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Directory:SaDaiM Buoyancy Technology by Sayad Abdullaoqli Mammadov

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June 16, 2015

Here is a technology out of the Azerbaijan Republic, by inventor, Sayad Abdullaoqli Mammadov. He claims to have proven his technology experimentally. You can see a couple of videos below where his system is operating. The images to the right are screen grabs from the first video.

It has strong similarities to the Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG buoyancy power plant, except rather than the floats being in a vertical tube, the floats are inflatable and cause a rotary apparatus to turn as they rise through the water. The second video shows a close-up of the chain and gearbox set-up, turning a generator. You can see that significant torque is applied to the slow-turning portions.

Though I've had some follow-up dialogue with the inventor, I have not yet been able to get information about the output:input ratio, and whether or not he has achieved overunity nor do I have a number on the power output of his prototype.

The following is a very rough Google translation of a document I received from Azerbaijan Republic inventor, Sayad Abdullaoqli Mammadov. I've removed some of the text that goes into general discussion of relevance and need, which is already appreciated by our audience, I think.

: Today there is no need to prove that a hydro-energy aerostatic understood the potential energy of the hydrostatic pressure of the static column of liquid (or gas) mass or energy at rest static equilibrium liquid (or gas) tel.

: Hydro-aerostatic energy mainly comprises water or air, which on the one hand are effective resources, but on the other hand by using not subjected to chemical reactions, and in comparison with any other resource does not form a negative impact on the environment.

: Natural processes of energy hydrostatic pressure liquid column static mass occurs as a result of the water cycle, the internal volume of natural basins: oceans, seas, lakes, ponds and puddles, and gaseous masses in the square of the earth in the void space.

: Artificial processes of energy hydrostatic pressure liquid column static mass, there is the internal volume as a result of construction and filling of liquid artificial basins: dams, swimming pools, ponds, tanks and tower.

: Despite the predominant criteria: easy accessibility, and even with the possibility of hard to reach areas, compliance with safety and environmental standards of cleanliness, vosproizvodimostyu- inexhaustible, stability and uniform density, but due to lack of the process of transformation into other forms of energy in the world practice so far It is not used for domestic and industrial needs of the population.

: This scientific problem is at the stage in the form of further scientific discussion and debate, it is not possible to use, as well as opportunities to use.

: And this, in turn, removing technical presentation of the production of the corresponding elements of geometric forms, transforming action of hydrostatic rotary motion required in the technical part.

: On the other hand, officially rejected by conducting scientific and theoretical research related to the problems, but these denials, creating great difficulties for researchers continue to detain detained and technical solutions.

: Finally, as one of those authors who have dedicated their lives to the development of a technical system searches for the possibility of converting the static pressure energy into mechanical energy into electrical energy and it was held in 1965 theoretical searches, and from day to day, they moved to the current thoughts deeper knowledge.

: SUMMARY searches theoretical novelty consists in the fact that in the hydro-existence obnaruzheno- hydrostatic pressure acts as lifting and twisting forces. And that was the sound scientific basis for refuting the existing ideas about the impossibility of applying the static pressure the static column of liquid (or gas) to bring the masses as to the progressive repayment, and rotational movement.

: The essence of the search for technical novelty is chtoproekty system- technical devices for converting hydro aerostatic energy into mechanical energy created in order to generate electricity, which failed, the main technical reasons for them are:

failure to comply with the relevant elements of geometric shapes to bring the rotor to move, carve it out of trim

failure in a device management system forced the lower or higher pressure to control the volume of the floats or

failure to comply with the device avtomehanicheskoy- spontaneous system to control the volume of the floats

not completely inside the rotor arrangement of the liquid column, whereby the effect of lost small twisting force fluid column upward direction perpendicular to the arm of the force that causes the rotor to move with great force of pressure of the liquid column, directed perpendicularly down on the frontal area of the float included in the column of liquid from the foundation of the tower.

: Based on many years of conducting theoretical searches, first proposed the following new system- technical devices for converting hydro aerostatic energy into mechanical energy:

: Hydrostatic device SaDaiM, in which is intended to discharge air at the expense of mechanical energy: wind + wave + jam + surf.

: Hydrostatic unit of the first embodiment SaDaiM-1, in other words, the proof of possible variants of the hydrostatic unit, and from time immemorial has been called "perpetual motion water", which is intended for energy use hydrostatic pressure static column of liquid and gaseous masses into mechanical. That is to convert (conversion) forces the static pressure into rotational motion, and its electrical energy as the energy for the gas in underground layers and due to the energy of the air mass pumped using apparatus SaDaiM or compressor driven by their energy output.

