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A physical model of reality based on the postulates of Super Relativity

Status and Analysis of super-relativity

Super stands for better, Relativity stands for Special & General Relativity


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Postulate 1

'Space is not a void but is in fact a solid composed of variations of three fields Gravitational, Magnetic and Electrostatic in an unconfigured format and is continuous and unbounded.'

The Spatial Properties (M.M. Fiorentino)

Postulate 2

'The Speed of Light is a function of spatial density and tension.'

How to Build a Warp Drive using SR Theory (M.M. Fiorentino)

Postulate 3

'The cause of gravity is due to the motion of energy.'

The Origin of Gravity and Force Unification via the Electromagnetic Bridging Model as defined by Super Relativity (M.M. Fiorentino)






Super Relativity is a Grand Unified Theory, also known as a Theory of Everything or a Unified Field Theory. These scientific theories have to attempt to explain the nature of physical reality, from the smallest particle to the form of the universe. Since 2006, Super Relativity prescribes an extra dimension of curved space, toroïdal in one case and inverted in another, that has been able to comply with a ' Theory of Everything .'

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Relativity & Lorentz

From Dialog about Objections against the Theory of Relativity (A. Einstein)


After this conversation I have to admit that the refutation of your point of view is not as easy as it seemed to me earlier. I do have more objections up my sleeve. But before pestering you with that I want to think over our present conversation thoroughly. Before we depart, one more question, that does not concern an objection, but that I ask out of pure curiosity: how does the diseased man of theoretical physics fare, the Aether, that many of you have declared to be definitely dead?


Its fortunes have taken some turns, and overall one cannot say that it is dead now. Prior to Lorentz it existed as an all-pervasive fluid, as a gas-like fluid, and other than that in the most diverse forms of being, different from author to author. With Lorentz it became rigid, and embodied the resting coordinate system, respectively a privileged state of motion in the world. According to the special theory of relativity there was no longer a privileged state of motion, this meant a denial of the Aether in this sense of the preceding theories. For if there would be an Aether, then in each space-time point there would have to be a particular state of motion, that would have to play a part in optics. There is no such privileged state of motion, as has been taught to us by the special theory of relativity, and that is why there is no Aether in the old sense. The general theory of relativity also does not know a privileged state of motion in a point, that one could vaguely interpret as velocity of an Aether. However, while according to the special theory of relativity a part of space without matter and without electromagnetic field seems to be characterized as absolutely empty, e. g. not characterized by any physical quantities, empty space in this sense has according to the general theory of relativity physical qualities which are mathematically characterized by the components of the gravitational potential, that determine the metrical behavior of this part of space as well as its gravitational field. One can quite well construe this circumstance in such a way that one speaks of an Aether, whose state of being is different from point to point. Only one must take care not to attribute to this Aether properties similar to properties of matter (for example every point a certain velocity).

From: The Invisible Ether and Michelson-Morley

(M. Strauss)

Dayton Miller demonstrated the fact that even though the duo's experiment had not specifically found the expected range of interference patterns, they had found an interesting little noticed effect. Miller then went on to suggest that Michelson Morley had found an experimental sine wave like set of data that correlated well with the predicted pattern of data. He also described how thermal and directional assumptions inherent in the experimental arrangement may have impacted badly on the fringe interference data. Thus, the test may have been performed in an imperfectly conceived experimental setup and with a built in mathematical bias against the detection of an appropriate outcome. Thus, in the future the aether theory in some form or another may still be sustainable as a foundational theory of physics.

Perhaps it is best to leave with these ideas as expressed in 1920 by Einstein who stated that he believed the ether theory to still be relevant to his ideas on space and time:

Einstein:"More careful reflection teaches us, however, that the special theory of relativity does not compel us to deny ether. We may assume the existence of an ether."

He continued:

"Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether" , and finally:

"According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this ether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it."


No privileged state of motion

From The Undiscovered Error - The Michelson-Morley Experiment (M.M. Fiorentino)

The Theory of Super Relativity repairs the error made in history and sets us back on the proper course. Einstein in the Special Theory never explained why The Laws of Physics are the same in all Inertial Frames. Logically it defies common sense. There must be something PHYSICALLY going on in all frames of reference to make this phenomenon occur. For example the addition of velocities should be Vab=Va+Vb but it is not that way. In reality the proper Equation is Vab=(Va+Vb)/1+(VaVb)/ C2.

