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Directory:SEBCAR:Role of John Bedini

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'The Role John Bedini in the emergence of M. Charley's Directory:SEBCAR.'

Synopsis : M. Charley explains how he, on his own, came upon the notion of how to achieve over unity by modifying other designs he was working on that several other people had posted and that though Bedini was a significant contributing influence, he was not the one who disclosed to M. Charley how to do it.

Role of John Bedini

From: "marscreat"


Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 4:34 AM

Subject: [Bedini_SG] Re: SEBCAR - Super Efficient Battery Charger and Re-Energizer

Thank you for your comments. I like others who have replicated the Bedini SG Motor, have a great amount of respect for the work of Mr. John Bedini. Mr. Bedini patent has been mentioned repeatedly.

Since I have not seen it, I built my version of the BSG through comments posted at that pointed to a Internet Fred web site which is no longer available.

My posting of two rotating BSG motors were only after doing search showing that had a place to post replications. The motors built did not achieve over unity in the least bit. As others have noted repeatedly, it would charge secondary batteries inefficiently while the main source battery is completely drained of its power and viability.

In my postings I was able to sufficiently charge 9 volt alkaline batteries only with the aide of Capacitor inductor circuit also known as the "CCC" part of the Sebcar circuit.

Comments posted by others have said that the BSG is not a over unity device, but a means to condition batteries (supercharge) which after several rotations through the BSG would be able to receive more substantial amount of charge and could be used for longer amount of time than the normal amp hour battery.

Prior to ever hearing of Mr. Bedini, Mr. Adams or other such like inventors, I myself was in the process of spinning magnets on a wheel opposing a single none electric magnet source. The best rotation time I could achieve was 2.5 minutes to include a slow pulse rotation for another minute. I have made this statement in my postings, but it seems to of been edited out or simply censored. In response to your issues: The Sebcar was built by me to capture the specific time of resonance within the coil that I thought was the answer for over unity. My postings and statements concerning over unity are correct.

There were no step by step instructions showing how to do this. I achieved this on my own. The Sebcar build instructions in how to achieve over unity as posted is correct. I give directions in how to do this, what circuits to use, how to test those circuits, how to find the "OUTPP", and how to access the energy beyond the "OUTPP". I have completely and extensively disclosed how to achieve over unity.

I did not learn this from others. It was not shown to me. The term "OUTPP" is given as a direct reference for achieving the desired tuning spot. The Sebcar is not a motor, it does not use magnets to function, its free of the E to B transistor diode. It does not need a rotating magnetic source to pulse the coils. It is a self sustaining single and double charging and recharging self energizer device that is easily replicated and simply put accesses the free energy beyond the "OUTPP". Yes, I've given it a name also the "COUFES". The Sebcar is a Solid State Device.

The BSG schematic at the as shown has been able to effectively demonstrate through replications that the motor will spin, secondary batteries can be charge while the main battery source is drained over a given amount of time. After all it was called a "LEMON".

In my reference- to once building the Sebcar, one can cross channel the knowledge learned into other overunity devices as stated is correct. I have taken the knowledge learned from building the Sebcar and have applied that knowledge in improving the previously built BSG replicated motors. Yes, the knowledge learned can be cross channeled to other none working over unity devices.

I have simply disclosed publicly my works in Solid State Resonance using my version of the Over Unity formula that I used to obtain over unity. The "OUTPP" and the "COUFES" were termed because there are no named references mentioning or indicating these very important discoveries.

Granted others may have "walked the path". I have shown how to get to the path, and how to walk the correct path. Again all due respects go to Mr. Bedini and others who are inventors of over unity devices.

The Sebcar works as explained. The path has been walked. There will never be an end to the "Over Unity path" it is linear, available even before our galaxy was created, it is present now in our world, and will continue for the eternities.

Thanks again for your comments. I would also recommend the building of the Sebcar and use it to access the free energy that is available.

-- MCharley

--- In, "vlusta" wrote:



> Generator Coil Post Tuning.jpg


> I congratulate MCharley for his work and hope others will replicate

> and validate it.


> I must take issue with two statements made where MCharley says that

> he has

> "discovered the missing links, secrets, and have demystified over

> unity as is known to all people who have been trying to build the

> same devices. Yes, even the BEDINI SG MOTOR. Once the "SEBCAR" is

> replicated, the information gained will cross-channel to other

> devices and soon will be heard from many "I've done it!", just as I

> am saying it now. Gateway has been opened, the path traveled,


> for others to travel same path." MCharley


> And that


> "The next step is crucial. I termed it the "OUTPP" -OVER UNITY


> The "OUTPP" takes precendence in the "Sebcar". Without it there is

> no over unity. All past, present and

> future overunity devices will have "OUTPP" as standard requirement

> for achieving over unity."


> John has long ago identified this point in an oscilloscope picture

> on his sight. In order not to infringe on the rights to his photo,


> have included my own which is a bit more complete than Bedini's

> photo. See "Generator Coil Post Tuning.jpg " in the files section.


> Finally it is John that is showing us the path he has toiled along

> for 35 years. I could also add that John already has a patent on


> Real McCoy a solid state scalar charger but I won't.


> With humility and blind endurance we should find the path's end,


> we AIN'T there yet.


> Great Stuff though, I'm exited for you.


> ~ dave

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