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M Charley's "SEBCAR"

Plans for Building a Working Experimental Device -- In Progress


The instruction information on these pages is for experimental use only. No commercial applications allowed except through license with those holding right to the core technology.

SEBCAR : Super Efficient Battery Charger and Re-energizer. A Spin-off of the Directory:Bedini SG, among others.

Claim : OVER UNITY achieved with a variant, rotorless version of Directory:Bedini SG motor-energizer. NEVER VALIDATED AS OVER UNITY.

Status : This project was commenced publicly on Jan. 10, 2005 with a report of a claim to a functional over unity design and presentation of general principals for the same, by M Charley (published below). Plans are in process of being posted here to enable replication by others for scientific research. The first replication (variant) was reported Jan. 19, 2005.


Adjunct Page : Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:MCharley - where this design had its beginnings.





This project is highly active at present. Check the SEBCAR discussion list at Yahoo!Groups to see the up-to-the-minute dialogue.

Friday, Jan. 28

Directory:SEBCAR:Theory - beginning with Stan "Toolman"s theory about transformer-coil resonance

Wednesday, Jan. 26

M Charley cleans up the Directory:SEBCAR:Instructions and Directory:SEBCAR:Materials pages. Confirms the accuracy of the Directory:SEBCAR:Circuit diagrams as posted.

Monday, Jan. 24

Groundloop - not achieving OU yet.

Lindsay Mannix replicates the SEBCAR - discusses the tuning phenomena as being what engineers are trained to tune away. Results pending.



Directory:SEBCAR:Latest for a compilation/archive of project developments


I MJ Charley reserve all rights of ownership and maintain proprietary rights to circuits, designs, ideas to various design details, overunity formula as stated and all future holdings pertaining to "Sebcar" and all variations small or large that I make in the process of this full public disclosure, which are not already claimed elsewhere. Replication of the Sebcar is given only for individual use - for documentation and to prove claim of overunity is verifiable. Replications attempted by commercial, business, scientific, government, others institutions or individual(s) or groups for commercial or personal gain is not allowed without permission.



There has been a great need in me to accomplish a goal that has been with me for a very long time. This goal has been to contribute a worthwhile cause of significant value to society in general. The dream of over-unity has to be credited to all fellow cohorts past and present who have been given deep aspirations to turn their single or multiple ideas into useful devices for general use by society at large. The names of many inventors and tinkers come to mind. A few are Edison, Franklin, and my favorite Tesla. Yes there are many men and women who have greatly contributed. Many have gained financial success by obtaining patents stating they are the sole source of the invention. The true inventors of ideas in days past and present have faced extreme hardships in life.

Fruition of over-unity does not come without the help of prior inventions of devices. Example: Transistors, Magnet wire, Copper, Batteries, Resistors, and Capacitors, etc. Devices used to create Alternating Current, Direct Current, etc.

I have named the over-unity device as "SEBCAR" or "Super Efficient Battery Charger And Re-energizer".

Claiming Over Unity

by M. Charley Jan. 17, 2004

The "Sebcar" is a working over unity battery charger and re-energizer. The main battery remains viable during the recharge of secondary battery. The secondary battery is recharged to functional battery power levels. The main battery continually recharges during charging of second battery and also after second battery is removed.


Unloaded main battery voltage start 11.15 volts. Ni-cad second charging battery unloaded 10.26. Batteries place on circuit. Main battery voltage drops 10.30 volts. Second charge battery is at 11.00 volts. Main battery voltage after one minute\even less than a minute will will start to rise .1 volts every 2.5 seconds. The second battery will remain at previous levels charging up to that circuit level. Once the second battery reaches it full saturation levels the main battery will also reach it full saturation levels per the circuit design.

The recharge is quicker than using Wal-mart charger. Ni-cad four hours old way. Two hours, even one hour the Ni-cad have a sufficient levels.

Leave the batteries on circuit for longer hours the Main battery saturation levels remain the same as the second batteries.

Once the charging cycle is over, the main battery will continue to climb to an even higher voltage levels. Another Ni-cad battery is immediately place after removal of previous charged battery and the cycle continues. Three battery packs one right after another. Batteries are used to power RC cars until they no longer allow vehicle functions. Batteries recharge through another cycle.

