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Directory:SJack Abeling - Gravity Wheel - Weight Power Plant

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Image:Abeling Picture1.jpg

SJack ABeling has invented a perpetual motion gravity wheel. His company "Abeling Beheer B.V." is in partnership with several other companies to build the worlds very first Weight Power Plant.


SJack Abeling - Gravity Wheel - Weight Power Plant

The current objective is to produce power/energy with a new company by building and managing Weight Power Plants.

The Weight Power Plants will be located in closed bunkers wherever power is needed. It is easy to adapt the output of the system to local needs. States, cities and towns can all have their own power plant.

The invention of the Weight Power Plant (In Dutch: "Gewicht Energie Centrale") provides us with a system for the generation of ultra durable energy. As physicists claim there is no such thing as "free energy", we have to assume that the power/energy generated by the system is provided by the earth's gravity.

The system can be used to generate electricity by driving a generator, but it can also be used, for example, to transport huge amounts of water to elevated terrain.

Abeling Beheer has been given permission by the Dutch government to construct Weight Power Plants in The Netherlands, and it has been given permission to connect these plants to the current infrastructure. The system does not cause any damage to the environment so there is a major chance that Abeling Beheer will become the largest producer of energy both inside and outside Europe. Abeling Beheer will use the name "Mooie Energie" (Beautiful Energy). We hope to establish a solid base for sustained growth in 2009!

The invention of the "Fall and Lift control system" was done towards the end of 2006. The system transports, controls and transmits mass/weight to (for instance) a drive shaft. This system was the foundation for a machine that can work on weights/mass only, without adding any form of energy. It's purpose is to drive other objects. With the development of the "Dual Lift System" in 2008, a disturbance in the system's balance was removed by adjusting the trajectory of the bodies in the system

Latest Developments

Progress in launching the Weight Power Plant:

We have permission to construct and exploit Weight Power Plants in The Netherlands. We can use the existing infrastructure.

There is foreign interest in the Weight Power Plant and the watermanagement of Sjack Abeling .

Patents have been filed or are pending.

Applied techniques are currently being tested at Henkel's.

A test system is being prepared.

Most Recent Date
Later Dates

How it Works

Image:Abeling Weight Path.jpg

Q: Where does the extra energy come from?

A: The weights are applied two by two: one weight is pushing/falling, the other one has to be lifted. Due to the invention of the dual lifting system , the falling/pushing weight will hardly be hindered by the weight that has to be lifted.

In the topleft of

Image:Abeling Shifter Brackets.jpg

This picture was created by a user on OverUnity. It shows the gravity wheel brackets marked that lift the weight as the wheel turns.

the system the weight is accelerated (like with shot put). The weight is moving faster than the system, and as the system catches the weight it is propelled forward. The path of the weights in the system is determined up front so the weights are always in a fixed position relative to eachother and that will reduce the drag of the lifted weight on the falling/pushing weight. The system will start rotating from any position. Extra force is generated in the lower left of the system and on top it is transferred to the system itself, generating the extra energy. If the system would fail to catch the propelled weight, the weight would be ejected from the system with force.

Q: Does your Weight Power Plant generate a lot of energy?

A: The Weight Power Plant is constructed out of 1 to 20 connected torque systems. 1 Torque system can generate enough energy for approximately 17 thousand households. If for instance 20 torque systems are connected the power plant will generate enough energy for 340 thousand households.


Image:Abeling Wheel Side Drawing.jpg

This drawing was created by a user on OverUnity. It shows an outline of the cutouts in the gravity wheel sides, which are tracks for the weight dumbell ends to ride in.



(2:21 Minutes)

SJack Abeling Gravity Wheel News Interview of SJack Abeling discussing his gravity wheel([url YouTube] April 3, 2009)


Replication by Preston Stroud

February 13, 2010

Here is a Youtube update on progress towards a replication by Preston Stroud.


Replication by Dusty on Overunity

April 10, 2009

Overunity user Dusty is in the process of building a replica. See the YouTube Videos:

Here is Dusty's test replication that he is in the process of building.


Here is a video of Dusty showing his concept of how it works.


April 19, 2009

Dusty from OverUnity is making great progress on his replication build:



The following is a link to the patent information that has been converted to English:

Here is the link to the original patent:



Abeling Beheer BV is the company name at

Stock Symbol

SJack Abeling


In the News


(2:21 Minutes)

SJack Abeling Gravity Wheel News Interview of SJack Abeling discussing his gravity wheel([url YouTube] April 3, 2009)

Other Coverage

Overunity has a forum thread on the Abeling Gravity Wheel with users working on replications:








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