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Directory:Steorn's Orbo 'Power Cube' USB Charger

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

May 8, 2015

True to their jovial nature, tonight, Directory:Steorn Free Energy, which I've had in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies runners up for years, will be demonstrating in public, for the first time, a new technology they call a "Power Cube" at Slattery's Pub in Dublin, Ireland. This is no usual pub, either, as you can see from the image on their Facebook page.

Image:Slatterys-Pub 350.jpg

When I was visiting Steorn 2.5 years ago, the restaurant Shaun McCarthy (CEO) took me to was run by a friend of his, who was featured on Gordon Ramsay's reality show for its excellence. He prepared probably the best vegan meal I've ever had. It was brilliant. And I've had many amazing vegan meals in my life.

On May 4, the Pub's Facebook page posted this invitation:

: Come down to Slattery's Pub this week and witness this Black Beauty charge ppl phones or laptops without ever needing a recharge or external power source. Orbo's Power Cube is real magic. It twists the laws [of physics] inside out.

Their address is: Slattery's Pub, 62 Grand Canal Street, Dublin

The box is around 9 x 9 x 4 cm in size, and has a USB port on it for providing power to small devices able to be powered (or recharged) by USB ports. As the name implies, the "Power Cube" is not a battery itself that has to be recharged, but it continuously produces power by somehow harnessing the wheelwork of nature, which is ubiquitous and inexhaustible.

Shaun told me 2.5 years ago that after they were done rolling out their electric water heater product (manufactured by the second largest manufacturer of home plumbing items in the world), his next goal was to provide cordless power for portable devices. I was picturing something you could actually embed in the devices themselves, but this not far removed from that.

If this device is anything like the other "Orbo" technologies by Steorn, it has to do with magnets and magnetism -- a force that modern science still doesn't fully grasp. So academia shouldn't get all uppity in calling this a violation of laws of physics, because they don't understand all those principles. The bottom line is "does it work?" And that is what Steorn will be demonstrating tonight, for the first time.

Of course, it would take much longer than one night to deplete a box that size if it were filled with conventional batteries. So a true test will have to be done by those able to rule things like that out by testing it long enough, under proper continual observation by multiple witnesses.

I look forward to hearing those reports.

There isn't any information yet, that I've seen, regarding how much this will cost or how soon it will be available.

Thanks to Anirban Saha of India for bringing this to our attention.

Official Websites (doesn't yet make reference to the Power Cube)


Steorn Orbo Field Test @ Slattery's Pub


Steorn's FREE ENERGY technology Orbo is field tested in Slattery's pub, Dublin. (YouTube May 8, 2015)


Note: Ireland time is GMT+1

December 9, 2016: Orbo compared to battery

Free Energy Blog:2016:02:01 – “OK, so a lot of people are asking what's the difference between an Orbo power cell and traditional batteries.” Batteries store energy, Orbo generates energy, then trickle charges a lithium ion battery.] (Free Energy Blog February 1, 2016 [referring to a post last Dec.])

May 27: Word from Shaun

I just noticed that Shaun McCarthy responded to my question via Facebook (which I rarely check)

: Hi Sterling, the product is not yet for sale, we are not demonstrating it, or launching it. It is starting a phase of field trials, that's all. Shaun

-- SilverThunder 14:02, 27 May 2015 (UTC)

May 22: Chat w/ Andy Gowan, Ireland

I had a nice Skype audio chat with Andy Gowan, originally from Australia. He told about a time about 6 months ago when he visited on a Sunday evening with Shaun McCarthy at Slattery's Pub. He said the pub is a very high-end pub, where wealthy people hang out and that Shaun seems to be quite successful.

He really enjoyed the evening, and was very impressed with Shaun and the several associates he saw there as well. He said they were working on the "battery that won't go flat" back then, pre-Christmas.

He has also spoken with one of the engineers that works for Steorn, and said he is a serious scientist.

He agrees with me that it doesn't make sense that Steorn would be running a scam as some skeptics like to surmise. They have a lot of very highly qualified people involved. Shaun has run very successful operations in the past.

: Folks who are already successful, find no need to do simple tricks -- have nothing to gain from a simple trick.

-- SilverThunder 23:38, 22 May 2015 (UTC)

May 14 2 GMT Article in Irish Times

Self-charging battery causes a stir in Dublin pub test - Those looking to get their hands on one of these devices will have to exercise perpetual patience. Steorn chief executive Shaun McCarthy told The Irish Times: “We are not offering any Orbo products for sale, we are just doing some basic field trials.” In addition, Mr McCarthy said the company is not publicising the locations of the field trial units. (Irish Times May 14, 2015

-- SilverThunder 23:50, 14 May 2015 (UTC)

May 12 No Longer at Slattery's Pub

In an updated to the May 9 Facebook post, Slattery's pub wrote:

: "The device is no longer here. A little too much attention for a quiet field test. I may have gone over the top posting about it so my bad. I'm hoping that we can get her back under more strict media conditions but Slattery's Pub not exactly a quiet pub hence the perfect place to display it."

With follow-up to that:

: "Well it was the diagnostics that we could not access to without getting it back to Steorn, for whatever reason. So we are hoping to prepare better and maybe I can tone down my posts. I was a little over excited and it created too much activity. I hold my hands up. I suppose I was trying to represent all you guys and answer all your questions. That needs more planning."

-- SilverThunder 10:24, 15 May 2015 (UTC)

May 11 19 GMT #1 Likeranked

Slattery's Pub posted that they are the #1 "Likeranked" pub in the World. Not bad!

-- SilverThunder 23:53, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

May 9, 2015 22:20 GMT Update
Image:Slatterys-Pub Orbo-box.jpg

On May 9, "Slattery's Pub" wrote:


: So its 9.20pm. We are 28 hours into this experiment.

