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very first setup

(december 11, 2004)

It's the very first setup.

Synopsis of first setup

1. RV prime mover works with single phase as described

2. RV alternator works in resonant modes as described

3. circulating power is much bigger than input power, even if the system is still untuned (PM needs 165 Volt, not 220 for correct impedance match).

Test Results

blue motor as prime mover:

380/660 V Delta/WHY, 5.5 kw, 2830 rpm, 50 Hz, wired for 660 V, from croatia (Koncar A03587)

green motor as alternator:

380 Volt Delta, 5.5 kw, 2780 u/min, 50 Hz, old GDR-motor from industrial washing machine.

Caps are ac 450 V rated oil caps.


Input :

221 V, 3.16 A ac

virtual Output:

415 V, 10.72 A ac

System is untuned as yet. No power extraction yet.

Images of setup
Image:Mkrue-rv1 whole unit running.jpg
Image:Mkrue-rv1 CirculatingPowerInAlternator.jpg
Image:Mkrue-rv1 InputReadings.jpg

30 kw EM RV and first test run

(March, 14, 2006)

Tests with 30Kw 3ph EM alternator in RV mode

Description of Setup

info about 30Kw EM RV and first test run

Some values of the blue unit:

- german "Finsterwalde"-Type 4-pol 3 ph EM excited alternator..still UNPAINTED )

- 300 kg

- 30 kw 380 Volt

- 4 exciter coils (stator) and 3 phase rotor

- 4 slip.rings (3 phases + GND)

- DC commutator for driving exciter coils with 75 volt

RV setup:


Unit is modified to run as EM-RV prime mover. Its the very first setup...nothing tuned yet.

:- brushes from DC-commutator are removed

:- DC coils are driven from extern by 220 volt battery assembly (34 x 6V batteries in series, from emergency power supply), in series with 1000 watt heating cartridge to limit excitation current

:- connection:

Image:Mkruemel rv uvw.JPG

:- GND is floating

:- cap size is 95µF (400 volt AC rated)

:- unit is accelerated towards its synchron speed (1500 rpm) via 1.5 kw 3 ph asynchron acceleration motor(the green one in "EMRV2.jpg"), linked via V-belt

:- 220 volt ac is connected as soon the unit reaches the rated rpms, and acceleration motor is switched OFF

:- unit stays still in slip and trails the off-state acceleration motor at 1500 rpms in RV mode and remains stable

:- more tests and numbers (and more color )) will follow...

Images of setup
Image:Mkrue EMRV.jpg
Image:Mkrue EMRV2.jpg
Image:Mkrue emrvboth.jpg
Further images of 30Kw setup
Image:HighPower220V Inverter.jpg
Setup today

Today this units are sitting on top of a hydraulic driver system that is able to turn both 300 kg RVed EM alternators far over 3000 RPMs, and speed is stepless tunable for resonance fine tuning. We got more than 50 kW in resonant 3 phase rotation even without exciter current.

We got more than 50 kW in resonant 3 phase rotation even without exciter current.

"First I tested whether such a big unit can run in RV prime mover mode. Next is, that we can create high Q 3 phase resonance in RV alternator mode with that mounsters. Hector stated that every PMed or EMed RV prime mover is OU already. Alternator is OU in any case."

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