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Directory:Shults Laboratories

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Shultx Laboratories is headed by scientist and inventor, Sir Charles Shults.

Official Website

list here - YouTube channel

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Message from Charles May 2010


A message from the founder of Shults Laboratories (YouTube by thorargent May 09, 2010)

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 4 Explained


Latest model windmill from my research. This prototype is simple to make and will cut wind power costs greatly. (YouTube by thorargent July 1, 2009)

In the News

Image:Space-Island Group solar collector 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solar > Directory:Space Based Solar Power > Directory:Xenotech Research > First space-to-earth solar power station targeted for Oct. 2010 (Interview) - Sir Charles Shults of Xenotech Research describes their current projects, including assisting deployment of an orbital solar power station ramping up for manufacturing of an affordable, modular 500W Solar Pod for purchase within six months and designing a residential Directory:Wind turbine expected to be 1/3 the cost of others. (PESN June 24, 2009) (Comment at
Image:SirCharlesShults fresnel lens 95x95.jpg

Directory:Charles Shults' Fresnel Solar Design - Technology combines solar hot water panels with one large fresnel lens to flash the hot water to steam for running a turbine to generate 6 kW of electricity, all for around $6,000, with an ROI of 3-5 years.

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