In Special Relativity it is not mentioned why this is, it is just correctly stated. In this theory it is explained why it is so. Unfortunately, not enough of the correct questions about our reality are being asked. Why is the speed of light the same in all frames of reference? Also why is the speed of light the precise number that it is? Neither Relativity Quantum Theory nor String Theory can answer those questions.

To summarize, a bad assumption was made about the nature of the ether. The wrong state was chosen. Therefore the experiment was doomed from the start. After the experiment was complete and the results were in, Michelson and later Einstein came to the wrong conclusion. The experiment failed to detect the ether wind so it was naturally assumed that the ether did not exist. All the experiment really proved was, there was no ether wind. A paradigm shift occurred and scientists completely abandoned the idea of the ether.

From The Imagineer's Chronicles, Chapter 38: Reference frames (J. O'Callaghan)

Earlier in the article “ Defining space ?? Sept. 13, 2007, it was shown that the existence of a continuous non-quantized form of mass between particles in a volume is responsible for defining that volume.

(This conclusion is supported by Einstein’s statement that “space without Aether (continuous non-quantized form of mass) is unthinkable for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time.)

According to this definition of kinetic energy the continuous non-quantized form of mass defining the volume of an inertial reference frame will be “stationary?? with respect to a fourth spatial dimension. Therefore, the continuous non-quantized form of mass associated with that volume would appear to a three-dimensional observer to moving in a straight line at a constant speed with respect to other internal reference frames that occupy different position with respect to a fourth spatial dimension. If two volumes of three-dimensional space occupy the same “position?? along the axis in four-dimensional space, they will remain at rest or stationary with respect to each other in three-dimensional space.

The reason a force that acts between two bodies of the same mass in a inertial reference frame causes them to acquire equal velocities in equal times is because, as was shown in article the “ Defining energy ?? Nov. 26, 2007 a force is the result of a movement of a three-dimensional volume with respect to a fourth spatial dimension. Therefore, if an equal force were applied to two masses in an inertial reference frame the three-dimension volume associated with those masses would move with in equal and opposite with directions with respect to a common point in four-dimensional space where that inertial reference frames was located.


No natural rest-frame

From The Undiscovered Error - The Michelson-Morley Experiment (M.M. Fiorentino)

According to the experts of that time, the only possible conclusion from this series of very important experiments was that the concept of an all-pervading ether was wrong from the start. This as I see it was the most critical moment in modern physics. Why you say? Well, because the bad assumption about the ether was then followed up by a faulty conclusion. The conclusion was that since the ether wind was not detected, that meant there was no ether. Nothing could be further from the truth. If that was not bad enough Einstein in the Theory of Special Relativity further cemented in the bad conclusion by stating that because the natural rest frame was not detectable using the Michelson-Morley experimental technique that it most likely does not exist.

Einstein added that no kind of observation at all, even measuring the speed of light across your frame of reference to any accuracy you like, would help find out if your frame of reference was "really at rest". This implies, of course, that the concept of being "at rest" is meaningless. If Einstein is right, there is no natural rest-frame in the universe. Then naturally, there can be no "ether", no thin transparent gas filling space and vibrating with light waves, because if there were, it would provide the natural rest frame, and affect the speed of light as measured in other moving inertial frames as discussed above.


<pesn type="header" level="2" str="Super Relativity"></pesn>

The Theory of Super Relativity - The Complete Unified Field Theory

The theory of everything (TOE) as proposed by software engineer and award-winning trouble-shooter Mark Fiorentino. Including several differences with and advances to old aether theory, with means of measuring and predicting universal 'constants' while introducing a new law on the speed of light. The theory, based on two postulates, allows for the mathematical deduction of all physical fundamental laws ( Newton, Coulomb, Ampere, Lorentz, Maxwell ) based on the work of René Descartes, Isaac Newton, James Clerck Maxwell, Hendrick Antoon Lorentz, and Albert Einstein.

The Theory of Super Relativity answers most of the questions about what our physical reality is made of and how it works. It challenges many accepted concepts in Physics such as Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. It transcends these theories by explaing how the Universe really works.

External links


Theory for a faster-than-light "warp drive" consistent with general relativity. Alcubierre, 1994

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The Invisible Ether and Michelson Morley, M. Strauss

A running commentary on Einstein's P. Correa, A. Correa, 2006

Lorentz-Poincaré relativity and a scalar theory of gravitation M. Arminjon, 2002-2007.

