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PESWiki Directory of Clean Energy Technologies

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There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Developed for the Russian space program to replace medical treatment for astronauts during space travel. The SCENAR uses biofeedback - by stimulating the nervous system - and is able to teach the body to heal itself of a wide variety of illnesses.

Image:Sahara Solar Breeder Super Apollo Project 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solar > Directory:Silicon / Directory:Superconductors / Directory:Water > Directory:Sahara Solar Breeder Super Apollo Project - An African ministry of foreign affairs is working with a Japanese ministry of education project headed by Prof. Hideomi Koinuma to explore the idea of using desert sands to create the silica for solar ("Apollo") panels that would fuel the fabrication of additional plants and the power would be transmitted by Superconductors ("Super"). (PESWiki November 27, 2010)
Image:Satellite dish solar cooker 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Solar Cooking > OS:Satellite Dish Solar Cooker - When you finally get sick of mainstream media, don't ditch your dish, convert it to a solar cooker and let it pay you back with free cooking power of the sun. These are also available commercially. A collection of instructional videos. (PESWiki August 31, 2009)

Directory:Scott F. Hall - In one week's time, using the simplest of materials, he builds an electrostatic motor, a flywheel, and two gravity motors.

Image:SA thin-film solar Vivian Alberts 95x95.jpg

Directory:Vivian Alberts thin film solar - South African solar panels consist of a thin layer approximately five microns thick (a human hair is 20 microns thick) of a unique metal alloy that converts light into energy at a fraction of the cost. The photo-responsive alloy can operate on virtually all flexible surfaces.

Image:Scott F Hall gravity wheel a 95x95.jpg

OS:Scott F. Hall:Gravity Motor A - After studying Bessler and other's designs and compiling the principles, Scott Hall whipped out a design, cut it out of wood, and it worked.

Image:Scott F Hall magnet motor from kitchen trash 95x95.jpg

OS:Scott F. Hall's Magnet Motor from Kitchen Stuff - Video at YouTube shows a continuously-running gizmo composed of a conglomeration of things found in his kitchen, including a can of dog food, tooth picks, refrigerator magnets, a pencil, spring clips, and a small corner cut out of a box.

Image:Screw Magnet motor by XPenzif 95x95.jpg

OS:Screw-Magnet Motor - Four rows of screws, off-set around a cylinder, appear to cause the cylinder to spin when a holder of four neodymium magnets is brought close to it.

Image:Skuderi air hybrid 95x95.jpg

Directory:Scuderi Split-Cycle Air Hybrid Engine - Claims potential to double fuel efficiency for same size engine, while reducing the manufacturing price by 50%. Because it very similar to existing ICE technology, existing manufacturing infrastructure can be used for rapid deployment. Presently licensing to qualified manufacturing interests.

Image:SDE Wave Power 95x95.jpg

Directory:S.D.E. Energy Ltd. - S.D.E. Energy Ltd. in Tel Aviv, Israel uses shoreline wave action combined with cantilever connected to hydraulics to run a generator. Commercially ready in process of implementing.

Image:OTEC Plant Ship specs 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sea Solar Power - The 80 degrees F surface water in the tropical oceans serves as the heat source and typically 3,000 feet below the surface is the heat sink or the cold bottom water, which is 40 degrees F. This temperature difference or delta T is sufficient to operate vapor turbines, which drive generators and produces electricity and fresh water as a byproduct.

Image:Searl effect mock-up one-roller anim bf32.gif

Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) - SEG generator capable of cheaply and safely producing electricity without fuel, pollution, friction, or noise. Anti-gravity effects also involved.

Image:Ben SEBCAR Doubler voltage 2 stagesJan21 2005 100.jpg

Directory:SEBCAR - Claimed over unit achieved with a variant, rotorless version of Bedini-SG motor-energizer. Never validated.

Image:Healing Hearts Mending Minds from Pornography 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sexaholism - Pornography etc. scavenges productivity, wrecks marriages, shatters trust, violates the innocent. A how-to page explains how sex addiction arises and how to completely heal from it.

Image:Ultimate-aero-ev-95x95 byKevn.gif

Directory:Electric Cars > Directory:Shelby Supercars - The Ultimate Aero EV is based on the SSC Aero, the world's fastest production car. The EV will be powered by a 500 horsepower electric motor. The drive train will feature a revolutionary power source allegedly allowing for 'several years between charging' (not a typo).

Image:Shinyeon wind 95x95.jpg

Directory:Magnet Motors / Directory:Wind >Directory:Shinyeon Energy Research Center - Shinyeon Energy Research Center of Korea has two highly exotic prototypes. One is a piston-based permanent magnet motor called the Magforce engine, that doesn't require fuel or electricity. The other as a tower-based induction wind generator.

