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Baldors Motor and Drives Australia launch support for new superior energy saving incentive.



Baldors motors and drives Australia are an electric motor manufacture company who have recently launched support towards the implementation of a 90% energy saver device which will help towards building our children an environmentally sustainable future.

Typically electrical motors supplied by a company such as Baldors motors and drives use electrical energy to produce mechanical motion. 1 to 2 horse power alternating current electrical one-phase and three-phase motors are typically used in many residential and industrial commercial utility applications, examples can be found in pumps or fans, winders, conveyers, mixers, lathes, drills, saws and grain grinders.


However, what designers of electric motors for these industry intermittent-use applications, such as a grinder, lathe, saw, drill or pump have not yet realized, is that by using a new method and discovery coined as the ‘Directory:Rotoverter’ results in a far superior power management and saves a significant 90% energy in the motor's idle-state. Also this simple modification will allow more efficient power on demand efficiency in the motor's loaded states.

A 90% percent energy saver device will cut worldwide emissions to a critically needed manageable level and result in a practical address towards future climate change.

Another world-first advantage possible in running electrical motors by this discovery lies in the RV’s solar co-generation applications. Using normal motors operated in an identical 1-2hp role you would typically require up to 10 solar panels for operation, in RV mode you only require 1 panel to run your solar shop lathe, drill or mill.

Never before has the opportunity been possible for an economically practical utilization of 1-2 Horse power motors in this solar co-generation role. Baldors motor drives Australia have just sponsored an emerging environmental not-for-profit organization called Panacea-bocaf (BOCAF stands for Building Our Children A Future) to help disseminate this discovery and save the public money and energy! Normal Baldors motors can now raise their efficiency via the non-profit-orgs RV scientific discovery.

The RV’s energy savings capacity is nothing to be taken lightly. A normal one HP electric motor as pictured below typically uses a draw of about 888 Watts of power when idling, this motor will also use about 940 Watts when loaded with a 1 horse power demand, which equals about a 79% constant efficiency.


This comparison equals an advantage of 'saving' 848Watts (up to +90%) when the motor idles in RV mode and also affords significant energy savings when loading the motor.

The need for energy savings and lowering of emissions is becoming more and more critical today. Humans are stripping nature at an unprecedented rate and will need two planets worth of natural resources every year by 2050 based on current trends.

Populations of many species, from fish to mammals, have fallen by about a third from 1970 to 2003 largely because of human threats such as pollution, clearing of forests and over fishing.

Australia is living well beyond its means. The average Australian used 6.6 "global" hectares to support their developed lifestyle, ranking behind the United States and Canada, but ahead of the United Kingdom, Russia, China and Japan.

If the rest of the world led the kind of lifestyles we do here in Australia, we would require three-and-a-half planets to provide the resources we use and to absorb the waste.

The benefits of the energy savings which the RV will bring are critically needed to address such concerns. Baldors motors and drives Australia are committed to helping meet this environmental integrity and are a supportive major sponsor of this essential Green technology.

Baldors motors and drives Australia have generously donated 2 motors free of charge to the non-profit organization perusing this research to help further publicly disseminate this discovery and help raise awareness and achieve a valid premise towards mandating laws to upgrade the efficiency standards present in electric motors globally. The non-profit organization also has a petition to sign which will make these efficiency figures count at the federal level. Please consult the web page mentioned below for further details.

Organizations such as NEMA who deal with enforcing efficiency standards in electric motors will now have a public responsibility based on this scientific discovery to further substantiate and apply this efficiency protocol towards 1-2hp electric motors to match the RV’s energy savings figures.

Green local politicians and the public now have justified data and lab tested results to further support a public lobby at the federal level for support and security towards this scientific discovery.

Baldors motors and drives Australia are the first in the world to launch such an environmental project and support such an incentive for greener electric motor technology.


Baldors motors are located at

If you added up all the energy used in electric motors around the world at this very moment which are in the range of 1-2hp and use variable load applications or are in intermittent roles, you will find quite significant energy savings figure contained in RV mode, especially by comparison of what motors waste when they idle compared to the RV.

Can the potential of saving 90%+ power that’s usually wasted be denied? Can anyone justify the non-usage of this discovery? With cost-effective usage available from off the shelf motors and parts provided by Baldors motor drives it is not justifiable to exclude this discovery in favor of a energy fuel wasting planet.

Currently the non-profit organization is constructing a pilot scaled feasible model to be used in a solar or grid inputted RV drill for a public demonstration. Other applications are possible to show that the RV is the most efficient 1-2 hp electric motor in the world, and will not be out-performed in energy savings.

Panacea-bocaf currently has organization to launch various media appointments to help publicly disseminate this beneficial environmental discovery and is non-proprietary in nature. The RV discovery is public knowledge, all revenue raised by a promotional aspect and/or licensed connection goes back into the not for profit organization's environmental projects to help our kids future.

Panacea will also submit this knowledge into a university faculty curriculum to further ensure the security and public access of this environmentally sustainable discovery.

For further information and or support please consult the web pages

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