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Directory:Russ Gries' RWG Research

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

October 14, 2013

Russ Gries is an amazing hands-on, open source research. He has a gift for building things using inexpensive, readily-available, or scrounged parts.

His website says:

: Russ truly believes in sharing results, and working as a team with his subscribers, so please contribute anything you think is valuable. You can help by contributing your resources, whether that’s PayPal donations, material resources, or just coming over to the forums and giving your thoughts on the projects. Russ needs all the help he can get.

: Russ donates a large portion of his free time, so if you enjoy his work and want him to continue please help him out! The video's he provides are not only entertaining, they're valuable to mankind as a whole and for the public to take back the choice of how and where we produce energy.

Official Websites - "the most important work Russ has done." - forum


Russ Gries' Demo Table at Global BEM Conference 2013


(YouTube October 14, 2013)

Russ Gries Gets Interviewed For


(YouTube May 14, 2013)

In the News

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Russ Gries

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Skype username: Rwg42985