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Directory:Solar Infrared Harvesting

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A directory of technologies and resources pertaining to the harvesting of infrared solar energy.


Approaching Commercialization

Directory:ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation – "Has the ability to receive infrared wavelength range from ultraviolet light, ..."

Directory:Konarka's PowerPlastic Photovoltaic Solar > Partnership Pursues Full Spectrum Polymer Solar - Konarka, specializing in their polymer-based thin film solar approach, has agreed to work collaboratively with Evident Technologies, a company that specializes in "quantum dot" development and applications. The research aims to increase the sensitivity of Konarka's plastic cells to a wider range of the light spectrum. (Renewable Energy Access March 29, 2005)

Research and Development

Image:ID natl lab infrared solar 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Infrared Harvesting > New solar cells could even work at night - Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory say they've developed a new kind of solar cell that can generate energy even at night. The key is the ability to harvest infrared radiation as well as visible light. Almost half of the available energy in the spectrum of solar radiation resides in the infrared band, and infrared is re-emitted as heat by the Earth's surface after the sun has gone down. (UPI December 20, 2010)

Directory:PaulL:Thermodynamics - Basic introduction on the science of how all matter radiates electromagnetic waves in the far infrared region e.g., 450+ watts per square meter -- aka T-rays (THz rays). Includes very basic experiment to verify this well known and understood science.

Directory:Paintable plastic solar cells using quantum dots - Paintable plastic solar cells that can harness the sun's invisible, infrared rays, and could deliver up to five times the power of the most advanced photovoltaic cells today. Combines specially-designed minute particles called quantum dots, three to four nanometers across, with a polymer to make a plastic that can detect energy in the infrared.

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