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Directory:SEG:Terry Moore Correspondence:April 9, 2007

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Searl Effect project update

Associate, Terry Moore, provides an inside glimpse into the recent progress toward replicating John Searl's generator..


On April 9, 2007, John Searl Associate, Terry Moore , wrote:

(slightly edited by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan with permission)

I am the administrator for John Searl's current project and have had direct contact with John since 1988 and have watched his work closely since that time. In the last 19 years I have had the privilege of meeting a number of those people who worked with him in the 1960's and 1970's, who have all confirmed the facts John explained in the first couple of years of our friendship.

I can understand why so many doubt the theory. Understanding the laws of the squares is critical to understanding this science. Every atom of every element can be broken down and its structure explained by the law of the squares. New chemical compounds can be calculated using the law of the squares, indeed a new alloy was designed by John for use in the current updated design of the SEG, to overcome the oxidization problems associated with the early SEG's and their use of Neodymium. When the foundry were asked to produce this new alloy, they were adamant that it would not work.....we paid them, they tried it and it did work.

I can understand why so many doubt the capabilities of the SEG. How many devices have been presented and how many are currently available on the market...none. It is only lack of unencumbered funding that has held back the manufacture of the SEG.

In the coming year we hope to complete the first redesigned SEG. The correct magnetic layer for the centre ring/plate has now arrived. The current demonstration is being sent to the UK for patent application and as soon as the new magnetic layer is machined and magnetised, we will be ready for another dynamic demonstration. You should bear in mind that all except John are working on this project in spare time. If more finance were available we could move quicker.

I am sure you will already be aware of the many sites which cover John's work. The more recent are:

As you will be aware for those wanting even more information, a search on any main search engine for key words/phrases Searl Effect Generator - SEG - Professor John Searl - John Searl will provide most researchers with more information than can be read and digested in a month. Professor John Searl is one of the most discussed inventors on the Internet.

This year we have posted 6 videos on You Tube to record the reconstruction of the SEG. These can be found at: One Roller Demonstration Twelve Roller Demonstration Verification Clip 1 Verification Clip 2 Voltage controlled twelve roller demonstration Investor investigates demonstration

In addition to another site is also being set up to provide more in depth detail on the technology and will be announced in the first newsletter. This site will correct the inaccuracies that have inevitably crept into the journalized covering the work since its inception in the 60’s. Over the years ALL the web sites have been written by other interested parties. None have been written by John. A number of misrepresentations and misinterpretations have occurred.

As someone who talks to John daily, has many emails from him daily and visits him sometimes 5 times a week, I can certainly testify he is far from senile. His abilities to interface with those directly involved in the reconstruction and calculate the effects of proposed fine tuning to the new SEG are astounding. At each step he tells us in advance what the result of various steps will be and he is always correct.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Terry Moore


Box of documents

On April 9, 2007, Directory:Thomas Valone, Ph.D. wrote:

(slightly edited by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan with permission)

My file [on John Searl] is a box of newsletters, correspondence, craft drawings and photos a foot and a half deep. Most of it came from Paul Brown before he passed away, since he worked with Searl for a year or so. I read all of it, [as did] Paul, who worked diligently to construct detailed drawings, design plans and hardware.

William Sherwood was the North American representative for years. [I] have visited his house [and] have seen the photos he has of him and his wife standing on top of one of Searl's largest crafts in a forest.

I have known Searl since I met him in 1980, when in Germany and maintained contact with him over the years. He and John Thomas have several frames of a film clip. [It would be nice when someone finally finds] the Canadian reporter who has video footage of the Searl generator, which stopped when he got too close.

[I] spent a week with the Russians Godin and Roschin, [which gave me added appreciation of] the living legend himself.

See also

Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG)

Aluminum-clad rollers, stuck to a central ring, rotating with the aid of electricity.

Odd how friends and I developed a model of this device which was practically identical to what they now present however, we did this 10 years ago! (Plexiglass enclosure containing a central ring with stuck rollers all rotating with the help of an electric input.)

We were told that this was not the coveted "Searl Effect", that this "stuck roller" effect had been replicated many, many times and that should we actually "rediscover" the true Searl Effect, we would be sued if we didn't turn it over immediately to this group then led by John Thomas.

Note that's "rediscover"?!

What are these people really trying to do, what is their real agenda? I don't believe their claims of past technologies I think it's just the dreams of an old man. I don't believe they know what they are doing I think they want everyone else to think they do. How was it that John Searl allegedly constructed remarkable, working devices, using only the crude technologies available at that time, yet can not offer more than this pitiful setup today?

Oh, I know...secrecy, funding, conspiracy and all that...don't want someone else stealing our secrets or laying claim to our rights wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I certainly feel sorry for true "Free Energy" pioneers who must fight the endless ridicule associated with their discoveries while charlatans like these ramble on about what they are "about" to discover/uncover/replicate/do all the while offering up the same things they dismissed a decade earlier.

Let us know when you actually have something worthwhile to share. Meanwhile, quit stealing the simple discoveries of others, claiming them as your own, then touting them as one step closer to what used to be.

- Directory