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Directory:Roy Harrigan's Levitron

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Image:Levitron-demo-by-Captain Magnet rd.jpg

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May 22, 2013

The following was a forward of a forward, and I don't have the original sender's contact info, but I did find the videos interesting. Be sure to do a Google search on "Levitron". There are inexpensive magnetic levitation toys you can get by that name.

Here's the email:

- - - -

: Magneticman's Videos

: Magneticman of magnetic service.

: Just putting up some video's that I have made in the past:-)

: Please consider the following.

: 1/ The concept that you see was NOT invented by me. (Read my past posts).

: 2/ The original inventor was Roy Harrigan ,Vermont USA.

: 3/ His idea was taken from him by a group called fascinations and changed ever so slightly and made into the "levitron". (read the history of the Levitron) if its still on the net making them a lot of bucks.

: 4/ I have been in touch with Roy via the email many years ago and I hope I have done him justice in further proving what I think he already knew (grin) thanks Roy.

: 5/ This equipment is not a toy. Magnets are extremely powerful and when used in conjunction with pure or magnetically altered light can display the following..

: a/ Levitation

: b/ generates a carrier wave.. it operates on another level and know doubt in conjunction with Magnetosphere ala ham radio and ionosphere.

: c/ magnetic holographs

: d/ other anomalies which no doubt people will pick up on that view this and connect the dots.

: In closing... I thank Bill Ryan and all his hard working team for the opportunity of displaying my work and it is a mark of respect for all their efforts that I disclose what I have to say.

: Here are the links:

[Daytime Overview]

[Night Time Suspension]

[Night Time Suspension further back]

[Night Time top view]

: In concluding, I would appreciate any positive thoughts or comments from people who like to share their ideas or thoughts with me in regards to any or all of the above.

: Yours Magnetically

: Captain Magnet

- - - -

Another email came in on May 22, 2013 2:54 PM with the following:

: Magneticman's Magnetic story and his first post. VOLUME 1

: Hi Guys and Girls and anyone else that cares to read this I am Magneticman of magnetic service... ring a bell? I think Kryon says that, but I am real and Kryon is another entity out there having a whale of a time I am sure..

: Sooo without further ado, let me tell you what I do best and how I woke up in a brief interlude and I must say G'day and thanks to Bill Ryan and all the hardworking people that make this site, that I will get to know, I am apologetic that I haven't posted yet but I am a late starter..."better late than never"..

: I was holidaying in Noumea at a "club med" and the little person in the back o me head said "Dude take a walk into town cause you need some fresh air and exercise and seriously you are truly over the Club Med experience:-D

: So away I went guided to the old part of town thanks to my magnetic sonar which works off the magnetosphere by the way automatically drawn to the little shop run by the 99 year old frenchman with his magnetic toy.

: For an afternoon and a lot of language issues... Lucky I did four years of French at school which really was a serious waste of time...I was taken with the old mans Levitron. Which, by the way was unflyable as I discovered later. He gave it to me for 50 Oz dollars...bargain...

: For the rest of my "club Med experience" I spent every minute of spare time trying to fly a littler magnetic top over an old ferrite magnet that was never gonna work.

: So the magnetic God gave me points for tenacity and havin a go..and my then girlfriend thought I was havin another mid life crisis..The magnetic God must have felt sorry for my dilemma cause a month or two later I was rewarded with a gift from another contact in Oztralia. Yep a genuine platinum Levitron.. To say i was excited is an understatement..I was in magnetic heaven. Just removing the contraption from the box gave me a feeling of bliss.

: Of course, being a magneticman I had the sucker flying in no time ...Crikey...I couldn't believe my luck...and it flew for a looong while.

: The trick with this "toy" was to get it perfectly weighted and balanced and of course the "lighter" the top the better".. if the top is tooo light it just flicks of the magnetic fields, but get it right and wooohaaaa hang onto your hat...

: It would bobble and bounce around and I named my first Levitron "ROY" After Roy Harrigan who was the inventor of this magnificent concept.

: I even had my next girlfriend paint it with stars and moons and planets etc.. and of course The name Roy on its side.

: I know this is taking valuable bandwidth I don't apologise for that ...but I gotta do this cause the little bloke in the back o me head said too:-) AND I cant post pictures yet and I have some tres kewl viewing material..."reme\mber Dr Emoto with the water Crystals... well magnets do the same when treated with Love And Gratitude and with a clear mind focusing on their wellbeing...AND Magnetic action is BEAUTIFULLLL..And I have flown alot:-) AND not all magnets work well together..just like people...

