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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

beginning August 14, 2013

A directory of resources and concepts pertaining to strategy for rolling out Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies technologies to market, and eventually market penetration.

Open Source

If an exotic free energy technology sufficiently meets these criteria:

Easy to build


Easy to understand

Provides a practical amount of energy

Non-encumbered IP

then it is an ideal candidate for open source roll-out.

"Open source" doesn't mean just giving something away. There are a lot of potential revenue streams.

What I recommend is: when you have a working device that can be built from a set of plans, then you charge a small fee for people to download the plans, and you allow them to build a business and only when they are selling things do you request that they remit a royalty (e.g. 5% of retail) to you. There is no up-front license requirement.

This way, the technology can be rolled out to the planet in a few months, rather than years.

See our OS of open source resources and technologies.


Nearly from the beginning of my involvement of tracking free energy technologies, we've talked about putting up solar panels on a house as a decoy so that people don't think anything of it when they see a house with the lights on during a power outage. The panels have gotten so cheap. It's the racking, batteries, and inverters that are expensive.

Now apply that idea to wind turbines, except rather than the turbines being complete decoys, they still operate on wind power -- but with assistance from other, more exotic technologies, that society is not yet ready to embrace. It's a way to ramp up production, prove performance, establish a revenue stream, build a customer and network base, while increasing the shift away from our present reliance on polluting fossil fuel technologies and dependence on the grid.

Image:Popular-Science perpetual-motion sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Organizations / Directory:Strategy / Directory:Wind > New wind company willing to use their turbines as a decoy for exotic energy roll-out - A company out of southern California has an ideal name for exotic free energy roll-out, and their present focus on a new wind turbine design gives them a place to conceal working exotics to help the turbine performance, while enabling a toe-hold for exotic modality advancement, both in credibility and revenue. (PESN August 14, 2013)

Steps Involved in Taking Technology to Market

Over at the New Energy Systems Trust, we have created a document that briefly introduces the many steps usually involved in taking a technology from the idea stage to market.


Image:NEST Idea-to-Market.jpg

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