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Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Hector:Original Disclosure - Original 1999 ArkResearch disclosure with looped schematic and results.

(from re-ou-v6.1.pdf)

All information is public domain, copyright © by ARK Research, unless otherwise stated.

The following are references to the first RV system disclosures by ARK Research:

RV looping - Predates to 1983-84 period one of the 16 methods is at Don Adsitt’s site

RV -Ecklin-brown prime mover: Concept 1980 built 1983-84 SLC Utah US (looped)

1987 Macro electric open 100w to 1kw asynchronous mode generation

1997 full disclosures on the internet1999 reposting as sites were removed, blocked & cut down

many internet postings done on magneto-transistor concepts, Recovery Diode concepts, transformation

postulate for OU all predating MEG, Newman and Bedini ones

Applying the RV effect does not constitute the right to patent as the Roto-Conversion RV effect is a free domain

application to such machine mode of operation in OU states. Any patent based on Roto-Conversion theory can

be challenged. For further and updated information, please refer to the EVGRAY Yahoo group and many of the

specific postings by Hector D Peres Torres of ARK Research.

Panacea page info on Hector's replication

Panacea rotoverter page

Image:Rotoverterclip image0017.jpg

Above is two three phase motors configured to run in RV mode.- Photo courtesy of Hector.

Pictured on the right hand side is the coupled RV generator with its meter reading a figure of 203 volts and 5.1 amps to equal a combined total power OUTPUT of 1793 watts.

This exceeds the INPUT power (left hand side), which meter reads a figure of 119.8 volts and .8 amps to equal a combined 95.84 watts. Input power is 95.84 watts , Out put power is 1793 watts.


above is a circuit detailing the Hector system

::Hector discovered that sometimes the phasing capacitor is not required to make the system to resonate. That is why the schematic displays the phasing capactor inside brackets.

Traditionally - there must be a phasing capacitor and 3xresonance caps.


119.8 x .8 = 95.84W input

203 x 5.1 1.732 = 1793.1396W apparent virtual output

1035.3 1.732 = 1793,1396W = 3PH resonance power!

COP = 18.7


1000 watt light load test with RotoVerter by Hector 1:58min, from 2002

116VAC x 4.0 Amps = 464 Watts (Input)

1000 Watt Light Bulb (Load)

(from panacea rotoverter page):

"video showing a 60 hertz Aluminium motor 7.5HP 3PH 230/460 184TCH(frame) US MOTOR coupled to an identical motor acting as a generator in RV mode lighting up a 1000watt bulb"

virtual circulating current with RotoVerter by Hector 04:05min, from 2002

Input Amps 1.6A

Input Volts 117.32VAC 60Hz

Circulating Output Current 7.7Amps

Circulating Output Voltage 208VAC

1.6A x 109.5VAC = 175.2 Watts (Power Input)