I have gone through six three pack cycle charges. I have removed the main battery source and tested them using old RC car engine and car 12 volt light bulb and can tell by sight and sound that they are still extremely viable for more charges.

Several weeks with same main battery source and charge battery packs. Repeated recharging of battery packs-discharging battery packs while having fun, using same battery source, week after week.

One Battery Charging Many

Circuit design is simple, it works. Over unity achieved using circuit with batteries. The energy produce is evident in the battery pack repeated recharges. Source is the same main batteries at start of recharge cycles, main battery is still viable for more charges.

Prior to the "SEBCAR", the main battery source would only be good for a one cycle charge of Ni-cad batteries, usually even just on battery pack. They would have just enough charge left to use for limited recharge of AA batteries.

Load Test

I have repeatedly recharged the charging Ni-cad batteries to full amp hour amounts. One of the reasons I know that the circuit is working, is due to the use of the charged batteries. I've gone past a dozen recharge cycles. A fun hobby of mine is to run my Remote Control Car. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my car running at full speed. I use the free energy charged batteries frequently. The Sebcar charged batteries run just as well as a AC/DC charged battery pack. MC

Build One Yourself and See

Step by step Directory:SEBCAR:Instructions have been posted. In the posting, information is given in how to achieve over unity.

Information is applicable to other over unity motors, devices, etc. In building the "SEBCAR", I have discovered the missing links, secrets, and have demystified over unity as is known to all people who have been trying to build the same devices. Yes, even the Directory:Bedini SG.

Once the "SEBCAR" is replicated, the information gained will cross-channel to other devices and soon will be heard from many "I've done it!", just as I am saying it now. Gateway has been opened, the path traveled, waiting for others to travel same path. -- MCharley


The Sebcar design is universal as I have stated in its application, use either as a stand alone Super Efficient Battery Charger and Re- energizer or as a circuit replacement, add-on or simply to improve the existing circuitry of power sources of appliance in the industrial, commercial, home use and other categories.

Many examples can be cited.

Extending the battery use time of cell phones.

Improving the capabilities of super capacitor battery replacement devices.

Reducing the load expenditure of heavy machinery and equipment that require a constant supply of energy to run.

The Sebcar circuit is design in its simplest form at present. To show that free energy can be accessed safely and usefully. The design can be miniaturized or expanded to higher voltage and amp loads, with the changing of component parts to better fit into the its intended use. MC


Complete plans in process of being relayed. Essentially complete now. Working toward clarification and uniformity.



Sebcar Schematic


Assembly Instructions



Once again credit is given to those who have been given the inspirations to produce electrical devices we so eagerly and commonly use today. After all, where would we be without such things as transistors, electricity, capacitors, magnets, wire,?

In parting, the accumulations of electrical inventions through all the years have benefited man, in my view. Many inventors have received in turn for their ideas a gift of belligerence attitude from the general populace or more so individuals keen to find fault. Build a Sebcar as explained, see the results, be open minded, look for non-obvious in circuit design, be relentless in getting optimal resonance, be successful, I've built it. It works. Do research, build and rebuild, replicate a "Sebcar".

"The success or failure of a man is his own doing". Quote I've heard.

I have made the "Sebcar" from parts readily available. Have explained its simple working properties, the parts used, how the circuits function with one another, how to achieve resonance, how to obtain higher voltage from low voltage, to use this voltage to maintain a stable self charging battery device which in turn is used to charge secondary batteries. I claim overunity achieve with previous described circuits and their functions.

-- M. Charley


presentation pending


Image:Vlusta Generator Coil Post Tuning 100.jpg

Directory:SEBCAR:Replications:Vlusta - Scope shot given from a device operating similar to M. Charley's SEBCAR over unity claim. Says that Bedini published a similar scope shot several months ago.

Image:Ben SEBCAR Doubler voltage 2 stagesJan21 2005 100.jpg

Directory:SEBCAR:Replications:Ben K4ZEP - Photos and scopeshot posted. Commencing tuning and testing.



See Talk:Directory:SEBCAR


SEBCAR YahooGroup - created for this project


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Bedini_SG YahooGroup - will discuss this project (carry it) until its validity has been established, at which time the separate group will be the exclusive location of discussion.

Talk:Project:SEBCAR (Each page of this PESWiki site has a "discussion" link at the top for comments germane to that page. Feel free to post recommendations and other comments there.)


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