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Directory:Scott F. Hall

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Image:ScottFranklinHall 125.jpg

In a week's time, from July 31, 2007 through Aug. 8, 2007, art instructore, Scott Hall

# built an electrostatic motor using items kicking around in the kitchen (OS:Scott F. Hall's Electrostatic Magnet Motor from Kitchen Stuff)

# built a magnet motor-like gizmo using a paperweight

# built a flywheel

# built a gravity motor of his own design (OS:Scott F. Hall:Gravity Motor A)

# built a gravity motor that is a replica of another design (OS:Scott F. Hall:Gravity Motor B)

Next, on Aug. 9, in protest over a barrage of negative comments he received, Scott shot a video showing a level on his floor that signifies that his garage floor is flat, then the view shifts to outside his garage where his prototypes are together in a heap, on fire. He said he would be back when he had a "bulletproof" demonstration.

Image:Scotts garage floor is flat 274.jpg
Image:Scott Hall burns his prototypes jp70.jpg

In a subsequent OS:Hall Gravity Wheel B:Replica:Doug Furr by PES Network's Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer, Douglass K. Furr, it was shown that the second gravity wheel design does not continue to roll on its own, but that it decelerates to a stop as traditional physics would predict. Apparently, Scott's garage floor has a slight incline, as is typical of garage floors, to keep water from pooling. If so, both gravity wheels are disproved.

Image:ScottFHall Old Indian Gravity Wheel 95x95.jpg

Then, on August 28, 2007, Scott posted a video of a work in progress that he called the "Old Indian ... Gravity Wheel" and on Sept. 1, he posted a video of that wheel spinning -- actually accellerating as he held it. See OS:Scott F. Hall:Old Indian Gravity Wheel. This gravity wheel is composed of metal balls inside slants within wood, which keep the wheel off-balance, apparently resulting in rotation on its axle. The rotation speed is said to fluctuate up and down, as the motion switches back and forth from kinetic to overbalance.

Profile: Scott Franklin Hall

Scott F. Hall is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Central Florida where he serves as teh Graduate Program Coordinator. - UCF profile page

Phone: 407-823-5649

Email: [] | or




M.F.A., Washington University in St. Louis

B.F.A., University of Florida

Correspondence from Scott F. Hall

About the Gizmos

On Aug. 8, 2007, Scott wrote to Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan:

: "Hi--sorry about the non-contact for some time. It's late days in summer break and I hate my UCF email account. It's a perpetual spam magnet so I ignore it.

: "Thanks a lot for putting up this page... OS:Scott F. Hall's Electrostatic Magnet Motor from Kitchen Stuff

: "I'm calling my rubber band engine a rubber band motor now. I think that's more appropriate. There's no heat involved. Motor seems right.

: "I'm a sculptor/artist/musician by training--I have little math, little science in my past. Just a lot of creativity and untrained intuition that works well into these physics experiments, apparently.

: "These gravitational devices intrigue me more lately than the electro-gravitic and magnetic stuff--I really like working with the gravity wheels. I can get my sculptors head around them a bit more easily. I really don't much get what's up with electricity, magnetism, etc.

: "In one of my wheel videos, you can see a past wheel I did in emulation of Edward Somerset's famous drawing of the 2000 pound weighted wheel. It's visible propped on my car tires and it lacks its strings and weights now--they got scavenged. That Somerset wheel did not work, sadly. Much effort in building it! 15 tied weights around the edges. Arrgh! I think I do much better with these wheels that roll rather than the ones on axles.

Scott's Gizmos - list of videos

Old Indian Gravity Wheel

For additional coverage, see: OS:Scott F. Hall:Old Indian Gravity Wheel


Old Indian Type Perpetual Motion Gravity Wheel in Progress - the title chosen by Scott when he posted this at YouTube on August 28, 2007. The video shows the work in progress, not yet operational. (YouTube)


Finished Indian Perpetual Motion Gravity Wheel - the title chosen by Scott when he posted this at YouTube on Sept. 1, 2007. The video shows wheel axle held by hand, as the wheel apparently accellerates. (YouTube)

Gravity Motor B

See: OS:Scott F. Hall:Gravity Motor B


Bessler ? Gravity Wheel Perpetual Motion Machine - posted by Scott on Aug. 8, 2007. Astonishingly simple device rolls on its own via a mechanism so simple a 3-year-old could comprehend it. ('YouTube)

Gravity Motor A

See: OS:Scott F. Hall:Gravity Motor A


Scott F. Hall's Gravity Wheel Perpetual Motion Machine - posted by Scott on August 07, 2007. He sets the wheel on the ground and it rolls forward via the simple mechanism he's constructed. (YouTube)

Electrostatic Motor

See OS:Scott F. Hall's Electrostatic Magnet Motor from Kitchen Stuff


Electro-Gravitic Perpetual Motion Machine from Kitchen Items - Title chosen by Scott F. Hall, who posted this video of his on July 31, 2007. (YouTube)

Paperweight Motor


Motor made with Permanent Kitchen Magnets, Paperweight, etc. - posted by Scott on August 01, 2007. While it seems to spin longer than it might otherwise, it does not continue spinning as the above appears to do. (YouTube)

Rubber Band Engine


Rubber Band Engine a.k.a. Persistent Motion Machine - 2" thick x 21" inch diameter flywheel, embedded with lead around the perimeter, is suspended by rubber tubing. Wound up ~25 turns, it spins back and forth for over two hours. (YouTube August 05, 2007)

"Engine" is not the right word for this contraption as it does not generate energy. It is a flywheel, storing energy, at best. -- SilverThunder 13:38, 7 Aug 2007 (EDT)

Burning the Gizmos

On Aug. 9, 2007, Scott posted the following comment along with a video showing a level on his garage floor that proves his floor is flat, followed by a view of at least three of his gizmos burning in a heap: Gravity Motor A, B, and his Electrostatic Generator.

: "Everyone: Thanks to all who've supported my work, but I do have an artistic temperament: so many destructive comments and so darned much spam has driven me crazy! GOODBYE, clunky prototypes. If/when my patience returns, I'll probably build a wheel that's larger, one that's not crude, and one that is critically bulletproof. Until then, good luck to those of you who possess the positive spirit required to continue this work.

: "The floor is flat."


Gravity Wheel Perpetual Motion: Accelerated Entropy - title chosen by Scott in his video post at YouTube.

Magnets on a wheel and a track

Question to Scott : Before you lit the match, did you try rolling them both directions on your garage floor to rule out a slight incline in the garage floor (not perceptible by the level?)

Scott's Answer : Nope, I sure didn't try that. Jeez. On the other hand, I'm certainly not giving up. I'm stilling working on this stuff. Today, it's a perm. magnets on a wheel and a track. Looks interesting--kind of a variation on the motor I did with the heavy glass paperweight. (Aug. 11, 2007)



See Talk:Directory:Scott F. Hall

Forum - Yahoo!Group started on Aug. 1, 2007 to facilitate in the replicating, characterization, improvement, and development of Scott Hall's concepts into something practical.

In the News

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Image:Johann Bessler portrait 95x95.gif

Directory:Gravity Motors > Johannes Bessler Rehabilitated - While the history of overbalancing gravity wheels is spotty, the Bessler Wheel apparently worked well but went to the grave with its inventor. Now the concept seems to have been replicated in two different devices by Scott F. Hall. (Hasslberger Blog Aug 9, 2007)

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