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Sopogy specializes in MicroCSP solar technologies that bring the economics of large solar energy systems to the industrial, commercial and utility sectors in a smaller, robust and more cost effective package.

Sopogy was recently named the "Venture Capital Deal of the Year." Sopogy is installing a 1MW plant on the Big Island at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority with plans for a 10MW plant on other islands.

The company's name origin comes from industry key words. The "SO" comes from Solar, the "PO" comes from "Power and Positive" and the "GY" comes from "Energy and Technology." Sopogy is "Solar Power Technology" or "Solar Positive Energy."


Official Website

How it Works

Concentrated Solar Power

MicroCSP technology harnesses solar energy in a revolutionary solar collector. The solar power enters the panel and is reflected from the prcise mirrors onto a focal point called a receiver where heat transfer fluid is circulated.

Solar Process Heat

Heat transfer fluid passes through a series of MicroCSP concentrators called an array. This process raises the fluid temperature and achieves a mass flow creating solar process heat.


Solar process heat enables partner technologies such as electrical turbines, absorption air conditioning and steam creation. Cogeneration is also achieved by combinding multiple thermal technologies enabling a number of returns from one renewable energy input.

Sopogy MicroCSP Technologies

PDF - Power Generation

PDF - Process Heat

PDF - Process Heat

PDF - Air Conditioning

PDF - Hybrid


Quoting from

Power Generation - MicroCSP-based distributed energy solutions from 200kW up to and beyond 20MW.

Air Conditioning Systems - Excellent renewable energy solution for peak AC demands.

Process Heat Solutions - Solar Thermal to displace natural gas and fuel oil with a renewable solution.

Hybrid - Create your own custom solution using the full suite of Sopogy technologies.

Latest Developments

July 28, 2008

Sopogy Launches SopoApps 2008 a Solar Design Skills Contest for Engineers and Announces Total of $50,000 in Cash Prizes

Portland, OR – Sopogy, Inc., at the National Society of Professional Engineers’ (NSPE)

annual conference announces SopoApps 2008 a design skills contest for engineers.

“SopoApps 2008? or Solar Power Applications is a skills contest for HVAC, Plumbing and

Solar engineers. The contest challenges engineers to design practical installations using

MicroCSP solar technologies in 10 categories including: Process Heating, Thermal Air

Conditioning, Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Hospitality, Health Care Power, Water

and Innovation. The contest is designed to help accelerate the adoption and installation of

MicroCSP solar technologies. All designs submitted to the contest will be made opensourced

and posted online at

The contest period begins July 26, 2008 and runs through October 1, 2008. Judging will be

conducted by an independent panel of industry experts. Key factors in judging include

production efficiency, cost, completeness, and best overall design. A reception will be held

at Solar Power 2008 in San Diego where the winners will be announced. Top winners in

each of the 10 categories will receive $5,000.

“The World needs unique solutions to fight green house gas emissions and MicroCSP

technologies are one of the best weapons in this battle. The technology is reliable, quick to

install and a proven alternative to burning natural gas and oil. We now need the best

engineers to bring MicroCSP technologies to their applications and projects. SopoApps is

designed to do exactly this? said Darren T. Kimura, CEO of Sopogy, Inc.

For more information and details on the contest terms and conditions please visit

Additional Background on the SopoApps

In the solar thermal industry a key problem behind technology adoption is the lack of

available knowledge in applications engineering. This is an industry that has historically been extremely fragmented and traditional engineering favors conventional fossil fuel technologies. With global warming and energy issues now a worldwide problem, SopoApps is designed to become a community for the World’s best engineers to help build the future of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

To achieve the goal of building the Solar Power Application community, SopoApps will host its skills contests, forums, events, and through partnerships with groups such as the National Society of Professional Engineers.

The philosophy is to share best practices, develop and distribute system templates to the public free of license and train and educate all engineers who want to become a part of the solution. Working together and arming engineers with technologies and knowledge, we can bring clean energy solutions to market today.

May 31, 2008

Governor of the State of Hawaii approves $35 million for Sopogy

Honolulu, HI – Governor of the State of Hawaii Linda Lingle today signed a bill into law that authorizes the issuance of $35,000,000 in special purpose revenue bonds to assist Sopogy, Inc. in the development of renewable energy on the Island of Oahu.

“Due to low energy cost and the high cost of construction, renewable energy has struggled to get traction on the island of O’ahu,? Said Darren T. Kimura President and CEO of Sopogy, Inc. “These special purpose revenue bonds are a critical enabler in bringing clean solar power energy to the residents.?


Sopogy, Inc.

Sopogy, Inc. is a solar thermal or equipment designer and manufacturer headquartered in Honolulu, HI, with a California Bay Area office supporting sales, marketing, and customer support. Sopogy targets the distributed generation, industrial process heat, and absorption chiller air condition markets.


Sopogy Releases SopoNova 4

Sopogy Expands to New Silicon Valley Office

Quiet Solar Thermal Firm Sopogy, with Fresh Funding, Eyes an IPO

Sopogy Inc. Named Venture Capital Deal of the Year

Solar, OTEC Power Plants Planned to Energize NELHA

Sopogy to Test Micro CSP Technology in Northern Idaho

Image:Sopogy 95x95.jpg

Shrinking solar thermal power - Sopogy has taken the basic design of large solar thermal power plants and shrunk it down so it can fit on a building's roof, to generate electricity on-site rather than in giant power plants. Each MicroCSP collector produces 500 watts, roughly what a house consumes, but can be strung together for a commercial building's needs. (CNET News Sep. 14, 2007)


Hawaii Solar Solution Center

2660 Waiwai Loop, Honolulu, HI USA

West Coast Solar Solution Center

1735 Technology Drive, Suite 400, San Jose, CA 95110 USA

Southwest Solar Solution Centers

3427 West Chanute Pass, Phoenix, AZ USA

8880 Rio San Diego Drive, 8th Floor, San Diego, CA 92108 USA

Phone: (866) 767-6491 Toll Free

For Sales Information:

E-Mail: []


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