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The prony brake test has been removed. The reason is on March 10, 2008 post.

April 11, 2007

The OU prony brake tests of the 7.5hp Baldor rotovertor are detailed in message #13755

March 10, 2008

"Actually those prony brake tests I cannot duplicate now, so I don't stand by them anymore... Can you take down the link to this wherever it is?

I think it was just bad math is all and also bearing problems too...look where I say the prony brake weishg so many ounces - over a pound weight to the prony brake - this is really dumb.....Petere didnt see that bad mistake...this is a mixup of grams and ounces (duh) What Peter says is not right as far as I know however in calculating HP with prony brake dont need to konw the circumference of the shaft on the brake itself as far as I know. All that matters is how many ft-lbs is being pressed downward by the 1 foot bar. This is a minor thing however."