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Directory:Solar:Installation and Consultation

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Directory of Solar installation and consultation companies and services worldwide.

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By World Region

Listed in Alphabetical Sequence


Modern Group - The Modern Group is an Australian home improvement company, with a core focus on solar power solutions, installing solar panels for solar hot water systems. Modern has over 30 years experience in the industry and more than 300,000 satisfied homeowners Australia wide. For more information, visit: Solar Power Systems, Solar Hot Water Systems - The people at "AustralSun are the solar energy and heating experts. We design and install energy efficient solar panels, solar hot water systems and heaters. We’re obsessed about the environment and strive to lead the way in delivering intelligent and practical eco solutions." - Commercial solar and business electricity system designers and installers based in Perth, Western Australia.


United Kingdom

Domestic Solar Power -Manor Roofing and Cawoods electrical have joined forces to create Manor Solar. These two well-known local companies are each experts in their field and together can supply unrivalled levels of knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible Solar Power solution for your home.

Intelligent Energy Solutions - Solar Panels, Heat Pumps & Wind Turbines - Intelligent Energy Solutions supply and install renewable energy systems such as solar water heating panels, solar PV panels, ground source heat pumps and wind turbines for the UK. The site also contains an informative news and information journal.

The Pump Practitioners London - Heat Pumps, Solar Panels Pumping Stations, Inverter driven pumps - The Pump Practitioners provide energy efficent solutions such as installation and supply of inverter driven pumps, cost effective pumps, class 1 motors and solar panels pumping stations.


Photovoltaic and Solar Fixing Installation ?-Solar - a New World to Fix -

Thanks to its wide knowledge of the Industrial Fixing System, TEKNOMEGA has studied ?-Solar, a new program dedicated to the Photovoltaic and Solar System Installation Components. ?-Solar, Long Lasting Fastening Solution, is dedicated to the fixing of all Photovoltaic Installation Components to the centre structure in the various applications, on flat roof or pitched roof, always providing the Most Appropriate Solution

North America

1BOG Home Solar Power - The solar group discount company. 1BOG (One Block Off the Grid) offers free 15%-off group discounts for homeowners. 1BOG uses the power of group purchasing to negotiate volume discounts, as well as pre-selecting a local hiqh-quality solar installer and offering homeowners help throughout the process of going solar. 1BOG also offers a wealth of solar-related information: Solar Financing, How Solar Works - Find Solar Installers - Find the best solar companies and solar installers in your area and get the most out of your solar energy system. Access to the best solar installers and solar companies is right around the corner.

Image:Solar-Estimate-org 95x95.jpg free, solar estimating software and solar sales leads - The web's largest, most comprehensive selection of local, certified pre-screened solar contractors and energy professionals. Very cool, public service. Anyone in the solar business should be using this site.

Image:Solar-red pv installation 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar:Installation and Consultation >Solar Red hopes to transform solar installation - Solar Red Disruptive Residential PV aims: to 1) reduce the cost of attaching panels, by integrating the process into the construction of a house, or periodic renovations and 2) push down the learning curve enough that regular roofers and construction workers can put on the panels. (VentureBeat Dec. 8, 2008)

Solar Power Rocks - News and information about solar. Because it rocks.

Solar Builders - A design, manufacturer and installation company specializing in large-scale solar thermal (hot water) systems.

Image:Samsclubsolar 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar:Installation and Consultation >Want Solar? Head to Sam's Club - In California, Wal-Mart or Sam's Club in nine California stores have solar kiosks that hook consumers up with established solar sellers and installers. The kiosks also offer $100 off every kilowatt of installed solar power. Systems usually cost over $10K USD. (EcoGeek Aug. 15, 2008)

Find Solar



Solar Energy Facts and Solar Energy Diagrams


Solar Collectors and Design a solar home Systems Engineering

US East

Green Brilliance

EnterSolar: Commercial PV Systems

U.S. South

Directory:ECS Solar Systems - ECS Solar Energy Systems, Inc. is a state licensed, solar contracting company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of solar hot water, solar pool heating and solar electric systems. They are licensed for both residential and commercial Solar Systems. ECS is 100% owned and operated by Tom and Shirley Lane who have over 27 years experience in installing and servicing solar energy systems, having installed over 4000 home systems since 1977.

U.S. West

Akeena Solar - California - They also have an office on the East Coast.

Eco & Eco - Located in solar friendly San Diego.

So- Cal Solar - Serving California for 10 years as a leader in Solar Systems Installation. We specialize in Home and Commercial Solar Installations.

solar lighting - The Greenshine New Energy solar team are trying their best to improve the availability of solar lights