What is a photon? M.M. Fiorentino, 2006

The Undiscovered Error - The Michelson-Morley Experiment M.M. Fiorentino, 2007

The Theory of Super Relativity (2008)

Planes, branes and automobiles.

A meta-theoretical analysis on combining particle physics with real world phenomena (2008)

Imagineers Chronicles Chapter 38: Reference frames J. O'Callaghan, 2008


The Theory Of Super Relativity

Super (by Mark Fiorentino.)

Super Relativity site-map

T.O.E Certified

The Imagineer’s Chronicles

Theory of Everything


Running scientific discussions

Science Forum

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A meta-theoretical analysis on combining particle physics with real world phenomena


Taken from T.O.E Certified:

These and more videos available @ T.O.E Certified Videos

Intro | Videos:

PESwiki water as a fuel intro

The incredible garbage shrinking machine, introducing magnecules

Other Videos

Water into fuel

Dean Kamen's Water Distiller (vapor compression distiller)

Joe Cell

GEET fuel processor

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Polifka's Windhexe Machine


Meta-theoretical analysis

This release mentioned below specifically concerns the discovery and retro-engineering of specialised theoretical physics. The purpose here was to make a physical approach possible of by the scientific mass as ‘unexplainable and unimitably' considered phenomena. Before, phenomena like immediate allergies, vortices and cars running on HHO or on self-sustaining metastable OH could not yet be accounted for. Other constitutions of nature like supposed unexplainable cases of homeopathy, controversial magnecules and perceived 'undeterminable' electromagnetic waves in general are also in this list. For some ideas on what also exists/existed outthere I gladly refer you to the videos and links below, the PESwiki and also to the nice website from rocket scientist Frank Germano. (mirror).

The article conveys a new method for analysing and explaining a part of physics and it may seem unfamiliar at first. This is mainly because of the side effects of any more pronounced theory. Further investigation will suggest and fulfill viability, validity and measurability.

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, "hmm.... that's funny...."

- Isaac Asimov.

As a result of an article concerning energy and trusting Bruno's (zero-point measurer) wisdom/intuition I have contracted a weeks-long fight with the standardmodel of Physics. This did not provide to be very difficult since there are many, almost mainstream, models that conflict and differentiate within themselves and each other. As an admirer of theoretical physics and theoretical astrophysics I had, however, picked up things with self-study and in the scientific direction of the middle school. Everything seemed natural until during the lesson chemistry the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg entered. Either the speed, or the place. It seemed an important, yet abstract term. Core fission seemed promising at the time. I thought that Heisenberg=Bohr=Atom=atomsplicing=modern technology. I can imagine that I was not alone.

Now what proves to be, they were already splitting atoms before Bohr and Heisenberg(=quantum) wrote about it. (Curie a.o.) It was therefore in short a descriptive and not a prescriptive analysis. To analyse the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg I have been drawn to one of the senior and most wise of all, Einstein. His work is meanwhile just like quantummechanics experimentally proven valuable.

To unite the theories although, has been proven to be, after many years' research through 10 dimensions gone by, fruitless.

The problem for this is two-piece:


Quantummechanics is an approximation of reality, whereas Einstein’s General Relativity is a theory/law concerning reality. You cannot get from a descriptive analysis of reality to a prescriptive analysis.


There is an important methodological mistake that has been made at theorising by Einstein when he said: We cannot detect an aether in a gaseous form, therefore it probably does not exist. He was only partly right.

These two reservations do exist, therefore the standardphysics have not succeeded in forming a coherent connection between the theories. Physicists and mathematicians went of it that one had to start from quantumtheory (very good foreseeability) what led to exorbitant propositions (I have once attended a speech of Stephen Hawking concerning his planes (superstring dimensions) but there could not be tied an end to his physical properties for his mathematical characteristics. Now I know why.)

Of the string came the superstring (sexy!) with accompanying gravity and supergravity. Now that all sounds, cool, however I was in search of answers, damnit, and every theory finished again with problems along all sides. Einstein's last words were thus: “ Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows what a photon is, but they are mistaken.??

