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...My first RV experimental setup, to test the motor for light loading conditions. Basically, I just got the motor and hooked it up to see how it would go. Quite well as it turned out!

I will send updates as I do new experiments.

RVReplication post

mar.21, 2007


I have just run a three phase induction motor from a single phase supply. Here's how it went.

I re linked a delta wired, 50Hz, 4kW, 1420 RPM, 230/415V motor to wye.

I used the motor as I got it, with a 150mm diameter pully and motor fan still attached.

The 230V was stepped down to 120V, to supply the motor. The starting cap was 78uF, and the motor run caps totalled about 10uF using a series/parallel combination of 8uF capacitors. I only had 8uF caps on hand.

The 10uF capacitance gave the best resonance, with the motor running off 121.8V and 160mA. The current was measured with a clamp, not a precision shunt. That gives 19 VA.

Thank you to all those that have created the manuals on the RV and

TV. What a help!

Cheers, Rupert

Hector responds


Dont think you guys I have left you neglected (you had it coming )!


Now the customary questions .....

How you feel looking it perform as stated ? (Power on demand)?

As a ZPE R&D tool (are you satisfied?)

Addictive ? isent it ? (Runs cool & cold)

But watch thoose fingers and neckties, RV Is stronger than what you may think. (something can ripp off....) "Easy".

Hector :)

(The fellow who perverted the free energy community minds with Rotoconversion theory) LOL!) (:P

& ("It works!")

Rupert responds


The first thing I did was to feel around the motor after a while, yet there was no obvious feeling of heat coming from the machine. Well I laughed like an idiot when it ran on the first try:-)

Next I want to see what I can get out of this old motor. Very addictive stuff... Thanks for the tip on the neck tie, I'll remember to keep it off in the workshop LOL!

Image:RupertNZ RVFirstTry smaller.JPG

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