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'Materials List for replicating the M. Charley Directory:SEBCAR.'

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Materials are not exotic, but readily available.

"I have done this using salvage parts from old computers, power components, easily obtainable parts from retail."

Spool for Coil

Photo shows the plastic spool, coat hanger, single "All Thread" core with just two of the many pieces of coat hanger cut to length that are to be used.

Plastic spool outer dimensions are 2.25" width by 2.25" height. Its a empty electrical wire plastic spool.

Inner core dimensions are 1.0" width by 2.25" height.

Coat Hangers (Core)

Top view of plastic spool with the core filled with "all thread" and coat hanger pieces cut to length.


Bottom view of plastic spool with "all thread" extended, with nut used to secure to a base.

Use several regular metal coat hangers with paint\laquer coating and cut thirty plus pieces of 2.25" lengths. "All Thread" is in the center of the core, surrounded by many pieces of coat hanger to completely fill in the rest of the core.

Magnet Wire

Use three seperate lengths of magnet wire (#23 magnet) Minimum length of two wires are to be 70'(longer the better). Third wire 100'or longer. Wind all three wires together around plastice spool, counter clockwise, continue to wrap remaining third coil length same direction.

For the Europe dimensions, there is the conversion table:

#23 magnet is 0.57404 mm -> 0,6 mm


RS catalog #276-1653 assorted rectifier diodes (or)

RS catalog #276-1103 1N4004 Rectifier Diode

Need to have Seven of the 1N4004 diodes. Six to be use on the voltage multiplier. One for multiplier capacitor output.

Transistor and Resistor

RS catalog #276-2020 TIP3055 Transistor NPN Silicon

RS catalog #271-1103 22-OHM Resistors .5 Watt

RS catalog #271-306 100-Piece Carbon-Film Resistor Assortment (330 OHM resistor use)

Any NPN transistor will work. A PNP transistor should work, just have to rewire the circuit to PNP.


RS Catalog #271-1605 Assorted Potentiometers

Start with the 1K pot. Switch to higher 2K pot or higher to tune.


Photo shows battery bank capacitors. These are the types used.

5 electrolyte capacitors rated 200 volt 470 uf.

Two will go to multiplier circuit. Three will go to battery bank capacitors. These capacitors are from computer power control boxes.

Electrical Tape

Basic black electricians tape.


Inner core measurements are 3/16" width by 1/4" length. The width is just shy short of 3/16" measurement. The resistence measurement of wire length is 0.8 ohms

from the picture, I calculate the air Core inductor inductance

d (coil diameter in inches): 5/16" (my be the maximum diameter), but from picture I think is half size -> 2.5/16 -> 0.15"

l (coil length in inches): 7/16 -> 0.43"

n (number of turns): 59 (the wire length is 28.5")

The following is a design tool which calculates the inductance of an air core inductor.

L= (d^2 n^2)/(18d+40l)


L is inductance in micro Henrys,

d is coil diameter in inches (0.15" ?),

l is coil length in inches (0.43"),

n is number of turns (59 ? depend from coil diameter).

Inductor= 3.9358040201005 (micro Henries) -> 4 micro Henries


Two NEO Magnets.

Place one magnet south pole side facing up attached to "All Thread" and coat hanger core at bottom of coil.

Use second magnet south pole side down attached to "All Thread" and coat hanger core at top of coil.

Can also use standard magnets with a complete one side north and other side south pole.

Top magnet can be reversed, both sides help coil to resonate so one can better hear it.

(Temporary) : "(In completed version of Sebcar, the north and south facing magnets can be omitted once the circuit is understood through use of multimeter for optimal tuning of circuit. Magnets are currently needed for testing purposes only. They help to verify coil is resonating by making audible squelch.)"


RS catalog #276-1622 Assorted LEDs-Light Emitting Diodes

Use one of larger red or green LEDS.

Zener diode

One 24 volt 1/4 or 1/2 Watt Zener Diode.


Batteries used for Sebcar One are 8 to 10 1.5 volt standard D-cell batteries series to gain 12 volt levels. These are the main source batteries.

Charging batteries are Ni-Cad rechargeable AA batteries. Eight are placed in series to make RC battery packs. The voltages of each AA battery are 1.2 volts and 1.5 volts.

This combination of batteries are originally used to test the circuit.

Two sealed 6 volt lead acid rechargeable batteries put in series (12 volts) are used to further test circuit.

Other Resistors

one 47 ohm 1/2 watt resistor

Circuit Board

RS Perferated Circuit Board

Polyester Capacitor

These are the polyester capacitors used in the voltage multiplier. Salvaged from computer power supply boxes. Ratings vary. Smaller one is rated as 400 volts. Typical rating is .1uF (also indicated as 100nF or 104K) 400V.


NE-2 bulbs, higher volt rated Zener diodes can be substituted for 24 volt Zener diode.


Basic Model DT-830B Digital Multimeter.

Circuit Component Substitutions

Substitutions are only suggestions that can be implimented. Once the Sebcar One is replicated. A complete and full understanding of the circuit design functions need to be acquired before going on to component substitutions.

The single transistor oscillator was used for its simplicity. If expertise is in the area of two transistor oscillators using the PNP\NPN or NPN\NPN scheme, then use what's comfortable. Other oscillators in form of NE-2, ICs, 555, Microcontrollers, Incandescent lights, Single or Dual IC\Pic,DPPT relays, etc, can be used. Coil as used was again for its simplicity. Coils in form of transformers both metal and ferite, Toroids, Conduction coils, Flybacks, Two\Three\Four plus coil windings can be used. Magnet wire of the same size, of different size and lengths can be used. Single\Multiple\Coat Hanger\Various other metal rod core center, etc, can all be used. Capacitors volt and uf amounts can be adjusted to whats available, but adapted to the capacitor bank schemes intended design and use. Electrolyte caps need to remain in design for storage value.

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