Quantummechanics had given us little in specific prescribed revolutionary products, except for quantumencryption that is just computercode and quantumcomputers which don’t exist. Whereas my growing view, and that of the scientists working on the hereafter mentioned finished products, was that there were definitely new fields of thought possible including but not limited to: the MIT Plasma Fuel Reformer, the Gliding Arc Fuel Reformer, most definitely the Water Distiller (guest appearance on The Colbert Report 03.24.2008), Toxic Decomposition, introducing magnegases, the Vortex Heat Changer, and last but not least the Joe Cell, all similar OxyHydrogen/HHO products and purported real cold fusion between rods in ²H. The latter explains in full detail their connection.

All of the still unexplained phenomena on the other hand required some kind of electrical theory. But where current explanations were all embedded in old aether theory, this could not be permitted by physicists and quantumphysicists around the world, more specific because of the Michelson-Morley experiment wich says some things about light, the observer thereof and subsequently does deny any aether, where light itself is not part of the electromechanics.

Einstein's view of 'quantum entanglement' as spooky action at a distance, along with the problems in QM with the measurement of "tachyons", "gravitational waves" and "dark matter", allowed me to think about the etymology of the word ' super ' in the previous brainteasers. This meant here: " brought in agreement with (other theories.)" Assuming that the development of a theory of the reality has stopped at the ‘General Relativity’ of Einstein, which was apparently the breaking point from a true deterministic viewpoint I put my senses on a super-relativity theory. My search through Wikipedia was, although very educational, unfortunately at its end. With no conclusive information. Somewhat bewildered I tried Google. Yep, it stood there under

Mark Fiorentino, a top software engineer at IBM, parttime theoretical physicist, and allround awarded troubleshooter, in whose foot tracks i could step, had done where every other theorist until now had not succeeded in. His work is only since 2006 partly concluded. He had devoted more than 20 years of his life to the subject and they are currently laying the last hands on his all encompassing book, with a reference system. His model should finally unite Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. And explain magnegases and OH- at the same time.

So this is therefore the coming scientific revolution where Bruno and others intuitively spoke about. It is clear that a better model of reality can give us new possibilities. And could reconcile new and old things with each other. Such as explaining: all atomic forces, all magnetic forces, cycles and perhaps eventually explaining even more than that

therefore everyone who is interested in geometry or nature, it is not too complicated, please visit





Nikola Tesla

Viktor Schauberger

René Descartes

Isaac Newton

James Clerck Maxwell

Hendrick Antoon Lorentz

Albert Einstein

Mark Michael Fiorentino

Superrelativistic Machinery (OH-, operational for lengthy periods without contact to current)(see DIY joe cell) (plasma arc tech) (company), (Tesla & Schauberger)

longitudinal waves in the vacuum

Is ' Run Your Car on Water ' A Scam?! (Must Read This Before Putting Water Into Gas Tank)

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Longitudinal waves in ultracold plasma. Harvard presentation (.realvideo) on 'mysterious' modes in cold plasma

Transmutation of radioactive waste into non-radioactive waste electrodes, accelerated, without fast neutrons (operational)

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Segway-inventor Dean Kamen’s vapor compression distiller. (operational)

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Only longitudinal waves in the vacuum

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Aether/Relativity/Quantum Mechanics (GR, QM, old aether, QM aether) Ask a physicist.–Morley_experiment

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Why Quantum Mechanics isn't so weird after all (Skeptical Inquirer, 2006)

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Local realism and the crucial experiment

The EPR paradox (M.M. Fiorentino)ödel's_incompleteness_theorems

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Errors in review of Erik Lerner's work

The Cosmology of SR Theory

Super-Relativity Time Magazine, 1950

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(c) as a constant. Ever ask why! (Physorg on the solidity of 5D)

How to Build a Warp Drive using SR Theory

What is a photon? (M.M. Fiorentino), Super Relativity

For quantified Purposes Only: (only 4D, +10D quantum foam, longitudinal wave )

So what will you do if String Theory is wrong? (verification progress status)

We Don't Know What We are Talking about (Noble Laureate David Gross) (Michael Strauss on stringy science)

EPR experiment (never directly measured) (never directly measured)

The EPR paradox (M.M. Fiorentino) (never directly measured) (never directly measured)


Well, is Heisenberg right?

Yes. You cannot measure energy and time, at the same time, in a 4-dimensional world.

April 7th, 2008

How to TOE

Letters with Mr. Fiorentino, part one: Q and A.

