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Directory:Steven Spisak's Self-Looped Motor-Generator

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Image:Steve Spisak diagram-by-Jim-Rodney NEST 400.jpg
of the Directory:New Energy Systems Trust (NEST). On September 9, 2013, he posted the following comment on another website: "Since you've posted one of my illustrations here, I guess I need to respond. I did this rendering for Spisak when he first contacted us [back in around February, 2012], based on verbal descriptions and a napkin sketch of the concept. Subsequently he asked me to do additional illustrations and sent me another drawing. I asked him for a few snapshots of his current prototype, WIP or even just of his workshop. He was unable or unwilling to send even one photo. I told him I needed evidence of actual work in progress before I would do anything more for him. He then deleted my Skype contact & said he wanted no more interaction - which was fine with me. I neither support his claims nor do I have any involvement with his campaign or apparent projects.]]

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

September 16, 2013

Steven Spisak claims to have build several working versions of a Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over in the several-kilowatt level, some of which are powering people's houses. However, he has never provided any evidence to corroborate anything he has ever claimed in the past: No receipts, no photos, no videos, no witnesses willing to corroborate. His recent "rebuild" attempts seem more like first-time R&D than of repeating previous success. The design is ever changing, the costs increasing. None of his recent stuff has worked in self-looped manner. Yet. (September 1, 2013)

Steven approached us back in early 2012 and at first, we were very interested in his claims. But then, when he could not provide a single scrap of evidence to support his big claims, we because very skeptical and dismissed it as most probably bogus. But then, in September of 2012, when we became aware of two other, much more credible claims, we began to take this arena more seriously, and created a general index page about it: Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over. As of September 16, 2013, we know of 26 individuals/groups that have come up with this independent from one another. Some of these are likely to be bogus, but not all.

Official Websites - "Every needed part for my system is there too listed in the open." (Aug. 31, 2013)

YouTube channel


On September 4, 2012, Steve wrote to me:

: "I am currently building a 5 kW output 12 kW total unit power. The 1st model will be small, belt-driven, very light, and can prove the tech, give a show and tell unit, and convert jeep to electric, lol, using a 3 kW max 350 hp 8000 rpm motor not needed to prove it works tho. Total build cost is under $3000 and not a single custom part is needed 100% off shelf and can be carried by hand.

: "I have figured out all calculations that I needed for the 100 kW unit. But with the new motors, I found I can get 600 kW (yes, I meant 600 kW) out of a small bit more space at half the power usage for the system :)

: "I am in process of buying first house and will be paid off very very soon. Soon, I will have money to roll all my units to you to play with and test til your eyeballs fall out, lol. I can't wait to read all the reports!

: "I have been learning more math and bettering my welding, wiring, and general skills.

: "Update on design: No more starter motor. I'm using a set (12) of spiral cell batteries wired like in a golf cart, with inverter direct to motor (will make it run for about 20 minutes, only need 2-5) pack is then wheeled away and connected to small solar charger to trickle charge back up."

Skeptical Input

The following comments were posted by Simon Derricutt on the Revolution-Green story on September 2, 2013.

: When Steve Spisak came onto PESN last year he seemed certain he could rebuild the systems he built as a kid and was going to have one finished and showing the video in October 2012. He also put up progress reports on which showed some tests now and again with the batteries running out of energy as we'd expect. The initial replication used a belt drive which is what he recalled he'd used before. Since then he's had a local benefactor contribute a few thousand dollars for bits and yet there's always a requirement for another part to be purchased to finally make the device work. I go look now and again to see current progress. Spisak must have a lot of expensive new motors and genheads in stock now that he's tried and failed with.

: Before contributing, therefore, look at the sequence of tests that failed that were beforehand billed as the sure-fire demonstrations. From the original fairly lossy belt-drive to the low-loss direct-drive there was an improvement, to be sure - the wasted energy was reduced a bit. I'm not that worried about the lack of an energy-source if it could be proved to work, but the specifications for the off-the-shelf parts he's using will include the efficiencies, and none specify over 100% so it's not going to work.

: I don't know and can't obviously tell if this is an intentional scam or just a simple lack of knowledge of engineering and physics. As far as I can see the measurements are simply spin it up, load it and look at the rpm or see how long it lasts until the batteries run out. There are no measurements to see which of the components provides the over-unity efficiency.

: I see no chance of success no matter how much money is put into this.

Responding to Steve's statement, "Not single pennie takin from anyone ever you are making things up as you go there talks but never anything more...100% my dime", on September 12, 2013, Simon wrote:

: Steve - I've followed your FB page since you started it, and you have asked for funds there and also thanked people for them. Bill has also been checking that page a lot more often than I have, and has likely taken copies so he can go back and check.

: If people give you money, and then you spend it on supplies for this, then you could maybe think it's truthful to say it's your dime, but most people wouldn't agree.

: If as you've stated you built a couple of these machines 20-odd years ago and they've been working and in use since (but you don't know where) then the first one you built this time should really have worked at least to the point of keeping running even if the output wasn't too great.

