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Replications of Hector Perez Torres's "Directory:Rotoverter"


Hector D. Perez Torres disclosed his RV device publicly in 1999.

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Hector:Original Disclosure - Original 1999 ArkResearch disclosure with looped schematic and results.

1999 disclosure "first prototype used to test a 3PH generator–rotoconverter combo"

2002 disclosure "looped schematic"

Many styles of replication

One of the key issues with RV-replications has been the diversity of possible replications. Many have replicated power-savings, and some have moved onto Overunity replications, then onwards to other type of RV replications. There are supposedly dozens of RVreplications, we will hunt all these down, find as much documentation and circuit data and resultant data, as possible, and sort them into these 4 categories.

1. RV PM replications - power savings

RV running in RV mode, solar or grid input

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Panacea - getting a RV'd motor to run on solar panels - laymen step by step guide and video

RV drill

RV as a reverse dynamometer (generator tests, lubrication tests)


Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Raivo - "Handsfree" Rotoverter - Current Circuit System

2. RV PM replications - OU

RV + alternator/generator

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Norman Wootan Norman Wootan Replication (overunity)

RV prony brake tests

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Konehead:RV-Prony-Brake-Test - Overunity HP tests of Baldor 7.5hp AC motor

RV + lightbulb (standing wave, luminic OU)

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Hector Hector Replication - video and images

hybrid RV systems (multi caps), very low input (or reversed)


3. RV PM + RV alt

RV, power extraction, using diode plug (from prime mover)

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Deliverance Deliverance Replication

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:NeonPeak Neon Circuit Switch Replication (for extracting the resonance)

RV, power extraction, using diode plug (from RV alternator)

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Deliverance:Bellerian Bellerian Deliverance Replication

Resonance Demo


Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Hector:Original Disclosure Hector Replication - video and schematic and results

OU power extraction from RV alt

4. PM RV replications


pulsed PM RV

reversed power (to battery or grid or inverter)

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Konehead - PM rotored AC motor

5. Transverter, resonance tests, demonstrating energy amplification

Directory:Transverter:Replications:Jini Jinis replication - images, scopeshots and text.

Altered replications

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Konehead:RV-Muller Konehead RV-Muller Generator Replication

Replications Under Way

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Bellerian Bellerian 1/3HP Replication

unsorted Replications

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Mkruemel2004 - a small replication, and a bigger one - 30Kw with pictures. prony-brake tests coming within week

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:RupertNZ - quick replication using RV/TV data on rvreplication list

Replications in the public

Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Panacea:Baldor - Baldors Motor and Drives Australia launch support for new superior energy saving incentive.

If you are replicating, feel free to post your progress here at PESWiki. You can create your own page by typing the following in the address or your browser:

You will then see a page that says that there are no contents for that page. Click on "edit" and type away. Then preview and save. That's it.

Here's a Directory:Rotoverter:Replications:Template with content to get your page started.

Feel free to then link to that page from this one.

Feel free to help others present and organize their pages as well.

Things to Include in Your Report

The more of the following you can include, the better.

Stage of development (sourcing, building, collecting data, number of build)

Data from operation.

Components used (materials list, or how it varies from that recommended here) approximate cost.

Battery specifics, deep cycle, quick charge, lead-acid, gel cell, factory ratings....

Photos, video, diagrams.

Whether you are willing to let someone else come and view your demo.

Recommendations for improvement, cautions.

Sources for components.

Theory of operation.

Out-of-the-ordinary Temperature Variations, or lack thereof.

Abstract and Conclusions


The following are references to the first RV system disclosures by ARK Research:

RV looping - Predates to 1983-84 period one of the 16 methods is at Don Adsitt’s site

RV-Ecklin-brown prime mover: Concept 1980 built 1983-84 SLC Utah US (looped)

1987 Macro electric open 100w to 1kw asynchronous mode generation

1997 full disclosures on the internet1999 reposting as sites were removed, blocked & cut down

many internet postings done on magneto-transistor concepts, Recovery Diode concepts, transformation

postulate for OU all predating MEG, Newman and Bedini ones

Applying the RV effect does not constitute the right to patent as the Roto-Conversion RV effect is a''' free domain

application to such machine mode of operation in OU states. ''Any patent based on Roto-Conversion theory can

be challenged.' For further and updated information, please refer to the EVGRAY Yahoo group and many of the specific postings by Hector D Perez Torres of ARK Research.

see also


Directory:Rotoverter:Hector Comments

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