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Directory:Solar Windows

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Directory of technologies and resources relating to solar window technologies.

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Solar Window Technologies

Image:UCLA transparent solar sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Windows > Scientists create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity - Researchers at UCLA are developing a new kind of polymer solar cell (PSC) that produces energy by absorbing mainly infrared light, not visible light, making the cells nearly 70% transparent to the human eye. They made the device from a photoactive plastic that converts infrared light into an electrical current. (PhysOrg July 20, 2012)
Image:Willis Tower 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar > new: Directory:Solar Windows > Chicago’s Willis Tower to Become a Vertical Solar Farm - Formerly known as Sears Tower, the world's tallest building (1451 feet or 442 m) from 1974 to 1998 has enough window area for a 10 acre solar power plant. As a pilot project, the south facing windows of the 56th floor will be replaced with Pythagoras Solar's transparent solar windows which cut down on heat gain – and therefore cooling costs – while harnessing energy from the sun. (News:GizMag March 22, 2011)
Image:Solar-sunroof 95x95.jpg

Sunrise Solar Introduces Solar Sunroof for Cars - Sunrise Solar has introduced its Solar Sunroof, a replacement for regular car sunroofs that includes solar PV cells to produce electricity. This can help recharge the vehicle's battery, but it can also cool down the car when it's hot, and warm it up when it's cold. Note: The Solar Light Brick looks even more promising. (TreeHugger Aug. 26, 2008)

Gloria Solar Sunroof

Image:Solarwindow 95x95.jpg

Solar Photovoltaic Windowpanes To Power Your Computer! - Solar power and windows make an ideal pairing of complementary technologies for energy generation, and Japanese manufacturer Nihon Telecommunication Systems is maximizing the potential partnership. The company is set to release a solar windowpane with integrated photovoltaic cells that will be capable of powering a computer and charging your cell phone. (Inhabitat July 30, 2008)

Image:XsunX PowerGlass 95px.jpg

XsunX Developing Solar Film for Buildings' Windows - See-through thin film plastic Power Glass™ integrates solar collection capabilities in a cost-comparable substrate to existing film products, taking energy gain into consideration. (PESN June 9, 2005)

Solar Glass Roll-out Pending - XsunX has begun the design and engineering of an integrated mass production system for the manufacture of its proprietary thin film transparent solar cell, Power Glass. Roll-out expected by end of 2005. (Renewable Energy Access Aug. 24, 2005)

XsunX - Power Glass™, can be applied to glass windows allowing them to generate electricity while still remaining largely transparent. Imagine looking out of your office through a window that is generating electricity.

Sunways - Transparent Solar Cells - See also Transparent POWER-Cells for Innovative Solar Architecture - Glass façades on office buildings, winter gardens or sunroofs on automobiles will become energy suppliers with the transparent solar cell.

Ray-O-Max - Power Glass transmits solar energy while reflecting up to 90% of the radiant heat back to the source - inside the room in winter, back outside in summer. Able to transmit and retain 2-3 times more energy during the day than they lose at night, Window Powered Homes systems provide a lasting source of free energy in winter and reduce the radiant heat gain during the hot summer months.

Image:Stellaris ClearPower Solar 95x95.jpg

Stellaris - ClearPower™ translucent solar panels consist of small lenses that concentrate light onto narrow strips of PV material reducing manufacturing cost 40% and increasing efficiency 20%. It enables selective daylighting and shading for skylights, sloped glazing and building curtain walls while simultaneously producing power. Non-imaging optics work well on cloudy days and passive concentration has no need to track the sun.

Sun Phocus Technologies - HoloSun™ is a thin holographic coating that can be applied on glass surfaces to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells, increasing their performance by 25-40%, for semi-transparent building integrated photovoltaic skylights, curtain walls and awnings.

Solar to Electricity in Glass Windows - Octillion Corp. is developing nanosilicon photovoltaic (PV) solar cell technology that could adapt glass windows to generate electricity from sunlight, without losing significant transparency. The cells provide high quantum down conversion efficiency of short wavelengths (50% to 60%). (Renewable Energy Access Feb. 9, 2007)

Nanoparticles Boost Solar Cell Efficiency by 60% - Octillion announced that the same silicon nanoparticles used in the company's transparent glass window capable of generating electricity, are able to increase the power of conventional silicon solar cells by 60-70% in the ultraviolet-blue (UV) range, and 10% in the visible light range. (Renewable Energy Access Aug. 22, 2007)