimate stock transactions since there are incidents of inside trading, or assuming it is not possible to work with the government since there are incidents of the government stealing technology from researchers, though if I were a researcher/inventor, I would certainly exhaust all private funding options first before cow-towing to the government, as the United States of America is the largest corporation on the planet today.

Showing blind bias for or against suppression proves that one is NOT open minded, and that one does not believe in people or in

him/herself. Find the middle ground where reality resides...why is that so hard to understand? Simple answer: prejudice and preference. Eric Krieg has taken heat because he stands up for what he believes in, not because he is right about suppression. He has a reputation to protect, as does the NEC, no? Checkmate. Classic example of prejudice/preference.

People's inability to see things as they are - as is the case with virtually all publicly established groups - is the main reason why my efforts have been redirected away from public groups and DoD's Energy Consensus here in D.C. - public groups are too diluted to benefit mankind in time to make a difference now, as there are always a few voices in the public crowd that scare everyone else into submission.

A network of researchers is working independently of public chat groups or the government, and are bringing the most advanced energy

technologies to the public in real time. If the effort to bring these technologies to the public within the next five years fails, our civilization will be destroyed, and you can bend over and kiss the NEC and any other Internet-based groups goodbye since there will be no Internet following its collapse. Is that what you want? Thinking creates destiny - you WILL reap what you collectively sow.

Tick tock - best of luck with solar/wind/bio/batteries...that won't get us out of the Middle East, but go ahead and mock R&D in advanced energy - its pretty clear where that stance is leading us.

p.s. Eric's statement, "Actually the strange irony of my skepticism of an FE information conspiracy is my being victimized by the real thing. I have been long threatend and now sued multiple times because of my information on the web concerning free energy." sounds a lot like another conspiracy theory, doesn't ironic.