: I've fully charged two phones today from below 5% to 100%. I've also 1/5 and 1/2 charged phones.

: The #ORBO has continued to deliver.

: The Battery [Power Cube] is designed for two full charges per day of a typical phone. For now, it seems to be capable of more than that.

: Tomorrow night, a staff member of Steorn will download some data from the diagnostics attachment. This will be recorded on cctv to prove that there is no refueling being done.

: For the moment, I'm impressed with the fact that it continuously charges phones with no issues.

: Tomorrow morning, I won't be in, but I will ask the lads to leave our pub Samsung note so that it depletes so we can see it charging again at midday tomorrow.

: Over and out.

Tony Rocker asked: "Are we talking about a self running battery? A never dying battery or what?"

Slattery's Pub responded: "A self charging battery."

Alan Yim wrote: "Thanks for the update mate! Based on your description this box works very much like a Bedini motor generator. Sounds like it's a real deal. Keep going!"

Slattery's Pub responded: "Not at all Alan Yim I'm delighted to run the test. Please excuse the lack of scientific knowledge but I suppose if it's going to work it will have to work with joe soap! And that's me! I have no idea what Bedini was on about but ill make you a nice Belini!"

-- SilverThunder 23:07, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

May 9 (not sure what time)
Image:11251159 780462222049461 2594988172672653639 n.jpg

Slattery's Pub posted:

(slightly edited)

: Well here you go. Plugged in at critically low 4%, up to 30% after 30 mins and 72% after 80 mins approx.

: Please excuse the completely amateur approach, but I'm only a barman!

: I will try and do this as many mornings as possible. And share with you all what's happening.

: As I said, there is 24/7 cctv on the box itself. I'm not going to tell any lies - I'll keep on with this experiment until I'm convinced one way or another. Stay tuned for more news!

Later, he wrote: "Charged a lot of phones today. Definitely at least 3 full charges. Looking forward to having a go again in the morning."

-- SilverThunder 23:26, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

May 9, 2015 13:30 GMT Update

Last night, we posted the video above of the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2].

The same video was posted on the Slattery's Pub Facebook page "20 hours ago," with description:

: Our mate #ORBO just arrived. This was our first touch. The box has an extra diagnostics kit so normally half the size. We will keep it here and test this revolutionary product #madeinireland and creatively powered by #Guinness.

In the comments, in response to a query: "Can we take a guess whats inside [bashful face]," Slattery's Pub responded:

: There's a battery and then a perpetual motion motor that continually recharges the battery. The motor never dies and does not need external power source.

So, according to this, it's not solid state. My guess would be that it contains an all-magnet motor, attached to a generator, which keeps the battery topped off. So it will need servicing occasionally due to the moving parts, I would think: lubrication, at least.

May 8 (no time given)

Slattery's Pub wrote: (slightly edited)

: Well tonight was really interesting. We had many people in that sat down in groups and had come in to see ORBO in action. She didn't disappoint. She charged many phones, iPhone and Samsung types, some HTC. The recharge speeds were more or less as normal if you used normal plug source.

: I'm at home now but I will be in at 11 tomorrow to plug in a phone and I will let you know how it goes.

: Orbo will not move from its location. I am as skeptical as anyone out there. If it's still operating like this in a week, I know people will say that I'm "micro dosing" it with power. There is no way to charge it.

: To be honest I have no vested interest. If it fails I can slag Shaun about it during a poker game!

Camilo Urbina wrote: "May I suggest that near the end you plug in it a USB multiplier port and pluhg on it several USB loads (the lamp that John Konkal suggests, along with a fan, for example, just to see how much juice it can deliver...) "

Slatterys Pub reponded: "It can only output 2.1 amp. And it's built for only 2 full charges a day. But the battery is recharging itself. I'm sure I'll kill the battery but after a few hours it will be fully charged again."

: Slatterys Pub I heard if you plug an orbo into another orbo it can mend holes in the o zone layer. I'm as skeptical as they come but if it's true I take my hat off to Shaun Mccarthy.

: Slatterys Pub Alan Yim Camilo Urbina it's no big battery. I'm no techie but I'm no fool. The box delivers 2.1 amp max from a battery inside the box. There is a perpetual motion motor inside that continually recharges the battery so it never dies. The motor is the clever part. It uses magnet technology to create energy. I'm not going to do anything but charge phones and just monitor.

I'm not going to ruin the test by sticking al sorts in her mouth!

: Let's take one day at a time for now.

-- SilverThunder 23:38, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

In the News

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Free Energy Blog:2016:02:13 – "The OPhone contains a capacitor that directly powers our phone. During extensive use this capacitor may become discharged, however this capacitor is being constantly trickle charged by Orbo. So after a period of time the capacitor will be recharged and the phone will be functional again. In essence the phone is charging itself." (Free Energy Blog February 13, 2016)

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Image:Orbo Power-Cube-box 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Directory:Steorn's Orbo 'Power Cube' USB Charger - This evening, at Slattery's Pub in Dublin, Steorn will be demonstrating for the first time a system that they say will provide endless power for portable devices. "Witness this Black Beauty charge ppl phones or laptops without ever needing a recharge or external power source." [Pub demo discontinued May 12] (PESWiki May 8, 2015)

Pub Launch For Steorn - Steorn have always been mischievous, ever since I first encountered them in 2006. They do very unconventional things that a lot of the time people find perplexing. (SteornNews May 7, 2015)

Field Testing Steorn’s ‘Never Die’ Orbo Power Cube Battery in Dublin Pub Starting Friday - Article by Frank Acland, who, if I remember right, used to track Steorn back in the day. (E-CatWorld May 6, 2015)

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