Image:Power-Generating Shock Absorber 95x95.gif

Directory:Power-Generating Shock Absorber - The Power-Generating Shock Absorber (PGSA) converts kinetic energy into electricity through the use of a Directory:Linear Motion Electromagnetic Systems.

Image:SirCharlesShults fresnel lens 95x95.jpg

Directory:Charles Shults' Fresnel Solar Design - Technology combines solar hot water panels with one large fresnel lens to flash the hot water to steam for running a turbine to generate 6 kW of electricity, all for around $6,000, with an ROI of 3-5 years.

Image:Briggs toilet-sink combo 95x95.jpg

Directory:Toilet-Sink Combo - A simple way to optimize water usage without setting up a costly gray water system. The sink uses the inflow of water headed to refill the toilet bowl. You can therefore use the water twice by washing your hands in it before it fills the bowl. One-size-fits-all retrofit available.

Image:Dutch solar cel 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Suppression / Directory:Silicon >Directory:The Silicon Mine of the Netherlands - Why do some solar silicon companies get sidelined after Gosse Boxhoorn makes them successful? We see a trend. Others see a conspiracy by oil companies to stall the move to solar independence and maintain control of the status quo. (PESWIki Jan. 31, 2009)

Directory:Silver Polymer Batteries

Image:Silver Series bottle 95x95.jpg

PowerPedia:Silver Series Lubricant - The silver contained in the oil finds it's way onto working surfaces, where it reduces friction and wear. When wear attempts to remove it, more silver is plated onto the surface, so it is the silver that wears and not the original surface. (PESWiki)

Image:Sion Li-S battery 95x95.jpg

Directory:SION Power - developing a new generation of rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries for mobile electronics and electric vehicles. Based on the five times higher energy available from sulfur ions compared to other lithium chemistries, SION POWER's cell offers significant improvements in capacity, operating temperature and discharge rate.

Image:Plop-and-drop skybuilt unit 95x95.gif

Directory:SkyBuilt Power - Uses rugged shipping containers as foundation for made-to-order designs for quick deployment in off-grid applications.

Image:SW WP Skystream Wind Turbine.jpg

Directory:Wind:Skystream - The Skystream 3.7 wind generator is the very first fully-integrated wind generator designed specifically for the grid-connected residential market. With no batteries, Skystream 3.7 connects directly to the home to supply power. When the wind is not blowing, the home is powered by the electric utility.

Image:Slow moving water barge generator 95x95.jpg

Directory:Slow Moving Water, Inc - Company presents a floating barge with turbines around the perimeter to harness the energy of the water flowing by. Rather than try to enter the electricity utility business, they produce electricity by-products, such as hydrogen and distilled water.

Image:Smack Booster engine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Smack Booster - Another on-board electrolysis system provides hydroxy gas at a rate of 100 liters per hour, to go into the air intake, which is said to improve mileage and decrease emissions. The Smack booster plans are available for free, and it costs very little to build yourself. Also, a kit is available for $200.

Directory:Solar Hydrogen - Index of technologies that produce hydrogen from solar energy conversion.

Image:SHEC array 100.jpg

Directory:Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) Labs - has developed a process that will convert landfill and other waste methane into clean hydrogen, using the power of the Sun for the reformation, at a price comparable to traditional hydrogen production methods.

Image:Solar pavement water heater 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar Pavement - Featuring the general concept of pumping water through pipes in pavement to use the black-body absorption of the asphalt to collect solar heat and transmit it to the water.

Image:SolarChimneyManzanaresFromAirDusk 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar Tower - Resemble an inverted funnel, with a wide, clear skirt to collect air to then turn a turbine in the tower. A 50 kW prototype in Manzaneres, Spain is the basis of several ramp-up designs presently under way, with towers nearly 1 km high.

Directory:Solid State - Directory of solid state (no moving parts) energy technologies.

Image:Sorghum 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sorganol Biofuel - Sorganol® is ethanol made from sweet sorghum. Sweet Sorghum may be the best alternative fuel crop to grow in the continental United States for the production of ethanol. It converts sunlight directly into sugars, eliminating the costly starch to sugar process. These sugars are converted into ethanol at nearly zero fossil fuel inputs.

Image:Down-draft energy tower 95x95.jpg

Directory:SHPEGS - Solar Heat Pump Electrical Generation System - Passive solar collection exploiting the differences between air temperature and a large underground "heat sink". The system uses the idea of a Directory:Solar Tower, but causes the convection to occur in both directions depending on the ambient air temperature relative to the sub-terrain. The system generates electricity in both the heat transfer and the air convection created by the air temperature change.


