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Bellerian RV Deliverance Replication

RV Testing Based on Deliverance Options 1 and 2 by Bellerian.

"The deliverance testing reported in this doc was not setup using pulsed timed discharging via SCR's timed from an inverter, but was direct output, constant feed, with nothing other than the phase adjustment due the passive components in the setup. (well and the rheostat used to trim voltage on the FWBR setup, that could have been removed from the diode plug setup.)

A comment on the diode plug setup, it seems like it may work better if the cumulative C1 was replaced with ONLY C2/C3 as the parallel tank caps and then add the extra two diodes on the opposing caps fed over to the Top A and B output drops that are DC effectively due the charge blocking diode arrangement. Adding the extra two diodes in addition to those shown in the Option 1 of the Deliverance schematic added between 20-30volts more on output from the diode plug setup.

The FWBR setup seems to show the best output to input ratio, easily powering the 2 x 60watt 120vac bulbs in parallel with 152VDC in the tank circulating 3.4-3.6amps while the input from the mains was at 120VAC 1.9-2.1amps. I think I could have added two more bulbs in parallel to be close to drawing the voltage down to a reasonable level where the rheostat could be removed.

This all can likely be improved by building and using the zero time pulse discharge phase coupled to the AC being supplied by an inverter."