: Hydrostatic unit of the second embodiment SaDaiM-2, in other words, the proof version of the hydrostatic adjustment device, and from time immemorial has been called "perpetual motion machine of the water", which is designed and intended for the reliability of energy hydrostatic pressure static column of liquid and gaseous masses into mechanical. That is to convert (conversion) static pressure force into a rotational movement, and it into electrical energy, using as a device SaDaiM, and due to the energy of springs, stream, canals, rivers and lakes are in mountainous terrain.

: Hydrostatic device of the third embodiment SaDaiM-3, in other words, proof of the operational version of the hydrostatic device prichemnezapamyatnyh times has been called "perpetual motion water", which is made, to ensure the reliability and is designed to direct the energy of the hydrostatic pressure post static liquid and gaseous masses in mechanical . That is, for a direct conversion (conversion) forces the static pressure into rotational motion, and its electrical energy.

: Hydrostatic device SaDaiM-3 contains:

: A stator which consists of a water tower 1, wherein the inner cavity is isolated (or insulated) from the external environment, filled with water 2 ROTOR entirely immersed in a liquid in which a member of a multiple-shaft 3 4 hubs, connected to the shaft in the center Floats 5 mounted to the outer ends of the hub along the circumference 6 Friction pads, worn on the left and right of the shaft neck, emerging out of the wall of the tower 7 valve as well as control mechanisms 8 gear oil pump 9 any motors 10, connected to a pump, and turns off after the start the primary source of supply of the engine control system 11 buttered containers 12 gear 13, connecting to the necks of the shaft 14 generators, joining reducers In addition, 15 transformers and electrical distribution equipment 16.

: The design of the hydrostatic unit SaDaiM-3 introduced a dual system of rotor control:

: 1. Forced control system and the volume of the float in the vertical symmetry of the rotor, i.e. in the period starting system for forced switching and rotor floats "in operation" and "non-working" position, and for up to 10 minutes consumes external energy and is disabled.

: 2. Automotive Management System volume of floats in the blind spots and the vertical symmetry of the rotor operates independently and does not consume energy from the outside.

: The control system, after starting work at the expense of internal energy, ie by winning power in parallel operation is one of the shoulder arm with an inclined plane.

: The device operates as follows. For the "START" device SaDaiM-3 is included in the operating position introduced into its design avtomehanicheskaya- ie spontaneous management system.

: The control system, shut off after the start, in parallel and is forced:

: I. The volume of floats in the workplace, that is increased to the maximum position, located on the left (clockwise) of the semicircle in the vertical symmetry of the rotor and on the research example 45 volumes of floats, and that the rotor is in motion 180 degrees with a maximum power clockwise (2, 7)

: II. Volumes of floats in the non-operation, i.e. reduced to the lowest position, placed on the right (clockwise) portion of a semicircle vertical symmetry of the rotor, and in Test Example 45 volumes floats, and that prevents the balance of the left and right symmetry of the rotor (Fig. 3, 8)

: III. During the movement of the rotor floats passing sequentially from the bottom dead center, that is, from the point 270gradusa control system forcibly increasing their volume to a maximum and successively extending from the top dead center, that is, from the point of 90 degrees, reducing their volumes to a minimum, and as a result then lost balance and ensure uninterrupted movement of the rotor (1, 6, 4, 9)

: IV. To "stop" ustroystvoSaDaiM-3 re-included in the operating position of Automotive Management System. The control system is forced: vsehobemy floats are not working, that is reduced to the minimum position, placed on the left and the right (clockwise) semicircle of the vertical symmetry of the rotor, and an example of the research, 90 volumes of floats, and the result left and right symmetry, balancing, rotor stops (5, 10)

: Ustroystvootnositsya to the hydrostatic machines and can bytprimenenov mass scale as a primary source or a prime mover in the area elektroenergetiki- on power plants are operating at or in the future constructed for each residential trip, as well as a source of mechanical energy into other sectors.

: Ustroystvootkryvaet a real opportunity for a final solution to the global problem of "Environment and Power" in the modern economic activities, as well as the future of civilization. And ecologically totally clean with an inexhaustible source of primary and process safety, has not found its solution in the world.

: Of course, it is rapidly and comprehensively will include a modern human life. Since the demand for electricity will grow annually, in the future it will replace and reduce to a minimum the consumption of other kinds of energy, both at home and in the workplace.

