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Directory:Sunrgi LLC Solar Energy Systems

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Xtreme concentrated photovoltaics™ (XCPV)

Image:SUNRGI panels logo 300.jpg

SUNRGI alleges that their propriety technology makes it possible to produce large amounts of electricity from solar radiation at a whole sale price of US $0.05 / kWh.

With a 2000x magnification, the system is called Xtreme Concentrated Photovoltaics™ or XPV™, concentrating sunlight onto photovoltaic (PV) solar cells that convert more than 37% of the sunlight directly into electricity. The system also includes a method of pulling the heat away from the area of focus to prevent the PV cells from burning up.

The final aspect that allows for an inexpensive energy price is low cost mass production and field installation.

They expect to begin production of a commercial product by mid-2009.


Official Website

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About Us

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Press Kit / Downloads


May 26, 2008

On May 25, 2008, Patrick Pharris, Director of Corporate Communications at SUNRGI wrote:

"ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, the most watched entertainment news program in the world, will broadcast a feature story about SUNRGI on MONDAY, MAY 26, 2008. To watch this exciting and entertaining look at SUNRGI's solar energy breakthrough technology, please check your local television listings or click on [then scroll down to Entertainment Tonight TV Listings and then 'click here for your local listings'].

"NEWS ABOUT SUNRGI: When SUNRGI announced its breakthrough solar energy system that makes it possible to produce wholesale electricity at a cost competitive with fossil fuels, thousands of web sites and hundreds of newspapers published stories about the news. became one of the most visited web sites on the Internet and its video animation was the most-viewed viral video of the day."

How it Works

Image:SUNRGI concentrating pyramid illustration 500.jpg
Image:SUNRGI CoolMove heat transport 250.jpg

SUNRGI's proprietary (patents pending) COOLMOVE ™ heat transport technology swiftly prevents this undesirable heat buildup to that the PV solar cells are actually kept cooler than their nominal operating temperature, thus extending their useful life.

Image:SUNRGI dual tracking results 500.jpg

A dual tracking system enables 175% more sunlight to be gathered during a day. [

Image:SUNRGI Output Comparisons 500.jpg

Optimizing solar concentration, heat removal, component reduction and highly accurate solar tracking will make it possible, in about a year, for SUNRGI technology to produce large amounts of electricity from sunlight at a wholesale cost of 5 cents per kWh.

Image:SUNRGI realestate less 500.jpg

The real estate needed for energy generation with the SUNRGI system will be 16 times less than thin film solar technologies. [Comment: Since thin film is now at 19% efficiency, the real estate would be half that of thin film, not 1/16.]



(43 seconds)

SUNRGI Graphic Pyramid (YouTube April 26, 2008)


Alleges 5 cents/kw-h, which is in the range of being competitive with fossil fuel power. This is large-scale pricing. Residential applications will not be this cheap yet.

Initially, SUNRGI will target large institutional and corporate customers, including utility companies, government institutions, systems integrators and those companies and projects which have large-scale, renewable power requirements.


On and Off-Grid Distribution - Other solar technologies, solar thermal in particular, need to be implemented as part of large power stations. SUNRGI’s system however, can be deployed in small configurations allowing lower and more variable entry points into the solar market. SUNRGI can provide discreet, off-grid “power plants? that can be sited in any sun-suitable location.

Modularity - SUNRGI’s modular design modular enables a power station to be distributed over a number of sites. A large power station can be divided into a number of sub-stations which makes for easier access to suitable land.

Upgradeability - Unlike traditional PV technology, SUNRGI’s design is upgradeable, allowing it to take advantage of future advances in PV technology.

Concentrated - Energy Since the sunlight is concentrated, fewer PV cells are needed thereby reducing the cost-per-watt of generated electricity. Also, it is more efficient format from which to extract heat.

Longevity - With SUNRGI’s proprietary heat removal technology the PV cells have a longer useful life.

Economy - SUNRGI’s system costs significantly less per installed Watt than traditional PV technology. Expected advances in technology, maturity and volume production will further increase this cost advantage.

Not Silicon-Dependent - SUNRGI XCPV technology does not depend upon silicon, and therefore is not affected by this shortage.

Independent Testing

XCPV prototypes have been built and successfully tested under both laboratory and field (outdoor) conditions.





SUNRGI is in the business of designing and developing solar energy systems. It was formed by five, experienced, entrepreneurial, inventive individuals with the goal of creating a renewable energy source that would be available at fossil fuel prices. Its work has led to the development of an entirely new solar energy category: Xtreme Concentrated Photovoltaics™ or XCPV™. SUNRGI maintains offices in Reno, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.


In the News

Google News > Sunrgi

The Energy Blog - Sungri Claims 5-7 cents per kWh for CSP Solar Technology (The Energy Blog May 8, 2008)

Sunrgi Keeps Solar Cool-Sunrgi is using a material developed with nanotechnology that Paul Sidlo, a co-founder and partner at Sunrgi, calls “goop.? The goop, which gets mounted on the back of a solar cell made by Boeing subsidiary Spectrolab, conducts heat away from the cell, he said. (GreenTech MediaApril 29, 2008)

Focusing on Solar's Cost - Sunrgi claims that its concentrated photovoltaic system outshines the competition. (MIT Technology Review May 07, 2008)

Sunrgi Exits Stealth, Promises to Be as Cheap as Coal - Grid's what we're all hoping for. That magical moment when solar power (or other renewables for that matter) become available at the cost of current power sources. (Ecogeek Apr. 30, 2008)

Image:SUNRGI solarx 95x95.jpg

Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Start-up: Affordable solar power possible in a year - SUNRGI's "concentrated photovoltaic" system, to be produced by mid-2009, installed at 7 cents per kilowatt hour, relies on lenses to magnify sunlight 2,000 times, letting it produce as much electricity as standard panels with a far smaller system. (USA Today April 28, 2008)


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6430 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 500

Hollywood, CA 90028

Telephone: (323) 469-3210 Fax: (323) 957-0482

email: []

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