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apr, 10 2007, 11451 introduction


I have pictures of a "PM rotored AC motor" as it is clutch disc with neo magnets mounted to it, from fiat 124 mounted to 4 speed transimission, and the 6pole noe magnet clutch-disc rotor will run on AC signal just fine - the sine wave in the stationary (stator) motor coils on each side of the rotor will hit the front edge of one magent, (pull) then the back edge of the same magnet (push) then the rotor brings the next magnet into "register" and it does the same thing again...cruising on AC sine wave....Anyways, you could put up that whole post with pictures, in category #4 (RV PM)

Apr 8, 2007 11421 post


hi all

Here are 3 photos of the 6 pole neodimium rotor made of a car clutch

disc mounted within the clutch bellhousing - now is painted yellow

(rotor red) and outside stator plate with two stator coils (blacksand

cored w litz wire winds)...there are 4 coils total now - two on one

side of rotor, two on other...this motor is going to compete with the

conventional heavy-amps forklift motor already in the car - plans are

to run this yellow motor on 120V from caps:

Image:Kh rv 1yellowbell.JPG
Image:Kh rv 2yellowbell.JPG
Image:Kh rv 3yellowbell.JPG


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