From Letters with Mr. Fiorentino, part one: Q and A:

"As far as vortices go I believe they are similar conceptually and are similar in nature to the twisted mechanics of the aether as I describe it. I find that there are obvious similarities in that both imply a spatial inversion. On the other hand I do not believe that space is composed of maelstrom like vortices that continually swirl. SR Theory works only with spatial twists of a precise amount of degrees. Probably no more than 180 degrees. It also uses the concept as a way to define matter and anti-matter. A spatial twist counter clockwise being anti-matter and clockwise being ordinary matter. In either case as you will see there is ample evidence that points to existence of spatial inversions."

"''...the supporting mathematics will come from

combining the work of Lorentz with the work of Kaluza-Klein. What needs to

be done is to use the Kaluza-Klein technique and replace the dimension of

curled space with that of Super Relativity's twisted-inverted space

construct. If the physicist is well versed in the history of physics they

will know exactly what I am talking about. Super Relativity says that there

is one final set of equations that are missing. These equations describe the

relationship between electromagnetism and gravity. In the chapter on

"Gravity and Inertia" which you have not seen yet as it is not on the

website. I describe in words the physical mechanism for the source of

gravity. This was never done by Einstein. He described the gravitational

field and composed a perfect mathematical model explaining the gravitational

field. He did not attempt to describe the source mechanism. It is still not

known to contemporary physics. The theory of Super Relativity is a very

elaborate and very, very, specific logical, mechanical and philosophical


The speed of light

Letters with Mr. Fiorentino, part two: Explicit Content.

What is a photon?, September 9th, 2006 (M.M. Fiorentino)

The Cosmology of SR Theory

Is Light slowing down?

Image:Hubble Deep field worlds-without-end DetailWF4 sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Superrelativity > Interstellar Superhighway Boosts Light Speed Limit - The density of the aether or the medium in which light propagates is said to be greater near large masses, and reduced in deep space. This may allow for a boost in the speed of light between stars, and a cosmic super highway that allows for fast interstellar transportation. Now we just need free energy technology to power our spaceships! (PESN and BeforeItsNews February 8, 2012)


From Explicit Content:

The theory of Super Relativity, because it is a aether based reality model strongly implies that all the Universal Constants values are relative to and determined by the mechanical state of the aether. Therefore we should be seeing evidence of change in the values over time. I did considerable research on this topic and I am continuing to pursue research on the topic. The research slows me down quite a bit when I am writing but it is essential. There will be times when all I do is read and search for data from experiments. I may do this for several days at a time. It is ironic. All of the data to prove this theory has been out there for decades and in some cases over a century old. All that was needed was someone to construct a working model from the experimental data and the great work of the forefathers of physics.


From What is a photon? M.M. Fiorentino, 2006

The photon’s speed is primarily determined by the tension of space. The tighter space is stretched, the faster light travels. When a photon passes through an intense gravitational field, it is deflected because of its gravitational component and slowed down because space is less tense where gravitational fields are located. SR Theory predicts that the math that explains this phenomenon will be discovered when the Kaluza-Klien technique is employed using 4 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal dimension.


Status Update

Space Transformation Formula

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M.M. Fiorentino: ''What the discovery means in short if proven correct is that I have found the theory of everything.

After I have the paper published it will explain all of your questions.''


M.M. Fiorentino: ''I shut down both computers that were running the program simulations of my atomic models.

At 10am EST on July 1,2008 I found the solution. Amongst all the thousands of lines of data, I actually found the solution.

I am very happy and very nervous at the same time.

This is a surreal experience. Yesterday I was down in the dump as I thought the trend that I was seeing in the data suggested

that there would be no solution. What a difference a day makes.''


M.M. Fiorentino: On a note about the gravity research that I am conducting. I am very near completing the software and should

begin the search for the mathematical solution this week. So far the test results look good. I believe that I will be able to complete the mathematics without any further help if the program yields the data that I expect it will provide. I will add the experimental results to my chapter on gravity. The number crunching is very intensive and will probably take several weeks to run to completion. After that the data will need to be analyzed as the solution will be amongst the hundreds perhaps thousands of data points generated.

From Gravity Research, Reports on (T.O.E Certified)




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M.M. Fiorentino:

''I have completed the article and the rewrites of the article/chapter. I will

be sending it to editors for further refinement. It will''

''be going to 2 different editors. One will be a technical editor and the other grammar and

copy editor. This process will take some time to complete.''