: Thus, the use of hydro-energy aerostatic has several advantages:

: First, it eliminates the dependence on fossil fuels, reducing emissions completely harmful gases into the atmosphere. It creates the conditions to prevent the spread of existing precipitation and toxic emissions: in the atmosphere, nature, environment, green and cultivated areas. The area of land exempt from high-voltage equipment, overground and underground transmission lines, to create an artificial electromagnetic fields, damaging living organisms. To maintain balance in the thermal balance of the planet, regardless of the extent useful.

: Secondly, hydro-energy aerostatic located in a certain area or in a particular country, which reduces reliance on imported fuel and increases regional and national self-sufficiency.

: Thirdly, most importantly, the development of electric power increases as required consumption.

: A technical advantage of the process is that it is simple in construction and implementation is possible using modern technical means available in production. Along with a reliable work- principle in a short time from the start-stop operation, as well as an easy automation has on the scale required competitive production capacity. Due to the uniform rotation of the rotor in the device, power generation is performed with a stable frequency.

: High efficiency action-92%, relative to the internal combustion engine, 35-40%, 27-37% turbiny- steam, gas turbiny- 30-34%, steam piston machines- 12-14%.

: The essence of the economic value lies in the large-scale use of inexhaustible types of primary energy in the process. Advance competitiveness of traditional methods of production and transformation of energy resources. The technological process in comparison with thermal technology has no energy loss: in the cooling waters of the capacitors - 58%, in the flue gas - 12%, ash, slag and carries - 3%, in boilers - 3%, steam lines - 1 %, in steam turbines - 0.5%.

: High capacity utilization to 80-90%, where other technologies reach: in solar power station to 20-30% In the hydrodynamic electrical stations up to 30-40% in thermal power plants up to 50-60% In the solar thermal power plants to 70-80%.

: Return on implementation. Low unit costs. The speed at self-sufficiency. Low unit cost of electricity generated. Reduced material consumption and long service life. Easy-to-use.

: The ability to provide corrosion protection in aggressive environments. Simplicity of placement and fastening elements. To ensure reliable operation under load. The ability to create a trouble-free operation. Power control in time, taking into account the interests of consumers. High seismic stability.

: The increase in the global energy balance the share of hydropower is 4 - 5%, and in the electrical balance of 18%.

: In order to ensure the living and production needs of a modern person, which require a minimum of 10-24 kW power, and this in turn will create a massive demand for the proposed technology global technology market.

: On the basis of the above explanations, forgive collectively discuss and announce a formal review and formal review. Since it may be an impetus for further development. If you could not explain, it is easier, if necessary, to open a dialogue.

: Note: Although the principle of scientific presentation Introduction to upravleniyaSaDaiM-3, there is no theoretical mechanics, but 'the practical verification of its physical accuracy, i.e. the principle of mechanical advantage for parallel action one shoulder arm with an inclined plane, has been experimentally confirmed.'

: "Peace be upon you, the mercy of God and His blessings. Let every day of the holy fasting brings to you and your colleagues mercy and blessings of God."

: With sincere respect and gratitude


In a follow-up email, he brought to my attention:

: 1. The patent for the device SaDaiM-1 and device SaDaM-2 produced in Azerbaijan.

: 2. Information about the history of devices for "ENERGY TRANSFORMATION hydrostatic pressure into mechanical energy"

: 3. Due to the lack of financial resources, device SaDaiM-3 is under development to obtain a patent.

Official Websites

Yafasin Mammadov's YouTube channel


Approximate calculation for the principle SaDaiM-1 (11 Mb pdf)

SXEMI_SaDaiM.doc (24 Mb)


"The views of the scientists to the invention: physics, mechanics and engineers. Since there are many questions for this reason. It was as if the essence of the invention is closed to scholars."





This Invention Shocked the Internet


Experiment of hydrostatic motor: in Baku by the first and second stages of the experiment, related to "WATER PERPETUUM MOBILE" yielded successful results. At this moment the inventor S.A.Mammadov is willing and is looking forward to entering into an agreement to work together (or the issuance of the license, or sale of a patent) with a partner that respects national and international laws and financial capabilities. (YouTube April 11, 2013)

Fuelless Generator Interview


(Television Interview also shows system running, with chains and gearboxes also interview with patent examiner all in Russian, except for calculations portion in first third of video, which is in English) (YouTube April 5, 2013)


Azerbaijan 1 2000 0230

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Image:SaDaiM prototype 95x95.gif
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Image:SaDaiM prototype 95x95.gif
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Sayad Abdullaoqli Mammadov

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Skype: sadaim1953

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