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Our entire site is solutions oriented, pointing out clean energy technologies that can transform our planet. In addition to these solutions, the purpose of this page is to address the myriad of solutions.

Return to God and goodness.

Pass info on to friends, family, associates, etc. enlarging the Infowars megaphone.

Support alternative solutions, websites, causes.

Get prepared for social meltdown.

Support the emergence of exotic free energy technologies (that harness the wheelwork of nature, and are not only clean but more affordable than grid-based power).

Go off-grid with a conventional clean energy tech: solar, wind, ground source heat pump.

Support alternative healing modalities.

Get healthy through natural remedies, including healthy nutrition, going organic, non-GMO avoid high fructose corn syrup use meat and dairy sparingly, etc.

Get hooked up with a local intentional community project.

Get involved in the Thrive movement's local grassroots action groups.

Home school your kids.

Support home birthing.

Support freedom-based candidates for office.

Communicate concerns with your elected officials.

Grow a garden.

Support local agriculture.

Support '''local businesses, especially organic agriculture, health food stores.

Group up with local activists to network and create a sense of community and support. 

In the News

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Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Solutions > AN OPEN LETTER: Ask Alex Jones to Amp up the Solutions Rhetoric - Action item: Send suggestion to Infowars: Besides documenting and elaborating freedom-related problems in society worldwide, the Infowars team should have a "Solutions" index page on their site where people can get ideas of what they can do to turn things around and support good alternatives. (PESN June 16, 2013)