: So onto the truth ..which "will set us free by the way"..

: So magneticman contacted Roy Harrigan with a letter about how cool his invention was and what a great magnetic concept he had created etc etc ..

: He sent me a five page email back talking about things that were beyond me at the time for a "first email' but made sense later. It was daunting...Royboy must have had a lot of midlife crisises as well.. Well hev talkeed about the war at Bathsheba and crikey whats that got to do with it all.

: However he told me some things in passing which stuck in the upside down part of my brain.

: A communication device... ? yeah what?

: Of course I wanted to build a big one:-0

: I figured that if i stuffed more magnets in to the thing I would be able to lift more weight and eventually build one to fly me myself and I around a magnetised area, like a dodgem car with no wheels how kewl

: and then like have them at carnivals etc as rides and then I was going to build advertising devices that would have the big top flying ....out the front of the circus CIRCUS at Las Vegas yarda yarda ....WRONG...Again...

: So with magnetic Glee I went to work... To say over the last twenty or so years (all my watches broke" due to the magnets:-) I was enlightened would be an understatement and tru now give me a bunch of old ferrite magnets even broken ones and I can make em fly +/+ more to follow but I am too slow and maybe they will let me post some pictures cause "A Good Magnetic Picture is Worth a Gazzillion words"..

: Thankyou for reading this

: Love and Gratitude

: Magneticman

- - - -

: Magneticman's Story VOL 3, The birth of "The Totem Pole"

: Magneticman of magnetic service,

: Hi again, I left off last time discussing the possibility of using light energy, (high powered DC torch ) and levitation of magnets over a lift platform and somewhere in the mix using a crystal or crystals to see what would happen and using a digital camera to film and take pictures and video footage of different setups.

: I spent many years building larger lift platforms with iron ferrite ring magnets with some outstanding results, and other not so outstanding results. These larger lift platforms I named 'totem poles'.

: When I had a good platform the spinning top felt like it just wanted to go forever, air resistance still eventually crashed it out.

: By getting magnets that worked well together, they are like people, some just won't work together at all, others work perfectly and some just give off the best radiant energy ever and shining the light on the top I was able to create some very interesting effects. Of course getting it all the above going and then filming all this by myself I would sometimes not see the end result till I played back the footage.

: The great thing about cameras is that they are keener than the human eye, even old ones and I generally got something new or different when I got fully into the "magnetic zone".

: Magnetic Anomolies happened too. Sometimes I would see orbs coming out of the eqpt, other times I would feel that I was being watched by entities-)

: The thought often came to me that maybe I was creating a "carrier wave" from the equipment and sending a signal. Most of the time I would hear a repetitive clicking sound, not so noticeable when I was actually performing these experiments but after when viewing footage of what I had built.

: I am posting this as Mr Mooster suggests at the 10th post I get to post pictures as well,

: So to be continued:-)

- - - -

: Magnetic Mans Story Volume 4 ("a pictures worth a gazzillion words)

: Magneticman of Magnetic service,

: Hi, thanks to awesome advise and the fact that I have my Avalonian wings I am now able to offer some links to give you beautiful people which will be an insight into my magnetic brain.

: I have a considerable collection of research photos and videos, and when I joined this sight I especially decided one night to get some snaps of my 'totem pole". I called it "AVALON 1".

: This equipment is recycled plumbing tube and magnets and my light energy is supplied by my trusty torch.

: I provide the links below

: Love and Gratitude

Forum - A list of posts by Magneticman at forum.

Magneticman's Magnetic story and his first post. VOLUME 1

Magnetic Mans Story Volume 4 (

Magneticman's Story VOL 3, The birth of

More pictures of Magneticman's Magnetic Anomolies:-) (little flying saucers)

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Image:Levitron-demo-by-Captain Magnet 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Roy Harrigan's Levitron - A person going by the name "Captain Magnet" posts some replications he has done of the work of Roy Harrigan of Vermont, USA, who came up with what has commercially become available as the "Levitron." Other effects allegedly include magnetic holographs, " generates a carrier wave.. it operates on another level and know doubt in conjunction with Magnetosphere ala ham radio and ionosphere." (PESWiki May 22, 2013)