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Page first posted May 19, 2010

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Super Suck International of South Africa claims a technology that could address the Gulf oil gusher at its source, containing the rising oil and extracting it from the water.

Official Website

Gulf Oil Spill Containment Plan

download - A rough sketch.


From: Jim Quigley

To: sterlingda

Cc: 'Francois Vorster'

Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 10:28 AM

Subject: Solution for THE DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL SPILL part 1 Solution attached

Sterling, Francois [my partner in Supersuck] said he could have this under control in a week, YES, a week! Bureaucracy does not permit it to go forward, the same Bureaucracy that permits adding toxicity into the Gulf waters...would you like to speak with him. It looks like BP is trying many things that do not work trying …how about this …..using the attached extraction method.

By the way [for the science desk], another aspect of the solution in the short term is a non TOXIC product that would destroy contaminant and the after effects of TOXIC dispersant using a non toxic additive….basically food grade that will destroy residue as opposed to dispersing….Jim

This is updates on the Extraction component, which suggests BP should reconsider present application. You have seen the email

Look at the schematic as he has solved their problem.

Jim Quigley

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

973 714 0819

email: []

Dear Jim,

I would like to make use of this opportunity to reassure you of our 100% commitment to excellence and our dedication to solve the problems that are being experienced in the Gulf of Mexico as far as the oil spill is concerned. I have already made tentatively arrangements with extra ISO accredited engineering companies in KZN and in Johannesburg to fabricate equipment for SSI in the event of a very big order being placed. The reason for these arrangements were that we would be able to deliver on our undertaking of a 4 week delivery period from the time that we have received an ILC in order. This will obviously mean that the equipment will have to be airlifted to the Gulf of Mexico. All the equipment were designed to fit into standard "high cube" 20 and 40 feet containers. We will also send highly trained personal to assist with the training of local personal.

I have attached our proposed plan and method to deal with this oil spill. This detailed plan deals with containing the spilt oil at sea in a floating container, the suction of the oil that is being released at the wellhead / riser and pumping it onto a tanker, the safeguarding of the coastal areas against any / anymore oil pollution and the subsequent cleanup operation. Choppy water wont affect the suction of oil off water and I have attached a presentation (SSI TUG MOUNTED OIL OFF WATER SUCTION EQUIPMENT) that will demonstrate an automatic suction nozzle which can be attached to the diesel electric vacuum machines. The electronic eyes on this suction nozzle constantly reads the distance between the nozzle and the surface of the oil / water and a PC box relays this information to pneumatic rams which adjusts the distance automatically.

The mobile "wet & dry" vacuum machines are fitted on low density skids where the ground pressure that's being exercised is not more that 50 pounds per square foot. We have also designed twin hull loadbed barges that can take a load of about 70 tons. These barges were designed to work in the swamps in the Nigerian Delta and has a very shallow draft. I have attached a presentation on this equipment as well (SSI SKID MOUNTED VACUUM MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT) We also have loose skid mounted vacuum tanks. The use of these tanks dramatically speed up the operation because suction is switched from one tank to the next when the first tank has been filled up and are being emptied into a road tanker truck or likewise. A presentation demonstrating these tanks has also been attached as well as another presentation demonstration the diesel powered skid mounted "wet & dry" vacuum machines.

I hope that this information will shed some more light on this subject.

Please feel free to contact me at any time, regardless of it being day or night in the event of more information being required or if we can be of further service.

Best Regards,

Francois Vorster

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Image:SuperSuckInternational logo sq.gif
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