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On Feb. 21, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger wrote regarding the Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG):


I had an interest in the Searl story in the late 80's, and tried to

understand what he has and how it works. I visited Searl in England and

talked with his German troupe at the time.

As far as I could determine then, Searl, who is electromechanically

gifted, "happened upon" (by way of dreams) a design that turned out

to assemble into a self-running permanent magnet generator. He did

get in trouble and I believe he was psychiatrized to forget what he

had found, while any extant apparatus was confiscated and vanished.

Military apparently had something to do with that.

(There is a small chance that it was all a made-up story from the

beginning, because there is scant evidence apart from Searl's word

and some photographs that may have been doctored. But somehow I do

not think the story is made up, because Searl has been for decades

trying to re-create what he had, and he hasn't made any money off it.

He is tenaciously trying to piece together the original information

and the original design of the SEG - Searl Effect Generator).

Now as far as I understand it, the generator was quite simple, with

few moving parts, all assembled in a very basic way, and it would

spring into motion, once it was assembled. It would produce a

current, and under certain circumstances (if more than a certain

amount of current was drawn off) would accelerate and start to 'glow'

and go into antigravity mode.


A central magnetized ring would serve as inner perimeter of the

generator, magnetic cylinders or "rollers" would rotate or "roll"

around that perimeter, and be held in place by an outer magnetic

ring, somilar to but of greater diameter than the central one, with

rollers fitting tightly between the two rings. Electric current could

be tapped between the two rings. To increase power, a third

concentric magnetized ring could be added, with additional rollers

added between the second and the third ring.

The rollers were, apparently, the important part of the generator,

and they were special manufacture parts. They would be magnetized

with strong DC current as usual for magnets, but modulated over that

magnetizing current was a second, AC signal, which gave the rollers a

magnetic imbalance that would make them tend to spin when in close

proximity with the magnetized ring. The manufacture of the rollers

was an emprical affair. Some functioned, others did not. Searl had

access to the material (magnet material and magnetizing equipment) as

part of his job, which I believe was as a mechanic/electrician for a

public transport company.

Unfortunately, none of this is well documented, and Searl himself has

been groping to re-establish how exactly all of this was done.

Possible principle of function

From what I can piece together, the principle of function was that

the magnets, with their dual action of spin around their own axis and

their movement in a circle around the magnetic ring, would draw

energy from the aether, by reason of an energetic (magnetic) vortex

forming above - and presumably also below - the apparatus. The self-

sustaining motion of the magnetic rollers would function as a "gate"

for the energy of the vortex to transform into electricity. The

faster the rotation, the more current, or rather, the more current

drawn, the faster the rotation.

I might add that Searl said at the time that the kind of electricity

produced by his generator was different from the one produced in

the usual way. He called it, I believe, 'cold electricity', saying that it

did not degrade the materials of the electric installation system, as

apparently is the case with 'normal' electricity over time.

I admit that this is highly speculative, but that is as far as I have

got in trying to make sense of Searl's claims and the descritptions

of his apparatus.

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