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Directory:Solid State

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Directory of solid state (no moving parts) energy technologies.


See Directory:Aether

See PowerPedia:Aether

Image:Aether motor patent prototype 95x95.jpg

Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy

See Directory:Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy

Image:Nielson Scientific 95x95.jpg
Image:Testatica overlay 95x95.jpg
Image:IonSourceBeamProjector 100w.gif


Image:Ermy self-charging-battery 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State >Directory:Cella Energy's Ermy Self-Charging Battery - Recent publications reveal that if graphene is on a quartz surface and quartz is doped with oxygen atoms, a new electronic shell appears just under the conduction band at about 20meV. This gives us a theoretical reason why Ermy's graphene-quartz cell is able to work as thermo-electric generator also at low temperature. (PESWiki June 21, 2014)


See Directory:Solar - Many solar technologies are solid state.

Image:Amonix 95x95.jpg
Image:Hairy solar panels 95x95.jpg

Solid State Generators

See Directory:Solid State Generators

Image:Steven Marks toroid generator powering 100W bulb 95x95.jpg


See: Directory:Thermal Electric

Image:Power Chip 95x95.jpg
Image:Micropelt chips penny 95x95.jpg


See Directory:Piezoelectric

Image:Nanowire generators 95x95.jpg
Image:Flexible polymer fiber 95x95.jpg


Image:Rock power diagram 95x95.gif

Directory:Petravoltaic -- Electricity from Rocks - Certain types of igneous rocks exhibit a weak electrical potential that is neither piezoelectric (pressure induced voltage), nor pyroelectric (heat-change induced voltage), but petravoltaic. This is to say that there is a continuous, steady voltage across the rock.

Pyramid Power

See Directory:Pyramid Power

Image:Pyramid power prototype macelyne 95x95.jpg

Other Solid State Devices

Image:Thorrn electro-aerodynamic pump 95x95.jpg

Silent microchip 'fan' has no moving parts - Thorrn Micro Technologies has developed a solid-state fan technology via electro-aerodynamic pumping in which a corona discharge causes air flow. The microchip fan operates silently and is said to generate enough wind to cool a laptop computer, while using less energy to do so. (ITNews March 20, 2008)


See Talk:Directory:Solid State

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Directory:Electromagnetic (overunity)

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Directory:Solid State

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