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Recommendations for the Jury, for their Pending Testing of Steorn's free energy device

The purpose of this page, overseen by the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1].

Feel free to add to this page if you have input or corrections or references, etc. The purpose of this page is to provide an avenue for the world scientific community to present recommendations to the jury that Steorn selects.

What is Claimed

An all-magnet motor capable of continous torque for useful work, that is not a function of depletion of the magnets or of some external man-made input power source.

Present models of physics say this is impossible, but Steorn alleges to have built such a functioning device.

Validation Objective

The purpose of the jury will be to validate whether or not the Steorn device does indeed produce more output energy than input, implying the infusion of energy from some yet-to-be understood source.

The purpose of the testing is not to derive physics explanations for how the technology works, only that it does work.


Rule out Magnet Depletion as Source

The testing needs to show that the output energy is not a function of depleting the gauss of the magnets (in which case they would be serving a battery-like fuction).

Rule out Infustion of Man-Made Electromagnetic Forces

The testing needs to show that there is no incoming, man-made electromagnetic phenomenon that could be wirelessly powering the device.

Rule out Any Other Tricks

The testing and analysis needs to show that there are no other hidden mechanisms for powering the device.


The testing needs to include a demonstration that the device can be successfully replicated.

Environmental Variables

As a matter of curiosity, the testing might include analysis of the device resiliance to various environmental factors:

temperature (high temp will degrade magnets)

air pressure (most likely irrelevant)


electromagnetic interference

gravitational effects

While these will slake curiosity, they should not be considered part of proving whether or not the technology works, which is the objective of the testing by the jury.

Political Considerations

A means of checks and balances in the political structure/hierarchy of the jury needs to be put in place to prevent sabotage by any one member or minority.

Skeptical Credentials

Steorn wishes for each of the twelve jury members to be adequately skeptical. It will therefore rule out any applicants who have demonstrated personal bias in favor of the possibility of all-magnet motor technology. Membership in organizations who have such a bias should not discredit an individual so long as it can be clearly demonstrated that the individual's personal views have been consistently different than the organization on the matter of all-magnet motor technology.


Each jury member needs to be willing to allow his/her credentials to be clearly and adequately published along with the final decision by the jury.

Full name

Institution, address of institution

Degrees, and awarding institutions


Any third-party testing needs to have adequate jury oversight.

Proposed Tests

Fluctuation of Magnet Gauss

Measure the gauss of the magnets over time.

Electromagnetic Detection

I am also planning to get a trifield meter that can look at magnetic, electric, and radio/microwaves to look for any external or unnatural power sources that could feed the device.

Employ a trifield meter that can look at magnetic, electric, and radio/microwaves to look for any external or unnatural power sources.

A Crawford cell would be good for enclosing the device, shutting out external electromagnetic interference. (NIST)

Torque Measurements

Measure output torque via dynamometer.


Reproduce the device as exactly as possible.


If you have measurement instruments that could be put to use in the testing of this technology, and are willing to make those available, list them here, with your contact info.

Magnetic probe (Hugh Campbell)

Forum - The purpose of this discussion list, overseen by the New Energy Congress, is to come up with recommendations for consideration by the Steorn jury, that they might use in analyzing the Steorn free energy device. (Aug. 30, 2006)