And later that day, responding to further denials by Steve that he has ever accepted any money or donations from other people, Simon wrote:

: Excerpts from FB page (note that some comments don't show because of privacy settings):

: Unity power my first unit ran 20 years ago and I also have a patent

: 28 October 2012 at 16:35 · Like · 1

: Unity power @ Bosse Fahlberg no i did not keep pics from the units made, had multi guns put to my head and i was told to stop working on this 20 yeasrs ago, has not stoped me yet.

: 28 October 2012 at 17:51 · Like · 1

: Unity power When done i will give all needed information

: 28 October 2012 at 22:32 · Like · 1

: Unity power when ever you want the unit built takes 3 - 4 weeks to get parts delivered, 1/2 down rest when complete

: 31 October 2012 at 14:18 · Like

: Unity power paypal

: 31 October 2012 at 20:29 · Like

: Unity power you will get invoice after first payment (1/2) with amount paid and due

: 31 October 2012 at 20:30 · Like

: Unity power

: 31 October 2012

: We have an investor meeting friday, let the complacitions begin lol

: Unity power no idea dont care really i have close to 300 orders already just working bugs out of this new configuration..

: 4 November 2012 at 17:17 · Like

: Unity power no i am building a unit that i know works

: 2 December 2012 at 14:01 · Like

: Unity power and Vincent Mormile its people like you that will pay top $ IF

: you wany my system, all the parts are on the way i cant wait, this is

: the 6th one ive built

: 2 December 2012 at 14:16 · Like

: Alan Whicker I have made a donation of USD $50.36 today (04 Dec). This is let you know it is me as the name you will see will be different from what I use on FB.....that's why the addition of cents in case someone made a similar amount.

: It was my payday yesterday and it's what I can afford. Hope it helps.

: 4 December 2012 at 00:29 · Like · 2

: Unity power it will be running soon and all the sceptics can eat there

: words, but alex well said, and yes i am doing this project 99% alone,

: there have been a total of 175$ in donations and that guy wasent one of

: them

: 3 January at 15:46 · Like

: Unity power ordering tommarrow

: 5 January at 01:57 · Like

: Unity power got funding have to wait til monday to get money into bank!

: 6 January at 03:32 · Like · 1

: Unity power 8k $ 6 week build time 8 year warrantee, paid in full up front

: 23 May at 07:25 · Like


: OK, so you had 300 orders on 4th November 2012, for which you'd presumably been paid 1/2 up-front. For the 5600W versions you were charging $1 per watt, so you should have by then collected $2800 times 300 which is $840,000. "Nearly 300" says around $800k.

: By 4th December the guy called Alan Whicker sent you a bit over $50, and by 3rd January you said you'd also had $175 in donations (though why you needed those with all that order-money in the bank is moot).

: If on the other hand we grant that you may have just been boasting about those 300 orders, then the cash from Alan Whicker may have been useful. On the gripping hand, though, is that you have ordered a load of new stuff and put the invoices up on FB. Incidentally I've saved that whole page, though might have missed a few comments here and there. You have spent a whole lot more money on bits for the new motors, generators, couplings and so on, and there's no real reason why the ones you bought previously didn't do the job. If it was your own money, what job have you got that earns that much money over what is needed to live? What happened to the graveyard of almost-new expensive bits you no longer required? Do you still have them, or have they been sold on? : What happened to the money?

: On top of that you claim also to have a patent. Did you know that it's fraud to falsely claim this in support of asking for money for a business? You also claimed to be building the 6th one, and imply that they ALL worked, yet nobody has come forward with any verification that they are using one of your machines, and you have no photos of them or videos of them running. Normally on the FB Unity page you are asking for more donations to buy yet another part.

: This is just so reminiscent of John Rohner. I'd ask for people who did donate to contact us here to put that lie to rest. Also anyone who actually did put up either half the cost (or later, the full cost) of a motor-generator should tell us and we'll put it up as a list.

: Normally I don't bother too much about claims to have a motor/generator system running. People who want to donate to research on this should understand what they are throwing their money at, since someday someone might actually manage it. In this case, however, you are misrepresenting your state of readiness to deliver. Not only that, but you are lying about contributions and not celebrating them. And you are calling Mark E a fraud? He's only telling things as they are, as is ngepro.

: Look on this site and you'll find we support honest researchers even if we think they are wrong or that the device will never work. Dishonesty, however, especially when rudely put, is not supported.

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2015:07:16 (Free Energy Blog July 16, 2015)

Image:150105 Stephen-Spisak 2x-ou-demo sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Template: 973 > Directory:Steven Spisak's Self-Looped Motor-Generator Free Energy Blog:2015:01:10 - The video is done in a temporary shop, while a better arrangement is being prepared. "Steve has proven we have bypassed the back-emf." Next step: a continuously running system. (Free Energy Blog January 10, 2015)
Image:Spisak 10-kW system sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over / Directory:Fundraisers > Unity Systems OU Generator Fundraiser - Steven Spisak aims to raise $5k to complete a QMoGen unit he's been pursuing for 1.5 years, saying: "This 10 kW system will create steady off-, on-grid power through over unity harvesting of the wheelwork of nature." (Indiegogo September 1, 2013)


donate: via PayPal (direct link) to


Steven Spisak

Florida, USA

cell: 254-220-3850 / 936-649-0111

email: []

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