Image:Parkers Spiral Air Foil Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Parker's Spiral Air Foil Wind Turbine - Patent pending design put forth by Dan Parker is in the R&D phase, with expectation of going to market next year.

Image:Squish-bang 95x95.jpg

Directory:Singh Combustion Chamber Turbulence - Singh says a radical design change in the face of combustion chambers, by forming grooves, channels or passages through the squish areas, will further enhance in-cylinder turbulence followed by multi flame front combustion, as contained in his US Patent 6237579. Do-it-yourselfers might consider cutting some grooves to approach the effect.

Image:SiOnyxBlackSilicon95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solar > Directory:Black Silicon >Directory:SiOnyx' Black Silicon by Mazur - Black silicon is a material that is between 100 and 500 times more sensitive and absorbs nearly twice the visible light of regular silicon and detects infrared light that is normally invisible to silicon based devices. (PESWIki Oct. 16, 2008)
Image:Transparent sliver substrate ANU 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sliver Solar Cells - New manufacturing process developed at the Australian National University uses as little as one tenth the amount of hyper-pure silicon as in square solar PV technology. Manufacturing plant is complete, and process testing is underway. Commercial modules projected to be available by mid 2007.

Image:SopogySolarCollector 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power >Directory:Sopogy - Recently named the "Venture Capital Deal of the Year," Sopogy specializes in MicroCSP solar technologies that bring the economics of large solar energy systems to the industrial, commercial and utility sectors in a smaller, robust and more cost effective package.

Image:GreenHomeHeater95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel / Directory:Electrolysis >Directory: Sovereign Energy Solutions: The Green Home Heater - Plans are available for a home heating unit that utilizes water as its fuel. Electrolysis is used to split the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen (hydroxy gas), which is burned to generate the heat. ROI is estimated at 3-5 months from energy savings. (PESWiki Feb. 28, 2009)
Image:Europa Pellet Stove 95x95.jpg

Directory:Home Generation:Space Heater - Efficient home heating options including electric panel heaters, multi fuel furnaces, pellet stoves and earth tubes.

Image:Spindrift energy device 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest: Directory:Hydro > Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:Wave buoys > Directory: Spindrift Hydrokinetic Energy Device - This ocean wave harnessing technology takes advantage of the difference between wave height on the surface versus water stability deeper down. It is a buoy system that locates the alternator in the surface buoy, with a turbine down deep, by which water is accelerated via a venture shape through which the water flows. (PESWiki Sept. 13, 2010)
Image:Paul Harry Sprain 95w.jpg

Directory:Paul Harry Sprain magnet motor - Electromagnet is used to pump the rotor past the magnetic lock-up point, to keep it spinning. Inventor claims that the amount of energy required to provide this kick is less than the amount of energy produced by the torque. U.S. patent awarded Oct. 2005.

Image:Sri Lanka Water Fueled Car95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Water Fueled Car - Sri Lanka - A Sri Lankan inventor has come up with a super-efficient electrolysis method that allegedly enables a small vehicle to travel 80 kilometres on just one litre of water, without any danger to life or any impact on the environment.

Image:Stanley Meyer electrolysis 95x95.jpg

Directory:Stanley Meyer - Developed super-efficient electrolysis process said to produce 700% more energy than it consumes without raising the temperature of the water. Murdered.

Image:Starrotor engine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Starrotor Corporation - Highly efficient process could eventually replace present internal combustion design. Five U.S. Patents. Several prototypes.

Image:StartTech demo center 95x95.jpg
Directory:Waste to Energy / Directory:Plasma > Directory:StarTech Environmental Corp - Startech is a publicly traded waste-to-energy plasma arc technology company. They presently have three 5 ton/day installations in operation, with a number of other plants in various stages of implementation. A 200 ton/day plant being scheduled for Panama will be the largest such plant in the world.
Image:Statoeolien 95x95.jpg

Directory:Gual Industrie StatoEolien Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine - The power curve of this French design is surprisingly different than power curves for conventional turbines because the output increases until the velocity of the wind is above the lower hurricane levels.

Image:Steven Marks toroid generator powering 100W bulb 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator - Five 1997 videos of several solid-state TPU prototypes posted. Small unit (6" diam x 2" high x 1" thick toroid) is shown powering a 100W bulb, a 3-amp drill, a television, and a small vacuum. Said to harness the power of the Earth's electromagnetic field.

Directory:Stores - New energy stores.

