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I have been writing on and off (between what other interests allowed) about energy related topics, and was getting kind of desperate knowing that the free energy field needs push but unable to provide it myself, so I am happy to see this wiki and other sites. And ... thanks to Sterling for kicking off this page to start me out.

As I said to Sterling ... "My articles about energy and related matters are on the first two sites in my signature, is 'historical' and I haven't been able to update for some years, but there is the site which, although mainly health related, also has some energy related news.

The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition.

Sepp Hasslberger

My page on physics, new energy, economy: Critical perspective on Health]

Energy related articles

"Understanding Water Power" and "Dynamic Hydropower" are detailing an idea based on Viktor Schauberger's thinking that it is possible to use water not only in a static mode (pressure) but also in a dynamic mode (velocity of flow) and that this dynamic use may be as efficient or more than the conventional static use where pressure alone supplies the force.

A similar implementation, but with a different working fluid - cooking oil - is Richard Clem's engine, which apparently put flow dynamics to work. I found that one on Keelynet.

Hydrogen as a fuel could supplant oil and gas, but of course the principal barrier to using hydrogen is the fact that energy needs to be expended to produce it - severing the rather strong bond hydrogen has with oxygen in the abundant natural source - water. In that sense, "Hydrogen as a Fuel" details some of the early attempts to overcome that barrier.

Another thing hydrogen-related - An article by Carl Cella on how to convert an internal combustion engine to hydrogen. I have no proof that this works but have provided the information anyway. If there is anyone among you who knows more, either about Cella or about new ways to produce hydrogen with minimal energy expenditure, please lay it on us.

This is pretty much it for energy on my "historic" site, which has been sitting kind of unattended for some years, partly because of other work and partly because, not being particularly drawn to html layout, I have never quite managed to do the needed upkeep.

After a break, I did however get a blog in 2003 and started including some more on energy there.

British researchers invent thermal energy cell

Original blueprints for 200 mpg carburetor found in England

Kohei Minato and the Japan Magnetic Fan Company

And back to hydrogen, an article that comments on the wider implications of the new technolgoy.

Water + Sunlight + Catalyst = Hydrogen - Are We Ready For It?

What will be the way forward?

Certainly there is not only a desire but also a real need to develop and get into use one or more technologies that can give us a real alternative to the fossil fuel based and monopolistically controlled way on energy production we have now.

We might see hydrogen take off, cold fusion, some magnet-based or ether-related technology, but who can tell? There may be more articles on my site when you see this, and the page to see them is this one.

A complete listing of my older articles including physics, energy but also economic issues can be found on this chronology page.