Image:Stan Deyo Millenium Ark collage for PESWiki 85x85.jpg
Latest: Directory:Aether / Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Emergency Preparedness > Directory:Stan Deyo and The Millennium Ark - Stan Deyo, famous for his research into Earth Changes, is a fascinating author and lecturer, with insights into Aether physics while also promoting an awareness about conspiratorial forces undermining freedom in the world. He is an alternatives expert on solar cycles, emergency preparedness, and end time predictions. (PESWiki March 6, 2010)

Directory:Synchronous Solar Heliostat - William A. Rhodes presents synopsis of three of his expired patents that describe a mirror arrangement enables tracking of sun without movement of parts.

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Directory:Steorn Free Energy - Irish company made a big splash a few years ago announcing they had a free energy technology that could change the energy landscape of the planet. They got a jury of scientists to review the technology, who said they were not convinced, but the company still maintains that they will yet be proving their claim. They have a group of scientists helping in the R&D. Presented purported OU demo in Dec. 2009.

Image:Stephen Kundel Motor II 95x95.jpg

Directory:Stephen Kundel's Motor - Video of second version prototype shows a quickly vibrating motor, with electrical input. As it accelerates, less electrical input required. Over-unity not documented.

Image:Stiffler SEC Exciter Hydrogen Production via 4Diodes 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electrolysis > OS:Stiffler Cold Electricity Circuit > Directory:Dr. Stiffler's Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Exciter Hydrogen Production via Diodes > Stiffler's Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Hydrogen Production via Diodes - Dr. Stiffler claims that the anode end of a diode can create electrolysis in distilled water via inductive coupling through a single wire from a 12-volt battery going through an (SEC) exciter attached to a copper tape wrapped around the base of a glass enclosure and that the number of diodes can increase, without increasing in the input power. (PESN June 25, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Stirling solar schematic 95pxw.jpg

Directory:Stirling Energy Systems - Developing equipment for utility-scale renewable energy power plants and distributed electrical generating systems. Their most remarkable achievement is the recent contract with Southern California Edison to install a 4,600-acre solar system that will generate 500 megawatts.

Image:Sully electrolysis chamber 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sully Direct Current - In process of discovering new ways to do electrolysis, inventor John Timothy Sullivan derived a new current type: not DC, not AC but SDC -- Sully Direct Current.

Image:SunCone 95x95.jpg

Directory:SunCone - Made of an aluminized film (e.g. nylon or Mylar) with a transparent film over the end facing the sun, the SunCone, by Barnabus Energy, maintains its shape through air pressure.

Image:SUNRGI solarx 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sunrgi LLC Solar Energy Systems - Focusing the sun's rays 2000x and pulling the heat away from the photovoltaic cells, combined with a method of low-cost mass production, the Xtreme concentrated photovoltaics by SUNRGI are expected to produce in the range of 5-7 cents per kilowatt hour.

Image:SuperMag patent drawing 95x95.jpg

Directory:SuperMag by Enigma - Enigma G.C.'s "SuperMag" allegedly uses manipulated magnetic fields to generate electricity sufficient to power the needs of a home or office building and provides clean electrical power for free to the consumer after the initial cost of the purchase and installation of the system. "The first beta proto-type should be ready next year and is to be tested by an independent research lab over the following year to fully evaluate its performance and capabilities."

Image:Supertech devices 95.jpg

Directory:Supertech by United Auto Technologies - Super Tech® is a catalyst device that is immersed in the fuel tank, where it emits infrared and electromagnetic waves. These waves apparently affect the way that the fuel molecules interact with each other, allowing a more favorable combustion of the fuel, resulting in 6% to 12% savings and reduced emissions. Extensive documentation.

Image:MIB 95x95.jpg

Directory:Suppression - Directory page of specific instances of energy technologies, inventors, and groups being suppressed. 38-plus instances compiled by New Energy Congress member, Gary Vesperman.

Image:Troy Reed motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:Surge Motor Technology by Troy Reed - In around 1994, Troy Reed claimed to have a fuelless, pollution-free motor with around 7 kilowatts of output, powerful enough to run a house or a car. The technology received a flurry of high-level interest, including major media. Actor Dennis Weaver organized a cross-country demonstration. What happened to the technology?

Image:Swiss-ring magnet-motor 110 anim 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > OS:Swiss Ring Magnet Motor - DISPROVED. Site claims: "A current is produced in the ring because of the magnetic field of the magnet, this current creates a secondary magnetic field around the ring that is little delayed from the primary magnetic field of the magnet..." However, the rotation is merely a function of magnetic pull on the twisted threads. (PESWiki May 22, 2009)
Image:Syntroleumlogo 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Diesel > Directory:Syntroleum - This flexible feed, flexible synthetic fuel technology is able to take a wide variety of renewable feedstocks such as natural gas, vegetable oils, fats, and greases and turn them into liquid hydrocarbons including diesel and jet fuels.

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